Top 5 New York Private Universities for Business Management Degree Programs in 2023

Columbia University

Columbia University

In the heart of New York City, Columbia University is an Ivy League school that boasts one of the most comprehensive top schools in the nation.

This campus, as the oldest in the state of New York, is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in the country. The Columbia Law School includes an exceptional program that has more alumni in Forbes 400 than any law school in the nation.

In addition to an extensive alumni network, Columbia Law School also ranks top in international and corporate law. Columbia University is home to a main campus and an expanded Manhattanville campus known for research in Alzheimer’s. Visit Columbia University to see campus life at this world renowned institute of learning.

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Columbia University statistics:

Location: New York City

Religious Affiliation: Not Applicable

Acceptance Rate: 7.4%

Student Demographics:  26,471 students enrolled with 7,814 being undergraduates, 47% female, 53% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 6 to 1

Campus Life: With almost 500 clubs and organizations and the epicenter of New York City’s creative and Performing Arts talent, there are several urban venues. Whether it’s joining an Uptown Vocal group or joining one of Columbia’s excellent pre-professional groups, there is no shortage of campus activity to keep the mind sharp.

New York University

New York University

New York University is one of a mere 60 members from the Association of American Universities. They have an average enrollment of over 40,000 students and was founded more than 175 years ago.

This prestigious institution for higher learning is composed of 18 schools and colleges that are housed in five major centers of Manhattan. In addition to the United States, New York University hosts learning institutions in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

This institution offers 25 different degrees and presents students 2,500 courses. Its faculty is composed of 3,100 full-time professors who are distinguished in their fields. The center of campus is focused on Washington Square where students can explore the wealth of opportunities offered by Greenwich Village.

Under the direction of Dean Henry Peter, the NYU Stern School of business offers full-time MBAs, PhD’s and Executive MBA Business Programs.

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New York University statistics:

Location: New York City

Religious Affiliation: Not Applicable

Acceptance Rate: 30%

Student Demographics:  44,516 students enrolled with 22,498 being undergraduates, 60% female, 40% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 10 to 1

Campus Life: Because the campus is spread throughout the heart of the city, students have a unique opportunity to explore the culture of New York while pursuing their educational goals.

Student life also provides access to some of the globe’s leading institutions for business and culture. The resources presented by the city provide students with opportunities for success that traditional campuses cannot offer.

Cornell University

Cornell University

Cornell University’s reputation precedes it, drawing thousands each year. It was actually referred to as the “first American university” at one point and continues to be a beacon of light in New York, paving the way to excellence.

As a member of the Ivy League, it offers all of the advantages that come with a private university, yet Cornell is also a land-grant campus. Ithaca boasts of many attractions and is inviting to students from across the nation and around the world.

Cornell does not have a school of business, but offers economics, hotel administration, as well as industrial and labor relations. Visit and discover Cornell’s many assets.

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Cornell University statistics:

Location: Ithaca, NY

Religious Affiliation: Not Applicable

Acceptance Rate: 16.2%

Student Demographics: 21,424 students enrolled with 14,261 being undergraduates, 51% female, 49% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 12 to 1

Campus Life: Cornell is large enough to have its own zip code, yet offers students a warm atmosphere with many activities. Willard Straight Hall offers a cinema, art gallery, computer lab, and music room.

The Schwartz Center provides a full range of performing arts while Cornell Plantations engage students in the outdoors. Parks, botanical gardens, and the arboretum are a way to escape and take a break from the daily grind. There are 34 eateries, ensuring no one will ever go hungry.

University of Rochester

University of Rochester

As one of the nation’s leading private, research universities, The University of Rochester is home to more than 200 different academic majors. This top-tier school has a faculty of more than 2,000 instructors who guide students in 158 buildings across its campus. The school’s student body is over 50 percent female with a total of over 10,500 individuals in all.

The learning experience offered to students is completely personalized in order to ensure success. This small university has a 10 to 1 teacher to student ratio, allowing students to feel like they are appreciated and nurtured. Tuition for undergraduate degrees averages just above $44,500, and there are over 103,000 alumni just between the years 2011 and 2012.

The Simon Business School is a valued program that prepares students for the challenges faced in a global marketplace. The comprehensive offerings allow students to take a bold career step forward through the competitive and enriching academic atmosphere that engages them.

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Rochester University statistics:

Location: Rochester, NY

Religious Affiliation: Not Applicable

Acceptance Rate: 36%

Student Demographics: 10,510 students enrolled with 5,785 being undergraduates, 52% female, 48% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 10 to 1

Campus Life: Home to over 5,000 full-time students, the campus hosts students of varying backgrounds from all over the globe. The merging cultures open to students allows them to expand their borders and enrich their academic experiences. Most students live on campus throughout their stay and can choose from over 250 clubs and student organizations.

Fordham University

Fordham University

Fordham University prides itself on its Jesuit tradition. This is a college that emphasizes the individual and encourages its student body to reach out to others. Over 15,000 set foot on the grounds each year in the heart of New York City. You’ll escape distractions when you enter the campus, allowing you to concentrate on your studies and developing your full potential.

Consisting of 4 undergraduate colleges and six graduate schools, teaching and research are shining attributes. If you’re interested in the field of business, the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham is a cut above the rest.

The Lincoln Center campus and Rose Hill campus are part of the business school, preparing students for technology, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship, to name only a few highlights. Come to Fordham to discuss your future.

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Fordham University Statistics:

Location: Bronx, New York City

Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic

Acceptance Rate: 42%

Student Demographics: 15,170 students enrolled with 8,325 being undergraduates; 53% female, 47% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 13 to 1

Campus Life: Fordham is the ideal location, an island in the midst of the buzzing hive of activity in NYC. You’ll have access to three libraries, a fitness center, and a host of sports activities. There are also 12 opportunities to dine on the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses at Fordham where students are able to socialize.

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Chief Editor