The 9 Best Online Bachelor’s in Sports Entertainment Management

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Have you ever watched a team land a goal or a player’s joy standing on the podium? Ever wondered how they got there? Aside from training and hard work, sports management professionals greatly impact the careers and performances of athletes and sports teams.

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Apart from managing teams, these professionals shape and influence the world of sports. From managing athletics departments to maintaining budgets and creating marketing campaigns, business operations, and practices heavily influence the sports industry.

With sports evolving, it’s no surprise that the demand for sport-minded individuals is also changing. Most degree programs offer modern courses to address the need for digitalization, the emergence of e-sports, and new legal issues. That’s why you should choose online Sports Management programs that fit your goals and give you the edge to land prominent roles.


The online Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management degree programs on our list stands out because of these features:

  • Awarded as a Bachelor’s in Sports Management degree online featuring web-based or hybrid coursework,
  • Emphasizes core Sports Entertainment Management principles and concepts, including the basics of recreation management and business from a sports entertainment perspective,
  • Facilitated through a convenient Learning Management System through which online bachelor students access their online undergraduate coursework or attend virtual classes,
  • Features sports entertainment managers as professors, ensuring that students learn the right skills from expertise,
  • Offers federal aid and financial assistance programs to eligible online bachelor’s program students,
  • Received accreditation from relevant academic organizations, demonstrating compliance with academic standards,
  • Positively reviewed by Sports Entertainment Management majors, school staff, and alumni.

Please read our Methodology to learn how our program evaluation and ranking process works.

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Best Online Bachelor’s in Sports Entertainment Management

Louisiana State University Online

Louisiana State University Online

Prominent Program Features:

Run and lead professional sports organizations with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Administration at Louisiana State University Online. Whether handling financial decisions or administrative issues, the Sports Leadership Concentration will prepare you to take on any challenge in the industry.

This online bachelor’s program lets you expand your knowledge in key sports management areas while building your interpersonal skills. Sports Management majors will also be trained to handle various online tools to lead teams and make better decisions effectively. Take up courses like:

  • Sports Strategies and Planning
  • Facilities Management
  • Financial Issues in Sports
  • Leadership Concepts and Principles
  • Sports Administration

You’ll also be taking a practicum to complete your program, helping you gain a better industry understanding by working directly with sports and leisure companies. The program includes student-centered benefits, a dedicated adviser, and a generous transfer program. Completing this online program may help you land roles in prestigious sports organizations like the NBA or NCAA.

Did You Know?

Your prior experiences won’t be put to waste at LSU Online. Through its Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), you’ll be able to earn college credits by showing your skills and practical knowledge in different areas like sports coaching and fitness. This will help you save on tuition while completing your degree earlier.

United States Sports Academy

United States Sports Academy

Prominent Program Features:

United States Sports Academy offers one of the best sports management programs in the country. Its Sports Science Bachelor’s in Sports Management allows you to navigate relevant areas like business administration, entertainment, and marketing while emphasizing leadership practices.

With approval from the ACBSP-Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, the bachelor’s degree program comes with business courses in managerial accounting, marketing, risk management, and business research. Some of the courses you’ll be completing include:

  • Public Relations in Sports
  • Leadership Principles in Sports
  • Sports Promotion and Event Planning
  • Sports Facilities Management
  • Ethics in Sports

The fully online setup allows you to fulfill your coursework anywhere, following your schedule. Plus, be taught by experienced faculty members with doctorate degrees and are well-experienced. Aside from the school’s affordable tuition rates, you may avail of scholarships and financial aid to help lessen your expenses. Your tuition includes books, so you won’t have to pay extra. 

Did You Know?

United States Sports Academy boasts 50 years of experience training up-and-coming sports management professionals. Established in 1972, the academy was built to service the increasing sports industry needs. Today, the school continues to exude excellence with a whopping 70% employment rate.

Franklin University

Franklin University

Prominent Program Features:

Take advantage of Franklin University’s flexible online degree programs. Its BS in Sports Management combines theory and research to produce a well-rounded coach or manager. On top of having a comprehensive program, you’ll also receive instruction from experienced professionals in the sports management industry.

The 120-credit online program provides helpful general education classes like spreadsheets and interpersonal communication. You’ll also cover business core courses that will introduce you to marketing principles and finance. Some of the sports management courses include:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Facility and Event Management
  • Leadership in Sport
  • Sports Law
  • Sports Communication and Public Relations

Additionally, the program prepares students by introducing the world of Esports, touching on its ecosystems and management tools. Regarding flexibility, the 100% online program allows you to choose between six or 12-week course lengths. To help you graduate earlier, you may transfer up to 75% of the program’s college credit requirement.

Did You Know?

Students enrolled at Franklin University are promised the same tuition rate from enrollment until graduation. This tuition guarantee lets you finish your bachelor’s degree worry-free!

Troy University

Troy University

Prominent Program Features:

Enter a rewarding career in coaching and athlete management at Troy University. Its Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management offers a Sports Management Concentration that covers key business and sports concepts that will help you manage professional sports teams effectively.

The curriculum covers a range of business areas like marketing, law, and event management. You’ll also be taught by expert teachers willing to share real-world experiences and insights. Complete a total of 120 credit hours with courses like:

  • Facility Management
  • Governance and Policy in Sport
  • Sports Finance
  • Sports Communications and Emerging Technology
  • Sports Marketing

The program includes a practicum course to provide first-hand experience working alongside trainers and coordinators. You may complete this with your advisor’s approval at a tourism organization, sports agency, or events company. With a strong alumni network, graduating from Troy University will help you network and explore various roles in reputable companies.

Did You Know?

Troy University offers scholarships and financial aid to make online education more accessible. Active military members and their families may enjoy a reduced tuition rate, while transfer students may receive annual tuition assistance.

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University

Prominent Program Features:

Turn your passion for sports into a thriving career at Columbia Southern University. Its Business Administration Bachelor’s degree comes with a Concentration in Sports Management that builds your knowledge base while equipping you with the skills to analyze industry data and make business decisions.

Cover sports business policies and procedures for managing recreational facilities and running communications. You’ll also be exposed to various global concepts for that competitive edge when applying for international sports organizations. Some of the classes include:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • Sports Administration
  • Sociology of Sports
  • Organizational Communication

Aside from offering scholarships and military benefits, you may enjoy flexible payment options so you won’t have to pay in full immediately. Plus, you don’t have to pay extra for your books since these are included in the tuition rate. You’ll also have access to the school’s Advising Center, which may help you align your goals with your chosen program.

Did You Know?

Columbia Southern University’s degree offerings received accreditation from the SACSCOC-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. It shows that the university maintains quality and excellent academic programs.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Prominent Program Features:

If you’re passionate about sports and business, Southern New Hampshire University offers one of the best Sports Management programs in the country. For more than 20 years, its Online Sports Management Degree has produced capable sports entertainment industry leaders.

The curriculum offers liberal courses, business core subjects, and sports management classes relevant for the modern-day coach and team manager. Gain a better understanding of different management principles and ethical business practices.

Take classes in:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Global Sports Business
  • Introduction to Sports Management
  • Sport, Society, and Ethics
  • Internationalization of Sports Business

Put your learned skills to the test by joining the school’s internship program. Work with your future peers in sports organizations, media companies, or marketing firms. Plus, you’ll be able to efficiently work on your course activities and follow your schedule with SNHU’s flexible learning format. To provide better mentorship, you’ll be paired with an advisor from enrollment to degree completion. 

Did You Know?

If you’re planning to pursue higher education, Southern New Hampshire University offers an Accelerated Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Pathway that saves students’ time and money. With this program option, you can take up to four graduate courses while completing your Bachelor’s program.

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global

Prominent Program Features:

Access affordable and flexible online programs at Purdue University Global. Its Business Administration degree comes with a Sports Entertainment Concentration, perfect for sports enthusiasts eager to lead teams and organizations.

Designed to be finished in four years, the comprehensive curriculum offers a solid foundation in business operations and management concepts while introducing integral focus topics in sports and event management.

Some of the courses in the 180-credit online bachelor’s degree program include:

  • Sports Analytics
  • Sports Sponsorships and Sales
  • Sports in Society
  • Management Policy and Strategy
  • Managing Sports Programs

With the help of online tools and up-to-date web applications, taking this online program is convenient and easy. Here, you’ll be able to collaborate with teachers and classmates freely. The program allows you to access its virtual library services anytime, so you won’t have difficulty looking for e-books and reports.

Did You Know?

Finish your Bachelor’s degree faster with Purdue University Global ExcelTrack® Pathway. You can use your work experience and previously taken courses as college credits to fast-track your program. You can learn more by taking various one-credit classes with a flat tuition rate. 

American Public University

American Public University

Prominent Program Features:

Study at your pace with American Public University’s flexible online offerings. Perfect for soon-to-be sports professionals, the Online Sports Management Degree covers important promotion strategy and public relations topics.

Here, you’ll get to sharpen all the needed skills to effectively manage different facilities, including schools, sports venues, and recreational centers. You’ll also touch on various laws involved in the field of sports management, tackling legal and ethical issues.

Take courses such as:

  • Sports Psychology
  • Principles of Sports Marketing
  • Sports and Recreation Facility Management
  • Integrate Communication in Sports
  • Sports Event Management and Planning

It’s worth noting that the curriculum holds a class in Ticket Sales Management that will bring you one step closer to being certified in ticket sales. With no application fees and entrance exams, you’ll have a lot of savings with this 120-credit degree. You’ll also be able to access the school’s free learning services like academic advising and online tutoring.

Did You Know?

American Public University is accredited by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA), receiving recognition for sports management programs and learning outcomes. This is a testament to the school’s drive to produce professionals through its excellent courses.

Florida International University

Florida International University - Online

Prominent Program Features:

The Recreation and Sports Management Bachelor’s Degree at Florida International University offers a dynamic learning experience, integrating real-world applications into textbook concepts. With this online program, you’ll cover essential basics like marketing, human resource management, and finance to manage teams effectively.

Develop an in-depth understanding of the different sales channels involved in the sports industry. You’ll also learn more about strategic planning and event organization.

The 120-credit curriculum consists of courses in the following:

  • Inclusive Recreation Services
  • Care Maintenance and Design
  • Leisure Services Marketing
  • Sociology of Sports
  • Financial Accounting for Managers

The school’s fully virtual learning format allows you to receive real-time instructions from professors while collaborating with your classmates. With FIU’s experienced faculty members, you’ll learn practices and insights you may apply when working. Additionally, get the proper guidance from enrollment with a success coach.

Did You Know?

Aside from providing quality academics, Florida International University’s mission is to keep its students mentally fit and emotionally sound. That’s why It offers counseling and psychological services to help students cope with unwanted pressure and seek professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a career in Sports Management worth pursuing?

A Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Recreation Management will open various opportunities for you. The US Statistics Bureau discloses that jobs in the sports and entertainment sector are expected to have a 13% increase by 2032. This growth comes with various employment choices, including working in government agencies, private sports facilities, and local sports teams.

Sports management graduates may earn as much as $140,000, depending on their position. Whether it’s a position in training, public relations, or management, you’re sure to earn and have a return on your tuition cost in one to two years. Best of all, if you’re passionate about sports and athletics, this degree will be worthwhile. Choose from the best sports management colleges in the country and start a rewarding future.

What are some of the work positions available for Sports Management graduates?

Completing a bachelor’s degree program will equip you with essential skills to handle various roles in the sports industry. Most curricula offer a holistic approach to teaching, often emphasizing leadership principles and practical work applications.

Here are some of the positions that you can pursue with an online Sports Management degree:

Sports Coach – You’ll work with a team of athletes to mentor and improve their sports abilities. Develop game strategies, athletic programs, and training protocols. 

Sports Agent – Often having high returns, this role involves a lot of recruitment, negotiation, and management. You’ll be responsible for building an athlete’s career, representing them in business deals and handling their finances.

Athletics Director – This role spearheads the athletics department of colleges or private organizations. You’ll get to create development plans, sports programs, and promotional events. You may be responsible for the department’s budget and coordination.

Media Relations Manager – Maintain a steady connection between your sports team or organization and the media. This position involves a lot of back-and-forth communication with news outlets, sports shows, and online publications.

Associate Director of Marketing – If you’re looking for creative output, this role lets you create campaigns and promotional materials in sports. You’ll also create marketing strategies and online posting plans and hold sports events.

Event Coordinator – Here, you’ll be in charge of events from start to finish. This includes planning, strategizing, event-day management, and stakeholder coordination. You’ll get to work with different sports teams and organizations, suppliers, and even government agencies.

Do I need to apply for a license or certification to work in sports organizations?

Generally, most positions available for sports management degree holders don’t require certificates. You may be asked to take licensure exams as part of the role’s regulation and to demonstrate your expertise. For example, sports agents are often required by team sports organizations to pass certification before they can start recruiting for talents.

Similarly, coaches handling teams in combat sports must also have a license. Some of the sports include fencing, martial arts, and boxing. It’s also worth noting that each state has its regulations in terms of licensing and certification. So it’s best to check your local company’s requirements before applying for a job.  

What are some of the classes that I’ll be taking in the Sports Management program?

A Bachelor’s in Sports Management often comes with general education subjects to help build on your academic knowledge. Similarly, you’ll also be taking core courses that will enhance your understanding of key areas in the sports industry. Some of the sports management core courses you’ll be taking are:

Sports Management – This course aims to introduce the different bases in the sports industry. You’ll get to touch on sports marketing, media relations, and law topics. Cover management basics like budgeting, program planning, and event organization.

Sports Leadership – Learn your responsibilities to train athletes, deliver programs, and run campaigns successfully. Here, you’ll be able to explore different leadership styles, conflict handling, and effective communication.

Sports Marketing – Gain a better understanding of the market while learning different sports trends. You’ll also learn more about advertising, promotions, and content planning.

Sports Law – A good understanding of the laws and issues involved in the sports industry will give you an advantage in working as a sports management professional. You’ll learn more about risk assessment, contracts, and even taxes in managing athletes.

Facility and Event Management – From planning to execution, learn the ins and outs of managing events and sports facilities. With this course, you’ll be more familiar with managing suppliers, public relations, and the legal liabilities involved in operations.

Public Relations – Be exposed to different media types involved in the sports industry. Draw insights by covering different social and legal issues encountered in sports.

What are some of the skills that you’ll gain in a Sports Management degree program?

Sports management programs center on building your leadership core and business skills. This will allow you to mentor athletes and create positive team dynamics. You’ll also be able to handle team members coming from different backgrounds. You’ll be able to evaluate the needs of your team, as well as prepare policies and rules to maintain good behavior.  

Handling the administration aspect of sports, the sports management degree aims to improve your program development and budgeting skills since you’ll be coordinating with a whole department of athletes and stakeholders. Similarly, you’ll also be trained in organizing events and recreational programs.

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