Top 5 Pennsylvania Public Universities for Business Management Degree Programs in 2023

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University

Prominent Program Features:

Students who are seeking a world-class business education on a budget will want to check out Pennsylvania State University. The school has everything that a prestigious business school could offer, from excellent faculty, a breadth of business courses, a strong alumni network and dual-degree options, without the major price tag attached to a private business school.

The tuition cost for a full-time student is $21,676 a year. Out-of-state students pay a tuition rate of $34,886, which is still more affordable than other private business schools in the Pittsburgh area. To complete the total program, students will pay $93,000.

The business school at Penn State is named the Mary Jean and Frank P. Smeal College of Business. Students seeking executive positions in the business world will want to complete the yearlong Leadership Communications Program.

There are many dual-degree options available, including the JD/MBA and BS/MBA. The JD/MBA degree is made available through the business school and the Penn State College of Law. The BS/MBA degree is made available through the business school and Eberly College of Science.

The courses offered by the Penn State Smeal MBA Program will prepare students for competitive careers in the business world. Penn State’s MBA program currently ranks in the top 15 public school MBAs in a list compiled by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Financial aid is also available, and 100 percent of students in the Class of 2015 received some sort of merit-based financial aid. Students concerned about paying off student loans after graduation will be pleased to know that Penn State ranks in the top 10 MBA programs for years-to-payback.

Pennsylvania State University Statistics:

Location: State College, PA

Student Demographics: 45,783 students enrolled with 39,192 being undergraduates, 46% female, 54% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 17 to 1

Campus Life: Penn State is located in University Park, and this town has been consistently ranked as one of the best college towns in the United States. There are plenty of social activities always buzzing in the town, and students will also find camaraderie in watching one of the football games or other athletic events on campus. There are over 500 student organizations that offer students opportunities to get involved on campus.

THON is also a leading organization at Penn State that gives students the opportunity to gain experience with philanthropy. The organization raises millions of dollars every year to provide support for children with cancer.

The Center for the Performing Arts also provides students with access to Broadway musicals and other cultural productions. Many intramural programs are also available at Penn State for students who wish to play a sport or two during their time at the university.

For more information, please visit their website: Pennsylvania State University 

Temple University

Temple University

Prominent Program Features:

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Temple University offers an excellent range of MBA programs. For the student who seeks to create an MBA program of his or her choosing, the Temple Fox School of Business may be the right option to consider.

The school offers a business program in its undergraduate college, and it also offers an online BBA program. Other business programs offered by the Fox School of Business include the Executive MBA, Global MBA, Online MBA, Part-Time MBA, Specialized Masters, Executive DBA, Ph.D and even more programs. The Fox School of Business was founded in 1918, and it has continued to be a leader in innovative business education throughout the world.

The Global MBA is a very competitive program that empowers students to rise to the challenges of today’s global economy. Students learn from internationally acclaimed faculty members and also gain real-world experience to prepare them for the challenges of today’s global market. In 2012, 97.7 percent of all graduates enjoyed employment after graduation. This compares with an employment rate of 95.3 percent in 2011.

The Part-Time MBA program is a great option for professionals who want an advanced business education and also have career commitments. The program is flexible, and students can create a course schedule that is tailored to their career commitments. Established executives may also want to consider obtaining a Doctor of Business Administration, which is a degree program that can be completed within three years and provides a truly intensive professional development experience.

The tuition rate for students enrolled in the Fox School of Business is $25,137 per year for in-state students. Out-of-state students pay a tuition rate of $35,856 per year. Those pursuing an executive degree pay a tuition rate of $41,750 per year.

For students who are truly globally-minded, the international MBA option may be very attractive. Students are able to rotate amongst partner schools located in India, China, France and Japan. Students participating in this program have the luxury of fostering a network of global contacts.

Temple University Statistics:

Location: Philadelphia

Student Demographics:  36,744 students enrolled with 27,567 being undergraduates, 51% female, 49% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio:  15 to 1

Campus Life: The Temple Fox School of Business provides a range of student life activities for students every year. These events include a weekly speakers series, alumni networking events, an alumni conference, an annual gala, class trips and events hosted by student organizations.

These events bring students in the Temple community together, and they also help students network with one another. Students appreciate the well-rounded experience in the classroom and outside of the classroom that are available at Temple.

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University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh

If you are ready to further your career as a leader in the business world, then you may want to consider attending the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration or Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. The University of Pittsburgh has business programs that are well-tailored to the needs of today’s emerging business leaders.

With a comprehensive and powerful network of alumni from the University of Pittsburgh, business students will also be able to get their career started off on the right track. Alumni are located in over 90 countries, making this network perfect for the student who wants to thrive in a global business setting.

The undergraduate program at the University of Pittsburgh offers several degree programs tailored to the needs of business students. Students can complete a four-year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration through the undergraduate college. The majors offered in this degree program include:

  • Global Management,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Marketing,
  • Human Resources Management,
  • Business Information Systems,
  • Accounting and
  • Finance.

Students take core courses as a part of this program and also have the freedom to choose their own elective courses.

The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business also offers great opportunities for business students seeking to advance their careers to the next level. The graduate school offers a traditional MBA, Executive MBA, MS in Accounting, Ph.D and other degree programs.

The world-renowned faculty members engage students and are successful in the pursuit of the latest research impacting the global economy. Students may become research assistants for faculty members during their time at the graduate school, and they may also develop valuable mentorships in this sphere of experience.

There are currently 171 full-time students enrolled in the MBA programs within the Katz Graduate School. There are 571 students enrolled on a part-time basis in the graduate school. The tuition rate for full-time, in-state students is $44,040. The tuition cost for full-time, out-of-state students is $57,716. The total cost of an executive degree program is $65,000.

The University of Pittsburgh has a prestigious reputation in the academic community of business schools throughout the United States. The school is one of the 16 founders of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Katz is an innovator in business education, and it is was one of the first schools to offer a one-year MBA program. Busy professionals often take advantage of the opportunity to complete an advanced MBA program in just one year at Katz.

University of Pittsburgh Statistics:

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Student Demographics:  28,769 students enrolled with 18,429 being undergraduates, 50% female, 50% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 14 to 1

Campus Life: Students enjoy exciting social and networking opportunities at the University of Pittsburgh. The city of Pittsburgh also offers many restaurants, boutiques, performing arts centers, athletic events and more for students to explore. Students in the graduate business programs enjoy the wide range of research opportunities available on campus, as well as the networking opportunities available on campus and in greater Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh has been ranked as the “most livable city.” University of Pittsburgh is nestled in the city of Pittsburgh, yet students say it has a “suburban feeling.” The University of Pittsburgh also has an excellent healthcare system and affordable housing options available for students.

For more information, please visit their website: University of Pittsburgh 

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Bloomsburg University

Prominent Program Features:

If you are seeking to develop your leadership skills to prepare you for the business world, then the Bloomsburg University College of Business may provide you with the opportunities you desire.

The College of Business provides excellent leadership opportunities to students by connecting them with business leaders and alumni through presentations, speakers’ series and seminars. Students gain real-world experience in working on their presentation skills, creating quality resumes and excelling in interviews.

The College of Business offers a program that is truly based on improving one’s practical skills needed for success in the business world. The school offers an AACSB-Accredited program of study and has garnered a reputation for a leading business school in the U.S.

The school offers a challenging curriculum that includes majors like:

  • Accounting,
  • Business Education,
  • Finance,
  • Information and Technology Management,
  • Management,
  • Marketing and more.

The MBA program offered by Bloomsburg is made up of 36 graduate credit hours. Students must complete nine required courses and three elective courses. This MBA program allows students to complete a Masters of Business Administration degree in a short period of time. The MBA program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The student body is composed of 70 full-time students. Over 31 percent of the students are female, while 69 percent are male. The average age of a student is 36. With over 500 alumni currently working in business careers throughout the world, graduate students will find an excellent network of alumni for pursuing mentorships and career opportunities. Over 90 percent of Bloomsburg graduate students are able to find employment within three months of graduation.

Bloomsburg University is a public institution, and the tuition costs are much lower than other universities located in Pennsylvania. In-state students pay a tuition rate of $8,582, while out-of-state students pay a tuition rate of $18,516. Students are eligible to transfer up to 9 credit hours of graduate courses. Students should ensure that transfer credits will be approved before pursuing coursework at other colleges or universities. About 20 percent of students receive financial aid from Bloomsburg University.

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Statistics:

Location: Bloomsburg, PA

Student Demographics:  9,950 students enrolled with 9,207 being undergraduates, 57% female, 43% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio:  20 to 1

Campus Life: Students can participate in over 250 student organizations on campus. These organizations provide opportunities in business leadership, networking, publications, the arts, entertainment, community service, spirituality and more. The school has a diverse student body, and students will appreciate how aspect enriches their educational and social experiences.

The campus is known for promoting fitness and offers an incredible student recreation centers that is always hosting athletic events and activities. Students can even benefit from having their own personal trainer on campus.

There is a Student Health Center that is prepared to meet the health emergencies and needs of students on campus. Students participating in the Iron Club can support one another in mastering basic nutrition concepts, bodybuilding, weight training and learning how to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Clarion University

Prominent Program Features:

Clarion University offers a variety of options for students who wish to advance their careers in the business world. The business programs available take the form of part-time online programs, full-time online programs, traditional MBA programs, bachelors degree programs, associates degree programs and more.

For part-time online programs, students can choose from pursuing an MBA, BSBA in Accounting, BSBA in Management, AS in Business Administration and may also qualify for the CPA exam eligibility program.

Bachelors degree programs offer majors in:

  • Accounting,
  • Management,
  • Economics,
  • Finance,
  • Human Resources Management,
  • International Business,
  • Marketing and
  • Real Estate.

Students also have the option of pursuing associates degrees in Business Administration or Paralegal Studies.

What makes Clarion’s business administration programs attractive are their flexibility. Students can tailor their educational experience to their own needs. They can work with an academic advisor to create a class schedule that includes both online and part-time components.

In addition, students also can use their educational experience to prepare in a practical fashion for required professional examinations. Students may take courses that focus on preparing them for the CPA or other financial planning examinations.

Clarion University is also known as one of the most affordable business schools in Pennsylvania. The public university is located in the Appalachian Mountain region. Students love the scenic areas surrounding the campus and being surrounded by nature. In the business school, 78 percent of the student body is made up of men. About 22 percent of the study body is made up of women.

Clarion’s business degree programs are highly-respected and have been accredited by leading organizations like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The Human Resources Management degree has been approved by the Society for Human Resources Management. The Personal Financial Planning program has been approved by the Board of Certified Financial Planners.

The MBA program is an 11-month program. Students take courses that include:

  • Microeconomics, Macroeconomics,
  • Financial Accounting,
  • Economic and Business Statistics,
  • Management Theory and Practice,
  • Principles of Marketing
  • and Financial Management.

There are also leadership courses available that are tailored to provide students with real-world experience prior to graduation. These courses include:

  • Leadership,
  • Organization and Assessment,
  • Quantitative Methods and Statistics,
  • Managerial Accounting,
  • Legal/Ethical Environment of Business,
  • Managerial Economic Analysis,
  • Financial Management,
  • Marketing Concepts and Strategy,
  • Operations and Information Management,
  • Global Environment of Business
  • and Strategic Management.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania Statistics:

Location: Clarion, PA

Student Demographics:  6,250 students enrolled with 5,518 being undergraduates, 63% female, 37% male enrollment

Student to Faculty Ratio: 18 to 1

Campus Life: Students at Clarion University appreciate the balance that they experience between life inside of the classroom and a social life outside of it. There are 145 active student organizations on campus. The Student Recreation Center is very popular, and students love the rock climbing wall, indoor track and basketball court at the fitness center.

There is a wide range of housing options available for students on campus. The student also has a thriving Greek life, so students may choose to become part of a fraternity or sorority during their time on campus.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor