Top 5 Business Management Degree Programs in Private Universities – Florida

#1 University of Miami

University of Miami

The University of Miami is a private research institution that is home to more than 15,000 students. Researchers and eager pupils travel here to study from all across the globe. The academic programs are focused on teaching, discovery, and the love of knowledge that can first benefit the South Florida area followed by the world.

This university has been in operation since 1925 and has grown in order to provide the resources necessary for over $360 million in research. The vast majority of the work is done at the Miller School of Medicine. In addition to this school, Miami University provides students with courses in a huge range of areas that include engineering, marine science, psychology, and education.

The School of Business Administration that they offer students provides mentors who have been successful in the business community in addition to comprehensive degrees that allow them to move directly into their respective fields.

University of Miami Statistics:

Location: Coral Gables, FL

Religious Affiliation: Not Applicable

Student Demographics: 16,172 students enrolled with 10,590 being undergraduates, 51% female, 49% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 11 to 1

Campus Life: Campus life for students is rich in culture and diversity. Two main colleges and seven schools are seated over 528 acres that stretch from Coral Gables to the city limits of Miami itself. There are hundreds of concerts, recitals, student organizations, and opportunities in which students can engage throughout the year. This school provides rich experiences that will prepare students for positions of leadership.

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Rollins College

#2 Rollins College

Rollins College is an academic institution that offers students international opportunities for learning. This college consistently brings scholars, Nobel laureates, and other leading minds in various academic fields to the fingertips of their students through various lecture programs and special events.

The challenging academic material that awaits students helps them to discover their own goals and move forward in life with an eye on success. They are ranked number one among 128 regional institutions according to Forbes magazine as well.

This college is also recognized as a leader in community engagement, allowing students to easily make the transition from the classroom to the workforce. Among the unique opportunities available to students is the Crummer Graduate School of Business. Three MBA programs are in place to advance the careers of students. Additionally, alumni are welcomed back to engage in faculty-approved courses free of charge.

Location: Winter Park, FL

Religious Affiliation: Not Applicable

Student Demographics: 3,237 students enrolled with 2,662 being undergraduates, 60% female, 40% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 10 to 1

Campus Life: Life at this institution offers students access to a beautiful campus that resides along the banks of Lake Virginia. Residents can also take advantage of their proximity to Orlando. In this bustling metropolis, the culture of the area is always at the disposal of residents. There are also over 100 different student-led organizations that enrich student life.

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#3 The University of Tampa

The University of Tampa

As a leading, private university in Florida, the University of Tampa ranks in the top tier of America’s Best Colleges. This university dates back to 1931 and offers students a high level of commitment when it comes to arts and local culture. The faculty is composed of over 1,100 full-time and part-time employees that nurture students as they pursue their education. Students have a host of opportunities at their fingertips when they enroll.

The campus hosts over 3,300 events annually for more than 100,000 students. This university has strong ties with the local communities as well. Over 700 leaders in the area are involved with UT on various levels. They lead a plethora of boards and advisory groups in addition to heading up many campus and community-centered organizations.

The business degrees available through the University of Tampa combines an emphasis on liberal arts with a business core that is broad-based and community oriented.

Location: Tampa, FL

Religious Affiliation: Not Applicable

Student Demographics:  6,912 students enrolled with 6,143 being undergraduates, 56% female, 44% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 16 to 1

Campus Life: There are over 200 clubs and organizations that enrich the lives of students on campus. In fact, 65 percent of the students remain on campus throughout their college career. There are also over 22 fraternities and sororities that provide students opportunities while attending school and in the future. The campus itself also provides students with access to the varied culture that thrives in the Tampa Bay area.

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#4 Barry University

Barry University

As a Catholic School with a history of academic excellence, Barry University enrolls over 2,700 full-time students. Their teaching from the Dominican tradition has been enriching the academic lives of students since 1940. The graduate programs at this university are strong as well. Graduate students compromise approximately 3,750 individuals in the total student body.

Barry University also focuses heavily upon a liberal arts education. The community that they maintain is committed to an intellectual life that observes the most valuable aspects of the Catholic tradition. The Alumni from this university are consistently be awarded with honors in their respective fields.

One of their strongest schools is the Andreas School of Business. This division offers degrees in five different majors that challenge the abilities of students. These areas of study include the chance to earn a MBA, MSA, or MSM.

Location: Miami Shores, FL

Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic

Student Demographics: students enrolled with  being undergraduates, % female, % male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio:

Campus Life: Barry campus is a location that students always come to call home. Flexible dining hours, opportunities for sporting events, and spacious accommodations always give students a warm welcome. Students enjoy access to health and wellness facilities, tennis courts, university pools, and much more. The Residence Life programs are rich as well, including programs such as Casino Night, Earth Day activities, and the Battle of the Halls.

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#5 Stetson University

Stetson University

Stetson University, located in DeLand, Florida, was founded in 1883, providing students the advantage of two separate satellite centers. This institution is a leader in the state of Florida, being the first academic institution to offer students a college of law, music, and business administration. There are 73 different academic programs from which students can choose.

The university uses its resources to assist students when it comes to development in leadership, volunteer services, and research programs. Stetson University enjoys widespread accreditation by several respected organizations that include the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

The curriculum for all schools is centered on the dynamics of real world marketplaces in order to prepare students for a rich and successful life. The School of Business Administration creates a community of learning that involves students, professors, and business professionals in the community.

Location: DeLand, FL

Religious Affiliation: Not Applicable

Student Demographics: 3,961 students enrolled with 2,516 being undergraduates, 56% female, 44% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 13 to 1

Campus Life: Over 67 percent of all enrolled students are living on-campus. There are a host of athletic programs that can engage and encourage students as they move forward in their academic careers. There are hundreds of student events that take place on campus which are geared towards both student entertainment and academic success.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor