What kind of career and salary can I expect with my online Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications?

With your online Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications, there are all sorts of different career options you may choose from; however, salaries will vary greatly depending on the job position and your educational degree. We’ll review a few options for you here to help you decide which is the right path.

As you may already know, a degree in the Public Relations and Communications field requires one to communicate with a target audience, most often through the media, on behalf of your client.

With a goal to provide a positive image within the mind of the consumer, your task is to maintain a strong relationship between your client and the public, always.

Public Relations Specialist

A Public Relations Specialist, in general, is responsible for maintaining their client’s positive image, in addition to writing press releases, conducting grand openings, and acting as a liaison between the customer and the business in cases of dispute or dissatisfaction.

The salary for this position varies greatly depending on several factors; however, typically, they earn between $62,800 – $81,960 annually.

Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager’s role is to direct or coordinate a political campaign’s efforts, such as fundraising, advertising, maintaining the public image of a candidate, or soliciting votes. They earn approximately $67,627 annually, depending on experience and past successes.

Multimedia Artist and Animator

Do you have an interest in art? Why not combine art with your online Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications to become a Multimedia Artist and Animator? They earn an average salary of $71,372 annually by creating animation and visual effects for video games, movies, and television.

Communications Coordinator

The salary of a Communications Coordinator averages about $61,000 per year, depending on experience.

Their job duties include building a positive image within the public sector; however, they may also be called upon to handle communication issues within a company, help improve employer/employee relationships, and settle disputes.

Marketing Research Analyst

A Marketing Research Analyst studies statistics relating to the sales of a product or service. They help relay information to a company that needs assistance with who their customers are, what their needs are, and what sort of products they prefer.

The Marketing Research Analyst’s salary averages $64,433 annually with a bachelor’s degree; however, he can earn upwards of six figures with a master’s degree in a management position.


An editor will plan, review, and revise the informational content of products and services to prepare it for print or digital publication. Their salary, depending on experience, will average $73,080 annually.

Advertising Manager

The Advertising Manager, with experience, will earn upwards of $127,830 per year as they advertise, promote, and market their client’s wares. They are responsible for creating interest and buzz about the “next big thing” while working with art directors, sales agents, and financial personnel within the company.

Event Planners

Event Planners are responsible for creating and coordinating meetings, conventions, and other types of professional meetings. They arrange conference facilities, make travel arrangements, as well as plan entertainment and food menus. The average annual salary for an Event Planner is $52,560.

Speech Writer

If you enjoy research, a position as a Speech Writer may be for you. They are given a topic and expected to research public statistics to arrange a speech that will be of interest to the public. This may include political issues or any other trending topic at the time. Typically, a Speech Writer earns $129,693 annually.

With so many choices, rest assured you will find a fulfilling and rewarding career that is right for you.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor