What kind of career and salary can I expect with my online Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management?

Today’s Sports Management world can be extremely competitive, however, with your newly earned online Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, you have a wide array of career options to choose from. The sports industry generates several billions of dollars each year in revenue and you can get in on it by finding the right fit for you. Although you may need to start at the ground level, with hard work you can work your way up the “goal post” in no time at all by eventually entering management or executive positions.

Obviously, the most sought-after careers in Sports Management are the ones who work directly with the athletes, however, that may not be for everyone. Fortunately, there are an abundance of sports-related careers that do not involve athlete contact but do require working in the public sector. In addition, most careers are offered in both the collegiate or professional sectors.

The Sports Agent takes on several roles in the life of an athlete or, depending on your agency, sometimes they may represent several athletes at one time. Your job is to recruit and contact prospective athletes based on referrals or recommendations from coaches or colleagues. Once they are interested, then negotiations begin by dealing with team owners and other interested parties, such as possible endorsers.

They often are responsible for setting up interviews to promote a positive image and charitable contributions, as well as, downplaying controversies. Salaries, in this position, are often based on commissions, however, the average Sports Agent’s pay is approximately $64,200 per year to begin and then upwards of $110,000 annually, with experience. Actual salaries depend greatly upon the agreed contract salary of the client, therefore, in some instances a Sports Agent can earn up to $600,000 annually for representing athletes that are in high demand.

With your online Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, you may decide to become a Sports Manager. In this position, you are responsible for overseeing your client’s physical and mental health, helping them maintain a positive image and booking personal appearances, in addition to, travel and accommodation needs. A Sports Manager’s salary can range from between $42,000 – $95,810 or more annually, depending on the client, job location and bonuses.

In addition to earning your Sports Management degree, some students also earn a degree in Public Relations and Communications. This combination is perfect for someone interested in media and marketing within the realm of sports. A Sports Marketing Manager generally earns upwards of $126,190 annually, depending on experience, of course. Responsibilities include focusing on the promotion of sporting events and teams, as well as, their products and memorabilia.

A position as a Coach typically requires an online Bachelor’s degree in a coaching-related program focused on physical conditioning, nutrition, leadership, athletic training and sports psychology. Your degree in Sports Management will certainly be a plus in this field. Coaching positions can vary in salary based on the capacity of your services.

The High School Football Coach typically earns $60,440 annually and teaching certification may be required. The college level Football Coach’s salary increases exponentially at approximately $950,000 – $1.64 million annually and the average salary for a Professional Football Coach can be upwards of $6,000,000 – $8,000,000 per year. With coaching salaries, there are lots of variables such as, experience as a previous player, experience as a leader, team location and winning records.

If working behind the scenes is more your speed, then please consider careers as an Event Planner, a Business Operations Manager or as a Sports Facilities Manager. Your online Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management will assist you in performing these positions with adequacy. Salaries range from between $49,830 to upwards of $90,000 respectively, per year.

Are you interested in being a team player? On or off the field, you can have an exciting and fulfilling career in sports. If you would like more information, please explore our choices for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Sports Management degree programs.

Rowan Jones
Chief Editor