What does a career in Sports Management consist of with an online Bachelor’s degree?

Are you a sports fan? Do you also have an interest in finance and management? Why not combine the two and make a career out of your passion for athletics?  A degree in Sports Management affords you a wide spectrum of career options ranging from team managers, which can launch you into the exciting arena of the public eye, to behind-the-scenes careers, such as a trainer or nutritionist.

Sports Management… The Business Side

The business aspect of Sports Management could land you a career with many professional programs, such as the NBA, NFL, or MLB, in the areas of marketing, promotions, or sports-related physical therapy. There is a world of opportunities available at the collegiate or professional level.

Sports Management is learning about business and marketing and how it relates to the sports world. Most of the positions require a bachelor’s degree or, quite possibly, a master’s or a doctorate degree. And, of course, as in all careers, the higher the degree, the more in demand you will be.

Since sports activities and sports viewing are a major, fundamental part of America’s culture, numerous opportunities are available at any level of educational degree you may obtain.

A Competitive Industry… So be Prepared

However, due to the fact that over half of Americans are involved in sports at some level, please realize that sports industry professions are very competitive and highly demanding. It’s imperative that prospective students do their own research in regard to the degree requirements for their chosen field.

Everyday tasks for the Sports Manager would include being skilled with numbers, having strong negotiation abilities and staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest in what’s going on in the sports world.

You will need to be able to handle pressure well and be good at solving conflict. You must be a people person and a good communicator. Oh, and don’t forget the criticism you might have to endure if your client doesn’t perform as expected.

A Sports Manager must be well organized to handle the busy schedules of their clients, and that includes everything from gameday play to appearances off the field. The main goal for a sports manager is to ensure that their client is stress-free, allowing them to concentrate on playing the best game possible.

While the manager handles all personal needs and training to ensure optimal strength, they also are responsible for keeping them in good mental shape by acting as a liaison between their client and their team players.

As a Sports Manager, you will work closely with the media to ensure that they are portrayed in a positive image and get the media recognition that they have worked so hard to obtain.

Although some managers work only with individual players, some also work with entire teams. Through this career, you will be responsible for the positive image of an entire organization, work closely with the media, marketing, and promotion departments, and resolve conflicts between coaches, players, and team owners.

If you are interested in this field of study as a career, check out our choices of the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Sports Management degree programs to help you in your endeavors.

Rowan Jones
Chief Editor