Is a career in Business Administration the right choice for me?

Are you cut out to be successful in the exciting world of business? How do you know that a career in Business Administration is the right choice for you? To get started, the preferred degree for a corporate position is, most definitely, an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

With the proper education in this field, you can fill any job position available with confidence and the skills needed to ensure your success.

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business administration is the right choice

Qualities of the Exceptional Business Administrator

To be an exceptional leader in business, you must possess certain qualities, morals, and personality traits that allow you to be effective. “What are they?” you ask. Let’s look at a few essential characteristics of a successful business administrator.

Leadership and Communication

First and foremost, you will need exceptional leadership skills. As a leader, your co-workers will look to you for instruction, authority, and information. They will also respect your skills. You must be knowledgeable about proper business techniques, computer technology, and economics, among other applicable subjects.

Do you communicate effectively with others? Excellent communication skills among employees and leaders are pertinent to the business world to maintain a cohesive atmosphere. This requirement involves exceptional oral and written skills, which you will hone through an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree program.

Punctuality and Integrity

Can you get to work on time? Are you reliable? Do you conduct yourself with a sound foundation of integrity in your personal life, as well as your professional life? As a reliable business administrator and a person of integrity, all employees, upper management, and business owners will depend on you! They will want to count on you to complete the job and promote the best interests of the company at all costs.


Are you well-organized? Perhaps half the battle in the busy world of business is knowing what you need and where to find it.

Although everyone has moments of disorganization, typically, a business administrator needs to be aware of everything going on around them, and just as important is your time management skills. Often, you will need to meet critical deadlines.

Therefore, organizational skills and time management go hand in hand. Can you tap into your creative side when required? Are you a good listener? Critical thinking skills often incorporate creative solutions and attention to detail.

business administration is the right choice


Can you keep a secret? As kids, secrets usually accidentally come out eventually, either on purpose or by a slip-up. But, as a business administrator, you will be held to a higher standard and undoubtedly accountable for your words and actions.

Confidentiality is always of the utmost importance when your job puts you amid all business actions, including financial conversations, as well as all aspects of customer service, client deals, and all other business-related matters. Office gossip will not be allowed nor tolerated, as well.


Are you a people person? Most business administrative personnel deal with people on a day-to-day basis. Customer service skills are a must in any profession; however, if you are representing a company, you must act positively to protect the reputation of your workplace.

Much like a doctor possessing excellent medical skills, they must have a desirable “bedside” manner, too. The same principle applies to anyone providing a product or service to the public.

Ambitious, Drive, and Vision

Do you have the drive, ambition, and vision to excel in whatever you choose as a career? Perhaps the most significant aspect of determining a job choice is your ability to dream big! In the position of business administrator, you must be interested in furthering the cause, not only for the company but for yourself.

You must always put their needs first and work “for the good of the company,” without a doubt.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor