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The 30 Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Business Management (BBM) in 2021

Much has been said about the rapid changes in our education system. But the rising cost of going to college is still one of the biggest obstacles that a student must face. To cope with budget-breaking college expenses, students who want to get their bachelor’s degree in Business Management for less are turning to a popular, cheaper alternative: distance learning. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 Cheapest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Business Management for you to begin your journey!

Aside from the fact that online education is more convenient for professional adults and people with a busy lifestyle, distance education is much cheaper than on-campus learning. This is not to say that one is superior over the other; an online bachelor’s degree in Business Management requires rigorous coursework that demands a student’s focus and dedication.

Are you pursuing a career in Business Management? Are you considering an online bachelor’s program in the said field that does not break the bank? Here, we outline 30 of the country’s top providers of the cheapest online bachelor’s degree programs in Business Management and closely-related areas of study (Business Studies).

Our list, in random order, features colleges and universities that do not only take pride in their affordable online business programs; they also have academically robust curricula that aim to educate and equip every student with foundational knowledge and skills to thrive in the competitive business landscape. Other components were considered, too, such as:

  • 100% Online or Hybrid class formats available for convenience and flexibility for the Business Management student,
  • Positive reviews listed on accredited resources listing college and university statistics, as well as, favorable student reviews,
  • Provides top-notch quality programs for the budget conscience student; while also providing financial aid options,
  • Instructs in the core foundations of Business Management and Leadership,
  • Promotes inter-personal skills, up-to-date technology used in Business Management, and the development of research skills to solve major issues in the industry today,
  • Offers self-paced instruction through collaborative learning and support via asynchronous coursework, online resources and close communication with advisors and faculty,
  • May include necessary textbooks and tools used in Business Management degree programs; designed to cut the student’s up-front expenses.
  • Provides programs that are appropriately accredited.

For a more in-depth look at our school selection process, please visit our Methodology page.

Oregon State University

With an average tuition of $371 per credit hour, Oregon State University offers an affordable online bachelor’s degree in Business that is designed for students to prepare them in their professional careers and thriving business ventures. The program has a 36-credit-hour program with business core classes in professional development, operations management, business information systems, marketing, international business, and applied quantitative methods among others. Topics that will be introduced to online learners include retail management, project management, finance, legal & ethical business practices, and marketing to name a few.

Amridge University

Based in Montgomery, Alabama, Amridge University offers an affordable bachelor’s degree in business through the College of Business and Leadership (CBL).  The program combines coursework across different business fundamentals and prepares students to become world-class business managers and leaders. With a total tuition fee of $48,000, students need to complete a total of 128 credits before graduation. These courses include 40-credit general education including electives, 24-credit required courses, 32-credit business concentration, 28-credit electives, and 4-credit capstone. The mandatory courses under this bachelor’s degree program include Introduction to Business, Organizational Communication, Management Intervention, and Ethical Character of Business Leadership among others.

Brandman University

With an estimated $500 per credit hour, Brandman University offers students an online bachelor’s degree that equips students business-related skills through an innovative and career-significant curriculum. The program is relevant for those who prefer a career in business with entry-level or middle management opportunities. The program is 100% online and is taught by professional faculty members with a distinguished academic background and have real-world experience in the industry. The curriculum provides an extensive overview of all the business fundamentals essential to business operations. WSCUC Senior College and University Commission has accredited Brandman University.

Bellevue University

Established in 1966, Bellevue University offers a bachelor’s degree in business and business-related topics such as BS Business (BSB), BS Business Administration (BSBA), BS Business Analytics and Management (BSBAM), and BS Business Analytics (BSBAn). An average yearly net price of $8,727 is expected; however, BU’s online tuition fees per credit hours is $425.00. All these online degrees require 127-credit hour that already includes 36 credits for general education courses – each degree has a different breakdown of majors and electives. Students will take mandatory core business courses such as Global Management, Business Communications, Business Marketing & Supply Chain, Business Accounting and Finance, Decision Making in a Business Environment, and Business Management & Organizational Behavior.

University of Maryland – University College

Located in Adelphi, Prince George’s County, Maryland, the University of Maryland – University College develops students’ foundation of knowledge in accounting, business law, organizational behavior, and social responsibility to prepare them for their future careers and business endeavors. Under the school’s Business & Management, the bachelor’s degree includes BS Finance, BS Human Resource Management, BS Accounting, BS Marketing, BS Management Studies, and BS Legal Studies among others. With a rate of $499 tuition per credit, the total estimated tuition fee for the program completion will amount to $59,880. Additionally, these programs focus on developing students’ skills in both qualitative data and quantitative data analysis. They also focus on policies that ensure adherence to standards of ethics.

Langston University

Langston University has a School of Business that offers an online business degree that helps students to gain a wealth of knowledge through studies that help them learn the business fundamentals and best practices. Students who are currently enrolled in online education enjoy the same quality of education by the same instructors as their on-campus classmates with the opportunity to attend their classes on their schedule. Degree options include supply chain management, entrepreneurship, and international business. Students need to complete 124 hours, including 12 hours of their chosen area of concentration.

The University of Maine at Machias

Machias, Maine is home to the University of Maine that offers four online bachelor’s degrees including two business-related programs – a Bachelor of Science (BS), or a Bachelor of College Studies (BCS) in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies. Both programs have a wide selection of concentration studies such as sports & fitness management, accounting, management, business sustainability, marketing, or a custom concentration that students can choose. 120 credits are needed for the students to be able to graduate. These already include the 60 credits of major courses which consist of 27 credits of foundation courses in accounting, marketing, business, economics, and statistics, and 33 credits for the student’s chosen concentration. Related courses include Business Law, Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, and Business Communications among others.

Baptist College of Florida

Founded in 1943, Baptist College of Florida is a private, nonprofit institution that offers 18 online bachelor’s degrees including a BABL, or a Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership. With a tuition rate of $360 per credit hour, this online degree requires 120 credits in total: major consists of 53 credits with a choice of a 9-credit internship, or a combination of a 3-credit worth of internship and six credits of electives, and biblical or theological foundation courses with an 18-credit requirement. Students will take mandatory courses under this online program which include Business Management, Introduction to Business, Managerial Accounting, Business Law & Ethics, and Principles of Accounting. BCF is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville offers students a wide selection of business programs through the school’s School of Business, Professional Studies, and Public Safety (SBPSPS). The school has a fully online bachelor’s degree through the Florida Shines/CompleteFlorida program including eight (8) bachelor’s programs, one of which is a BS in Business Management. The average tuition cost is $218.55 per credit hour for online non-residents. Students need to complete 120 credits and can be completed 100% online at their own pace. The program has courses that run in an accelerated 8-week timeframe. The 24-credit concentration includes human resources, entrepreneurship, and general business administration. Core business/management courses include Operational Decision Making, Business Ethics, Strategic Management (Capstone), Human Relations in Management, Management Theory & Practices, and Selected Topics in Management to name a few.

Minot State University

Minot, North Dakota is home to Minot State University that offers eight online bachelor’s degrees including online programs in management, management information systems, and marketing. The tuition costs amounts to $328.98 per credit hour; however, if a student needs financial aid, MSU has available options for their interested applicants. A student needs to have a 120-credit worth to be able to graduate. These credits already include 27 credits for core business courses and major in international business. Sample courses under these programs include Corporate Finance, Legal Environment of Business, Elements of Accounting, Business Communication, and Fundamentals of Management. Non-business students have the opportunity to add an online minor in business administration courses. MSU is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges, and Schools as well as The Higher Learning Commission.

City Vision University

City Vision University was established in Kansas City, Missouri and has a tuition rate of $750 per course for their online bachelor’s degree program including a BS in Business Management. This program has a choice of three major concentrations namely entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, and general management or technology. Students need to have at least 120 credits to be able to finish their bachelor’s degree, with 90 available credits for transfer. Courses under this program are designed in an 8-week accelerated format with 10-15 mandatory hours/week per learning activity.

CVU is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

Delaware State University

Delaware State University offers an online bachelor’s degree in Management that allows students to fit in their academic endeavors within their professional life. Students learn to concentrate on a variety of areas offered such as management information systems, general management, human resource management, business analytics, and marketing among others. The concentration in General Management is suitable for students interested in Management as a field of discipline. The affordable per credit tuition rate of less than $400 is paid by online students who have passed the school’s credit hours assessment. Additionally, DSU provides financial aid, and scholarship grants to help students in their educational expenses.

Old Dominion University

With an average tuition of $355 per credit, Old Dominion University continues to provide affordable, quality distance education to students who are interested in finishing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Through the university’s Strome College of Business, students are offered some areas of specialization such as Marketing, Accounting, Information Systems & Technology, Finance, and Management. The program is specialized to help a student learn the strategic, administrative and logical-thinking skills necessary to entry-level, leadership, management, and government positions.

ODU is accredited by the Association to Advance College Schools of Business (AACSB) and the International Association for Management Education.

Kennesaw State University

Located in Kennesaw, Georgia, Kennesaw State University offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration Management program. Courses under this program include human resources, supply chain management, and project management. This program is run by the university’s Coles College of Business. This program has a curriculum that specializes in disciplines like macroeconomic, statistics, and accounting. Students are equipped to organize people and fulfill business fundamentals. Furthermore, this program measures the student’s outcomes of their efforts, make critical decisions for real-world business challenges, and develop incomes necessary for productivity.

University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is in Fayetteville that offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Management. With an average tuition of $284 per credit, the program is designed to explore all the business processes and the fields of economics, accounting, and data analysis. The University of Arkansas seeks to expose students to a broad spectrum of business principles through its affordable online Business Management program.

Nicholls State University

Nicholls State University offers students several online education programs including seven online bachelor’s degrees, with a Bachelor of Science in Business program as one of the choices for those who want to have a career in the private business or government industry. The average annual price costs $9,892. The online BSB degree needs a total of 120 credits for a student to finish his or her degree. 45 of these credits are upper-division courses. Online courses have a format of an accelerated 8-week term. Mandatory core business courses include Business Communications, Management Information Systems, Business Administration, Quantitative Analysis, and Strategically Managing Organizations.

University of Wisconsin – Parkside

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside offers students who previously earned an associate degree or credits the opportunity to obtain an online bachelor’s degree in Business Management. The program includes project management electives that help UW standout among the universities that provide an online Business Management degree ranking. Students must complete 120 credits to graduate. Of these, 67 apply to credits earned in Business Marketing Management, Supply Chain Management, and Digital Marketing courses.

Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University offers an online business degree that enables students to bolster their competencies in both the arts and sciences and business through a 120-credit program. The programs include areas of study that matches the students’ choices aligned with their career interest such as healthcare management, accounting, and computer information. Students are required to complete the Strategic Management program regardless of the concentration they applied to demonstrate their business skills and learnings. Additionally, students may enroll in a Demonstration of Currency conference so that a mentor can help them in examining their present-day developments to their case studies.

Louisiana State University – Alexandria

Established in 1961, Louisiana State University Alexandria has four online bachelor’s degrees, including an online BS in Business Management.  The net price is $7,218 average per year, with different rates for their in-state tuition and fees, and out-of-state tuition and fees. The BS in Business Management requires 120 credits for completion. Online students can choose from LSUA’s six business concentrations such as marketing, management information systems, accounting, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. Major topics or curriculum courses are divided into Business Law, Accounting, Business, Management, Marketing, and Economics.

Sam Houston State University

With an average tuition of $216 per credit, Sam Houston State University offers students an online Bachelor of Business Management degree in General Business Administration. The program is designed to help students gain a foundation of knowledge in a variety of core business fundamentals. A general business degree is the best choice for online students who want to work in the business sectors but aren’t sure what professional career path they want to choose after completing their studies. With this degree in general business, students can have a variety of expertise that is not limited to only a single business area.

University of Massachusetts – Lowell

Among the most affordable online degree programs that offer less than $380 per credit as average tuition is the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. UMass Lowell offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management to meet the needs of world-class business professionals. This robust program of study is designed to help students prepare and equip them with the necessary business fundamentals for today’s globally-competitive economy. The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management is one of the University’s most popular programs and is available 100% online. With the help of professors who are experts in the industry, students will learn strong business communication skills and equip them with a wealth of knowledge on both quantitative and qualitative methods for business study.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University has six online four-year bachelor’s degrees in business-related themes (counting focuses) and offers an online BS in Business Management with four majors: information technology management, management, healthcare management, and management. The program requires 121 credits and is intended for working business directors and managers hoping to manufacture abilities for professional success. Undergraduates should put in 15+ hours/week on studies. Students who have an associate degree or appropriate, proportionate credits will take 2-2.5 years for finishing, contrasted with 4-5 years for another understudy. The average net price is $8,667 per year; however, students can avail of financial aid or scholarship grants offered by WGU.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Fairbanks, Alaska is home to the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) that offers an online bachelor’s degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Business Administration. With an average annual tuition fee amounting to $8,741, this program requires at least 120 credits that already includes management courses in the general business concentration. Mandatory courses under this program include Legal Environment Business, Corporate Strategy, International Business, Business Continuity & Crisis Management, Introduction to Business, and Introductory Human Resource Management among others.

Black Hills State University

Black Hills State University offers an online BS in Business Management with administration specialization through the university’s College of Business and Natural Sciences. The program produces understudies’ learning in orders like marketing, business law, information systems, and finance. Simultaneously, they reinforce their investigative and thinking aptitudes, which the present worldwide commercial center requests. Graduates must finish 105 credit hours through online classes such as marketing management, international business, and consumer behavior. University administrations help students access library reference materials from the online bookshop, and provide them with technical support and training. The school also conducts a virtual introduction session with the goal of helping online learners learn more about their chosen degree.

University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Located in Odessa, Texas, the University of Texas of the Permian Basin offers students 12 online bachelor’s degree programs including a BS in Business Management with accelerated format and concentrations. This program has a net price of $8,984 average per year, with different rates for in-state tuition & fees, and out-of-state tuition & fees – $5,250 and $6,090 respectively. Students need 120 credits to be able to complete this program. Courses are 8-weeks long, with six start dates annually. Business Management courses include Social Media Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Business and the Law, Human Resource Management, Principles of Marketing to name a few.

The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Metropolitan State University

The College of Management at the Metropolitan State University helps students to prepare their future with highly-reputable, world-class and affordable education through a selection of concentrations under the bachelors’ degree in Business Management. Online students are taught by instructors who are committed to providing excellence in their profession through business fundamentals such as organizational, critical thinking skills and business communication. Whether they choose a career in the government, private sector, or nonprofit organizations, graduates are equipped with the necessary competencies to apply their lessons learned to their thriving career or business venture. Students need 120 credits to graduate, with at least 24 credits to be completed on-campus.

Brigham Young University – Idaho

Located in Rexburg, Idaho, Brigham Young University-Idaho offers an online bachelor’s degree in business management. Offered through the university’s College of Business and Economics, the bachelor’s degree program has available concentrations such as Finance, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Each concentration is meant to enhance student’s skills and experience that will be necessary for their thriving career in the business industry, or a business venture. The average tuition is $172/credit. Students need to complete 120 credits regardless of the concentration they choose.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers an online bachelor’s degree program in management from the Collat School of Business in several ways. With an average tuition of $441/credit, UAB’s online degree in business management is designed to present students with a broad perspective of business management essentials. Under this program, students may add General Management as concentration. Students have the opportunity to learn a wealth of knowledge such as theories in employment law, leadership strategies, organizational dynamics, and management that will benefit them in their career paths.

UAB is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The University of Findlay

Located in Findlay, Ohio, The University of Findlay offers an online bachelor’s degree program that provides students important learnings and skills with an extensive curriculum which helps them establish a career in the business industry through the Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Students will engage in emotional intelligence assessments, individual leadership, research projects, and case analyses among others. The program strongly emphasizes teamwork, personal initiative, and the development of oral and written communication skills. Students need to have at least 124 credits to be able to complete this program. Courses include Marketing Management, Economics, Finance, International Business, and Operations Management & Logistics to name a few.

East Carolina University

East Carolina University offers an affordable business bachelor’s degree in management through its College of Business. Online students are prepared with the necessary skills and wealth of knowledge to be able to establish a thriving career in the business industry. Classes under this program are offered in an exclusive and specialized format which allows for more personalized attention to the students. With instructors who are industry experts and committed to providing world-class education, the students are taught how to deal with people-based challenges across different management positions. Students may choose to enroll in a specific concentration such as Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management, General Business, Management, and International Business.

How much does it generally cost to study Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Business Management Online?

businessman phd

The average cost for a Bachelor program in Business Management is $33,896, with an estimated average total cost of $135,584 on a four-year degree basis, according to World Scholarship Forum.

What are the courses and classes in a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Business Management?

Universities and colleges that offer a bachelor’s degree program in Business Management typically require a 120-credit completion basis. The program’s required courses for general education include English, Science, Mathematics, Humanities, and History.

However, a bachelor’s degree in Business Management usually comprises the core courses of economics, finance, accounting, law, and marketing & management together with the school’s general education requirements. Additionally, students have the option to choose from a variety of concentration in a specific area of business management such as business law, entrepreneurship, international business management, or human resources management among others. Programs include internships as part of the completion of the bachelor’s degree.

What are some of the job or career options of a graduate of Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Business Management?

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A graduate of an online bachelor’s degree in Business Management has a wide selection of career pathways. Business functions and managing people are the most common skills needed in an organization – big or small businesses alike.

A career as a human resource manager is one of the best options for you if you’d like to manage people, assess their capabilities, manage employment processes, and handle human resource-related concerns within the company. If establishing employment policies, business procedures, and maintaining the business’ day-to-day operations is your cup of tea, a position as a general manager will interest you.

As a graduate of a business management major, you have the opportunity to manage your own business and be the CEO who oversees the company and takes charge of practically every facet of running it, including operations, human resources, finance, and marketing.