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The 20 Best Internships for Business Management Degree Majors in 2021

As cliché as it sounds, the statement “you need experience to get experience” is a challenging reality for Business Management majors switching to the workforce these days. If you are looking to gain experience and get ahead in the game, internships for Business Management will give you that significant advantage. Not only you will gain experience and learn new skills, but also get networking opportunities to help you carve your career path.

A Business Management major makes you a promising candidate for various positions – but there is fierce competition out there. Most employers rely on resumes that show detailed and relevant work experience. While companies are competing against each other for the right candidate, students are working hard to land their dream job! And without the experience that is pertinent to your field, it can be tough to make it out there.

Business Internships

Best Business Management Internships? See The Programs That These Top Schools Offer

We help you navigate your way to an enriching experience in your field of study. Here are 20 universities or colleges, listed in random order, that offer the best internships for Business Management degree majors.

Columbia Business School

Headquartered in New York, this Ivy League school, Columbia Business School, is a cut above the rest. New York is the financial capital of the world which only means studying at CBS offers exciting opportunities.  The school hosts “Summer Research Internship” programs for research projects focusing on Economics, Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Accounting, and Data Analytics. Under this internship program, you work with CBS faculty and researchers. The school provides a stipend and on-campus accommodations for the qualified interns. You will need to pass a very selective application process.


University of Chicago Booth School of Business

chicago booth school of business

Offering a variety of MBA Degrees, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is the home of leaders and professionals that help shape a world-class industry. The school runs the “Summer Business Scholars Program,” a three-week event that provides a great environment to enrich interns’ knowledge of business frameworks. Its specially-designed curriculum is facilitated by industry experts and the faculty to prepare students for other internship programs in the future.

Aside from the MBA Programs they offer, the University of Chicago Booth offers Early Career Candidate Programs consisting of Booth Scholars Program, Dougan Scholars Certificate Program, Summer Business Scholars, and Chicago Business Fellows Program.


MIT Sloan School of Management

Sloan School of Management

Considered as one of the most selective schools in the business field, MIT Sloan is home to several notable graduates including Chairman of the Ford Motor Company Bill Ford, former CEO of HP Cary Fiorina, and 7th UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

With a variety of MBA Programs, and other Masters and Doctorate Programs, the school’s Career Development Office runs the Sustainability Internship Program in partnership with Sustainability Initiative. This program identifies high-standard internships and provides financial aid to their students who hold sustainability-focused positions.

Sustainability Internship Program aims to provide mutually beneficial partnerships between students and organizations. In this program, students have the opportunity to gain real experiences and allow companies and non-profit organizations to make investments in sustainable ways. The program includes past internships in Toyota, the National Hockey League, and the Environmental Defense Fund.


The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania)

wharton school of business

Founded in 1881, The Wharton School is one of the oldest business schools around the world. It is a member of the M7 – an elite ranking of MBA Programs around the United States.

With the mission to provide innovative and quality education, The Wharton School has a Public Policy Initiative that allows students to explore summer internship opportunities around Washington, D.C. The Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative (PPI) is a one-stop shop for students to quickly locate available resources such as internship opportunities, summer housing programs, and housing programs.


Harvard Graduate School of Business

Known as a world-class business school, Harvard Business School not only leads in the world of entrepreneurship and alumni reputation; it is recognized for outstanding internship and job placement programs.

The HSB Global Initiative team hosts the “Harvard Summer Internship Program” to help students land an internship opportunity in Harvard’s research centers abroad and assist with research and non-research activities of the team. The Boston-based highest-ranking educational institution also holds the “Summer Venture in Management Program” that teaches students about state-of-the-art case business management methods and processes.


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Popularly known for its tech-savvy alumni, Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the world’s high-standard schools for business. The school offers different internship programs to give students first-hand experience and immerse them in day-to-day business processes. The Social Management Immersion Fellowship delivers management skills to specific companies and organizations addressing environmental concerns. In return, students get hands-on experience working in actual fields of interest.

Stanford provides experiential learning through immersion and internship programs such as Global Management Immersion Experience, Entrepreneurship Summer Program, Social-Purpose Summer Internship, and Stanford Seed Internships. The school offers MBA Programs, the Stanford MSx Program, and the Ph.D. program that contribute to the rise of innovative entrepreneurship.


Duke University (Fuqua)

Headquartered Durham, North Carolina, Duke University offers Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Technology programs. Fuqua’s Career Management Center assists students in meeting internship requirements and boosting their chances of being qualified. The Career Center helps focuses on prospective interns’ areas of interest in the areas of Finance, Operations, Brand Management, Sports Marketing Analytics, or Sustainability.

Duke University is known for its rigorous curriculum, responsiveness to new ideas, and emphasis on leadership with innovative and reliable technology to address business challenges.


Yale University

Yale University, the third oldest educational institution in the United States is known for its excellent theatre, music, and educational programs. Yale runs the New Haven Community Hiring Initiative that provides internship opportunities for qualified candidates. When accepted in Yale’s internship, you gain valuable experiences that help you prepare for your future career endeavors. Yale internship provides Networking Opportunities, Upskilling and Competencies Learning, Resume Build-Up, and Work Experience.


University of Pennsylvania

pennsylvania state university

The University of Pennsylvania provides high-standard and quality internships for students. Similar to their Wharton School, Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative (PPI) offers an extensive one-stop shop for qualifying interns such as funding programs, housing programs, internship resources, and job listings.

Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740, UPenn operates 12 schools offering undergraduate and graduate studies. These programs are designed to deliver an intense research experience to students interested in the fields of business, finance, management, operations, supply change management, and marketing. UPenn maintains a track record for producing top-notch professionals, and alumni.


Northwestern University

Considered one of the three schools to sign with the Chicago Star Partnership, Northwestern University aims to provide quality education and internship for business majors. It hosts two types of internship programs available for their students, depending on their interest. The Internships for Credit program has full-time and part-time positions available. An example of internships for credit is the Chicago Field Studies Program, the most extensive academic internship program on campus.

Non-Credit Internships are for students who want to take time away from NWU and look for either paid or volunteer internship opportunities outside the school. Northwestern Career Advancement assists students in finding and qualifying for non-credit internships.


University of Michigan

The University of Michigan provides an exclusive internship program for its students. The university has an integrated internship program called Public Service Intern Program (PSIP) that helps their undergraduates prepare for and obtain summer internships in Washington, DC.

The PSIP builds each intern’s career development skills. It engages talented students from any academic institution in securing an intern position in judicial offices, non-profits and advocacy groups, congressional support offices, executive offices and agencies, and other affiliate offices that could use the skills of a Business Management major. The school’s University Career Program provides every student the information or assistance they need to make their way through the U-M internship programs including in processing their application and networking with alumni.


University of Cincinnati

Found in 1819, the University of Cincinnati is a public institution that offers hundreds of fields of interest and graduate degrees including Business Management. The school runs a 100-year-old co-op program to help students acquire internship listings or participate in other service-learning programs around the country. The university also hosts a one-stop shop for Experience-based Learning and Career Education that helps students prepare for professional life after graduation through internship programs, international opportunities, career coaching, service learning, and undergraduate research.

UC’s internship program also includes the Academic Internship Program for students enrolled in any major including Business Management that does not have mandatory co-op requirements.


Georgia Institute of Technology

A technology-focused college located in Atlanta, Georgia Institute of Technology also excels in its Business Management program. GA Tech has an exclusive Georgia Institute of Technology Internship Program that complements a student’s degree with practical work experience. Under this internship program, students are required to commit to a full-time or part-time position for a minimum of 16 weeks for fall or spring semesters or an equivalent of 12 weeks for the summer semesters. Other resources under the school’s internship program include Housing, Internship Documentation, C2D2 Ambassadors, Taking A Course While Working, and Full-Time Status Verification.

GATech has a Center for Career Discovery and Development center that helps students decide between a co-op program or an internship program. It provides an overview of the hiring and supervising process to help students make the right choice.

GATech consists of 6 colleges and highly-ranked graduate schools that include the College of Business. Very active in the research field, the institute is home to the Georgia Research Alliance that is crucial to the state’s economic development.


Cornell University

Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell is a private institution that is well-known for its top-ranked colleges.

Its College of Business runs a Management Intern Program (MIP), a single-semester work-study program for undergraduates. The MIP promotes educational development, student initiative, and personal growth.

Through its Cornell Career Services Center, Cornell University provides some extensive internship programs that are academically oriented. The CU Urban Semester Program and the CU Urban Scholars Program in New York City shines the spotlight on multicultural issues and serves low-income families, respectively.  Earn a semester of Cornell credit with internships in Albany and with a public sector through the Capital Semester Program and the Cornell in Washington Program. Pursue international internship opportunities in your field of interest through the Cornell Abroad program.


Bentley University

As an internationally recognized business university from Boston, Bentley University offers a wide range of majors and minors in Liberal Studies and Business Studies. The university, #1 in internship opportunities, has a Career Services and Recruiting Office that helps students find the right internship program

Bentley offers assistance for academic internship programs for undergraduates and graduates. The Career Services Center organizes career events, networking fairs, resume assessment, and mock job interviews to identify the right internship opportunities that align with your career objectives. At Bentley, more than 30% of employment is obtained through internships.


New York University

New York University, a highly esteemed member of the Association of American Universities, helps students determine their career pathways. For Business degree internships, NYU’s School Professional Studies (SPS) offers one-credit option: the BUSN1-UC 574 / BUSN1-DC 574. It runs in the fall, spring, and summer. The university grants credits for this internship but these credits won’t be factored into your academics, such as your GPA or as a graduation requirement.

NYU also offers the Brademas Internship Program and the Presidential Internship Program. For assistance in your internship decisions, the Wasserman Center for Career Development Center provides services such as mock interviews, workshops, on-campus job opportunities, and a database of more than 38,000 employment, and internship listings.


University of California, Berkeley

With graduate programs that are highly-ranked including the Haas School of Business, the University of California – Berkeley provides one of the most notable educational internship programs for Business degree majors.

UC Berkeley offers its undergraduate Business students internships in top companies and non-profit agencies such as Ernst & Young, Home Depot Center, the Internal Revenue Service, KPMG, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Sparks, Merrill Lynch, Paramount Studios, Price Waterhouse Coopers, San Bernardino County, and Sony Studio. These internships open doors of opportunities for students to acquire real-life work experience and build their business skills.

The school provides a Career Center that provides relevant links and sources for possible internship opportunities for their students. UC-Berkeley lists internship opportunities in their Handshake Internship Program Platform.


University of Washington

washington state university

The University of Washington is considered the United States’ #2 Spot among US Public Institutions with highly a recognized Business program. Not only that, it offers a top-notch full-time, paid internship program for MBA students. Typically lasting between 10 and 12 weeks, the internship is an opportunity for intensive professional development.

UW also offers a wide array of Summer Research Programs at UW for immersive learning through the Career and Internship Center. With over 1,000 Paid Internships in Handshake, you can narrow down the listing through specific job functions, keywords, employers, and according to your degree.


Arizona State University

arizona state university

Business Management undergraduates at Arizona State University can have access to over 1,000 opportunities for internship and recruitment nationwide. The W. P. Carey School of Business connects students with top companies and organizations through the annual Spring to Success Business Career Fair.

ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services assists students in their search for internships. A leading public university known for its innovative teaching methods, Arizona State University has a proven track record for producing highly employable Business Management graduates.


Boston College

Boston College offers international internship programs during the summer period. Destinations include Ireland, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, and Hong Kong. Business Management majors can apply for the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship Internship Program that provides a $1,000 stipend. The internship program requires a minimum 6-weeks or 200 hours for completion.

With the private institution being founded by the Society of Jesus in 1863, Boston College is recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a high research activity center. The college offers nine highly recognized graduate programs including in the Carroll School of Management.