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In a nation full of growth and innovation, it’s no surprise that we see a lot of infrastructure projects. With new construction technology emerging, more companies are investing in building business centers and real estate.

Similarly, the housing industry is also experiencing an upward trend, with 27.6% more homes being built in 2022.

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This growth in the construction industry comes with a demand for construction professionals. According to labor statistics, construction management is one of the fastest-growing careers in the country.

It’s projected that more than 40,000 construction managers are employed every year. To support this huge demand, the academic sector has also provided the best training to prepare students for the fast-paced field.


With such a complex role, you must expand your knowledge base and learn various skills. Choose Construction Management degree programs that provide comprehensive fundamental construction courses anchored on management. It’s also best to look for programs that offer internships to gain hands-on experience.

Start a promising career with the ten best online associates in Construction Management programs! In creating our list, we took these factors into account:

  • Delivered an Associate in Construction Management degree online or in hybrid format, featuring comprehensive coursework that traditional degrees,
  • Emphasizes the core principles and applications of Construction Management, featuring construction planning, inspection, and quality assurance, as well as business the fundamentals of management and business,
  • May offer Associate-to-Bachelor Pathway for an easy transition to the Bachelor of Construction Management degree program,
  • Facilitated through a Learning Management System through which online learners access their coursework, participate in virtual discussions, and communicate closely with their online instructors,
  • Construction managers and professionals in the Construction Management industry, as instructors,
  • Offers financial assistance to qualified online students,
  • Received appropriate accreditation from relevant colleges and schools commission or academic organization that sets the teaching and learning standards in this field,
  • Affiliated with relevant Construction Management association or group,
  • and, obtain positive feedback from students and alumni.

Read our Methodology page to learn more about our ranking process.

Best Construction Management Associate Degree Programs

National American University

National American University

Prominent Program Features:

Build a career in the construction industry through the National American University’s degree programs. Its Associate in Construction Management degree offers a good foundation in project management, organizational planning, and engineering principles.

Offered entirely through an online learning format, this program provides construction education that prepares students to handle commercial and residential construction. You’ll also be exposed to essential construction areas like building codes, ethical on-site practices, and even modern eco-friendly construction technology.

Some of the courses offered in the 90-credit program are:

  • Introduction to Construction Management
  • Construction Materials and Methods
  • Building Codes and Inspection
  • Construction Planning and Scheduling
  • Construction Documents and Graphics

Aside from learning construction management majors, you’ll also be exposed to courses in accounting and management to introduce business skills applicable to operations.

In terms of tuition, the university offers a lower rate for students taking more credit hours. This unique pricing scheme allows you to have more savings, especially if you’re planning to continue to a master’s degree.

Did You Know?

National American University is a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), a nonprofit organization that’s geared towards sustainable development and construction. With this, the school’s construction management curriculum prepares students for the LEED Green Associate examination, opening a network of sustainability possibilities.

Herkimer County Community College

Herkimer County Community College

Prominent Program Features:

Explore the different areas of construction management through Herkimer County Community College. If you’re interested in quality management, the college offers a Quality Assurance Degree program that equips you with the needed quality management skills to excel in technical industries, including the construction management field.

Here, you’ll get ample training in quality control, operations implementation, and root-cause analysis, which are all vital when running construction projects. With dedicated faculty members, you’re sure to receive quality instruction and industry exposure.

The program covers courses like:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Organization & Management
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Organizational Behavior

The entire learning curriculum provides flexibility, allowing you to work anywhere and finish coursework anytime. You can also access various online student services, including tutorials, career advisement, and an all-in-one student center, for a smooth learning experience.

After completing the program, you may pursue a Business Administration degree through the school’s transfer program. Get a chance to transfer to top-notch academic institutions like SUNY Cobleskill or Morrisville State College.

Did You Know?

Herkimer County Community College offers different financial aid programs for qualified students. You may avail of grants, federal loans, or scholarships. Aside from these, you may work part-time through the school’s Federal Work-Study Program.

Community College of Philadelphia

Community College of Philadelphia

Prominent Program Features:

Community College of Philadelphia provides one of the best training programs for future construction managers, surveyors, and estimators. The Applied Science Degree in Construction Management offers a wide range of topics, including computer applications, civil engineering areas, and even the legal aspects of construction.

With this 63-credit degree program, you’ll be able to develop expertise in cost estimates, surveying, and construction scheduling. Some of the computer software you’ll be exposed to are CAD and Autodesk Revit, which are helpful in modeling.

Designed to be completed in two years, you’ll be taking online courses like:

  • Project Management in Construction
  • Construction Safety and Building Codes
  • Building Rehabilitation and Energy Retrofit
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Construction Management and Scheduling

This online program is perfect for any type of student, especially those with supervisory experience or who have worked in a field position. Take advantage of the school’s transfer partners so you can pursue a Bachelor’s degree without any hassle. You may transfer to premier universities like Drexel University or Rowan University.

Did You Know?

Never lose your focus with the Community College of Philadelphia’s early alert system that lets you track your class performance and program progress.

With Starfish Connect, construction management students will be able to receive ratings from teachers, reflecting their academic standing. With this, you’ll be able to know if you need to pour in more effort on specific subjects.

Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College

Prominent Program Features:

Fox Valley Technical College understands how vital safety is in construction management. That’s why it offers an Associate’s Degree in Construction Safety Technology to help advance your skills in handling construction projects.

Grounded on OSHA standards, the 60-credit degree program includes a wide range of safety management topics that cover different construction operations, like handling materials, making incident reports, and improving personnel protection.

With this fully online degree, you’ll be taking up classes like:

  • Construction Hazard Recognition
  • Material Handling in Construction
  • Construction Compliance
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Industrial Fire Protection

The 60-credit program also includes general education courses, such as communication and human relations, to fully equip you when handling teams. Designed to be completed in two years, this online degree will help you work in more specialized construction fields like excavation and trenching or even manufacturing.

Did You Know?

According to a study conducted by the Fox Valley Technical College, 96% of its graduates are satisfied with the school’s programs and training. In comparison, 92% of the alumni were able to land a job after completing their degree. This is a testament to Fox Valley’s quality academic offerings.

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College

Prominent Program Features:

Take your career further with online degree programs from Penn Foster College. Its Associate’s Degree in Construction Technology is perfect for individuals looking to grow a profession in commercial and residential construction.

Here, you’ll be able to gain the skills needed in running construction projects, from drafting contracts to creating assessments and evaluating designs. You’ll be taught essential drafting disciplines and how to fully use AutoCAD in building designs.

Some of the online courses offered are:

  • Construction Materials and Methods
  • Introduction to Technical Drawings
  • Drafting with AutoCAD
  • Basic Surveying and Measurement
  • Construction Estimating

On top of these, you may take up an elective on sustainable construction management, introducing green building techniques and practices. Penn Foster’s online learning setup allows you to start your degree program anytime while following your own pace. You may also access digital study guides, discussion boards, and 24/7 learning resources.

Did You Know?

Penn Foster College stays true to its mission of making education accessible. Aside from providing distance learning options, the school offers payment plans that are customized according to your needs. Some of the payment options include a discounted full payment, interest-free pay-as-you-go plan, or through monthly installments.

Front Range Community College

Front Range Community College

Prominent Program Features:

Designed to produce job-ready students, Front Range Community College offers an Associate Degree in Highway Maintenance Management. Completing this degree will equip you to oversee road maintenance works and handle construction projects.

With this program, you’ll be exposed to traffic control plans, asset management, and human relations. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, this degree provides technical and managerial training for future construction managers.

Take up online courses like:

  • Highway Maintenance Management 
  • Project Management in Organizations          
  • Highway Maintenance & Operations Safety 
  • Highway Maintenance Leadership    
  • Traffic Control

The school’s online learning experience promises to offer the same quality of instruction and student services as an on-campus format. Online students will be able to enjoy various benefits like academic advising, mental health support, and virtual tutorials.

Did You Know?

Front Range Community College is believed to be the first institution to provide Highway Maintenance Management training in the country. This type of online Construction Management degree program was designed with the help of various government partners, including Colorado’s local transportation and county public works departments.

Ashworth College

Ashworth College

Prominent Program Features:

Ashworth College offers a Construction Management Degree you can take at your own pace. The online associate’s degree equips students with project management skills and technical know-how to handle complex construction projects. Plus, this is a good stepping stone toward a construction management Bachelor’s program.

Cover various construction topics like construction cost estimating, site operations, and construction document handling. Through six-month semesters, you’ll be able to take a combination of general education and core construction courses.

Developed by industry professionals, some of the classes include:

  • Construction Materials and Methods
  • Safety Planning and Administration
  • Construction Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Construction Surveying Fundamentals

To effectively lead teams, you’ll also take up courses in public speaking and behavioral science. With this online degree, you can access various learning resources like eBooks, online libraries, and academic support.

Did You Know?

Ashworth College’s College Central Network provides the needed guidance for graduates to start a promising career. The online tool offers a complete guide to job applications, as well as job matching and employer networking. The website is easy to use, and creating an account is free!

Park University

Park University

Prominent Program Features:

Centered on on-site planning and organization, Park University’s Construction Management Program is one of the best in the country. With this associate’s degree, you’ll be exposed to various construction and business operations concepts, perfect if you’re eyeing a career in building inspection or project management.

The 60-credit curriculum comprises core construction classes and liberal courses in areas like math, writing, and humanities.

Some of the construction management courses include:

  • Construction Planning
  • Construction Project management
  • Plans Analysis
  • Business Law
  • Building Codes

You’ll also be introduced to mechanical and electrical systems, which are vital when handling residential construction projects. You may also participate in internships to gain hands-on experience while fully grasping some of the construction concepts taught through online classes.

After completing the associate’s program, the school also offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, which provides more core courses to help you become an expert in the field.

Did You Know?

Park University has been offering online programs for more than 25 years. Its first-ever virtual class in English was a success, attracting many part-time and adult students. Since then, the university’s online offerings have grown to over 600 courses with multiple sections of online students enrolled per semester.

Dakota County Technical College

Dakota County Technical College

Prominent Program Features:

Dakota County Technical College offers flexible program options for aspiring construction managers. Its Construction Management Degree curriculum will help you become managerial and technical experts in the field.

The 100% online program focuses on critical aspects of construction to help you build an excellent theoretical foundation while incorporating various essential skills to effectively lead complex construction projects.

The 60-credit curriculum is designed to be completed in two years. Some of the classes you’ll be taking are:

  • Foundations of Management
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Building Organization and Technology
  • Construction Safety
  • Interpersonal Communication

To make the program more accessible, the college offers tuition assistance through scholarships and financial aid to qualified students. If you’re planning to proceed to a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, the curriculum provides a smooth transfer to universities like the University of Minnesota and Bemidji State University.

Did You Know?

Convert your experience to college credits at Dakota County Technical College so you’ll save on tuition and finish your degree faster. Through its Credit for Prior Learning program, you may take assessments prepared by the department’s faculty to earn credits in courses you’ve mastered through experiential learning.

San Joaquin Valley College

San Joaquin Valley College

Prominent Program Features:

Take your interest in construction to the next level with a Construction Management Degree. The associate’s degree offered by San Joaquin Valley College will help you gain real-world skills needed in managing different types of construction projects.

The comprehensive curriculum centers on important construction areas like project scheduling, cost estimating, and labor laws. You’ll also be introduced to various bidding documents and computer tools used in the field of construction.

Covered courses include:

  • Project Scheduling and Control
  • Applied Mathematics for Construction Management
  • Estimating and Bidding for Residential and Commercial Projects
  • Construction Management Supervision
  • Construction Materials, Methods, and Equipment

On top of these, you’ll also be exposed to the business side of construction through courses in accounting and finance. Your online learning journey will surely be a breeze with the help of hands-on faculty, flexible learning options, and various student services.

Not to mention, you may complete the online associate’s degree In as fast as 14 months and transfer to a bachelor’s degree right away.

Did You Know?

San Joaquin Valley College offers different types of financing to accommodate the various needs of its prospective students. Some of the tuition benefits include grants, subsidies, and scholarships. Military personnel and veterans may also enjoy tuition discounts and additional learning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good fit for a Construction Management degree?

If you have the eagerness to lead big projects and a solid interest in building design, taking a construction management program could be perfect for you. In the same manner, if you have prior experience or have worked on construction projects before, you’re also a good fit for the program since you already have the background to support the concepts that will be introduced.

Earning an associate’s degree is a great way to take your career further by improving your managerial skills. The program also allows you to improve your communication and leadership skills since most projects often include working with a team of construction personnel and interactions with suppliers and subcontractors.

Aside from being teachable, one of the qualities needed to succeed in the program is to have excellent decision-making skills. Drafting budgets, schedules, and plans often involves a lot of decision-making which you’ll heavily be involved in. Site operations also require making quick decisions based on sound judgment and strategy.

What positions can I pursue with an online degree in Construction Management?

Whether you studied full-time or part-time, completing a Construction Management degree will open many career opportunities. Whether it is budgeting, planning, or handling site operations, the degree program will prepare you to handle a multitude of tasks. This means you can also take on almost any role in the construction industry, both entry-level and supervisory.

Some of the positions that you can pursue are:

  • Project Manager
  • Field Supervisor
  • Land Developer
  • Building Surveyor
  • Cost Estimator
  • Construction Manager
  • Site Inspector

On top of your technical skills, you’ll also be able to sharpen your business administration skills. This will allow you to handle negotiations and bidding and even address legal issues for private firms and public agencies. You may also pursue specialized positions like roles involved in highway maintenance, manufacturing, and sustainable construction management.

What are the construction management courses often offered in the degree?

  • Construction Management – This course focuses on various management practices involved during construction, which include contractor operations, personnel management, and on-site safety. Plus, you’ll also learn how to use different software applications in construction planning and scheduling.
  • Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) – This software is used in rendering different structures and creating models that are often used in construction planning. With this course, you’ll be introduced to the different terminologies and tools found in the software.
  • Surveying – A standard course in Civil Engineering, surveying utilizes tools like levels and transits in determining various measurements used in construction. Be prepared for fieldwork activities and learn about topography, pacing, and differential leveling.
  • Cost Estimating – With this course, you’ll learn how to read blueprints and utilize different methods in creating estimates both for commercial and residential construction. You’ll also be exposed to real-world bidding practices and document preparation.
  • Project Management – Learn how to manage construction plans and create scheduling tables for day-to-day operations. Here, you’ll learn different techniques for creating an efficient site setup.
  • Building Codes – Connected to the legal issues in construction, this course tackles the prescribed construction principles based on the National Building Code and its local counterpart. This is important to know since most of the infrastructure plans are based on these principles.

What is the usual timeline for completing an online degree in Construction Management?

While each online student’s academic path is different, most associate online Construction Management degrees may be finished in two years. Accelerated tracks are often offered, which allows you to graduate in as fast as 14 months. To accommodate part-time students, universities allow up to 4 years of online learning to complete the program.

Interested students may also take advantage of dual degree programs where you can start earning credits for a Bachelor’s degree while finishing your associate degree. The same goes for online students completing both a Bachelor’s and master’s degree. Although finishing the degree has its advantages, it’s also essential to follow your own pace, especially if you’re juggling work and personal responsibilities.

Will I earn well with a career in construction management?

The US Labor Statistics Bureau says construction managers may earn as much as $168,390 annually. On average, construction professionals may earn $76,422 every year.

However, this may vary according to the additional benefits and bonuses that you may get. Some companies may base their offer on your experience and specialization. The more experienced you are, the higher the salary. Regarding specialization, your salary may increase when you have more to offer. That’s why it’s also beneficial to take up minors related to your field, like environmental science or construction economics.

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