What is the difference between a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management?

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Prospective students navigating their way through the search for the most beneficial college degree courses may find themselves wondering about the differences between a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree and how it may relate to Hospitality Management.

It’s helpful to consider prior classes that you have taken that interested you and what you are currently studying; however, this is the point in your educational journey where having the ultimate career goal in mind will come in handy.

Considering your time, effort, and cost of tuition, researching the best path to meet your career goal upfront will be most beneficial to you. The concentration of the coursework and flexibility in subject matter are the main differences between the two degrees.


types of Bachelor's in Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

A Bachelor of Arts degree program requires fewer credits that are focused on a specific major. It allows you more of a broad spectrum of subjects to study. You will be required to obtain credits in various liberal arts subjects.

English, social sciences, natural sciences, foreign language, math, fine arts, and courses in humanities are a few of the core classes available. These basic classes are generally completed in the first two years, and then others pertaining to your chosen major will be completed in the next two years.

Bachelor of Arts programs in Hospitality Management may consist of:

  • accounting,
  • principles of management,
  • front office procedures,
  • sales and marketing,
  • analysis of the hospitality industry,
  • business communications,
  • housekeeping management,
  • customer service,
  • special events planning and management,
  • and food and beverage operations.

A B.A. will help you learn to operate and manage a hospitality business such as a hotel, casino, restaurant, amusement attraction, or spa resort, to name a few. Online program options are available, as well as traditional universities. There are also many opportunities to study abroad.

types of Bachelor's in Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

A Bachelor of Science program requires more credits that are directly focused on a specific major.  This is where your ultimate career goal comes into play.  Students are required to concentrate on directing their academic studies on subjects specifically related to that goal. 

Some of the more common classes include English, basic algebra, composition, history, literature, and government.  Most B.S. programs require the student to choose an additional study as a minor. In this program, opportunities to experience subjects outside of your chosen major are limited.

A Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management program puts students on an educational path to careers in:

The courses involved would include:

  • economics,
  • personnel management,
  • hospitality law,
  • accounting, social science,
  • public relations,
  • gaming operations and event management.

This program also teaches students how to manage team members, resolve guest conflicts, control food and beverage costs, and provide excellent customer service. Some universities allow practical work experience through co-op programs and internships.

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types of Bachelor's in Hospitality Management

Which degree is better for you?

Some subjects seem to be offered in both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs; however, students may choose if they would rather keep their options open with the B.A. degree or stay more focused on a certain subject based on their career choice with a B.S. degree.

Academically speaking, employers consider these degrees equal in value, and they are both beneficial for lucrative job opportunities. Also, with any bachelor’s degree in place, you can always expand your educational journey to obtain a master’s degree any time you choose.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor