What careers and salary can I expect with an online Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship?

career and salary with master's in entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur typically starts a new business. Along with it comes stress and risks. On the other hand, if successful, they also reap the rewards of a possible wealthy career, the benefits of being their own boss, and the personal satisfaction of reaching a career goal. What could be better than that?

Another option may be to purchase a franchise or buy an existing business. But what if you don’t necessarily want to build a business from the ground up? After all, developing a product, making it, marketing it, and selling it is a huge undertaking, financially and emotionally. 

Perhaps you lack creativity or the start-up funds to get started. Rest assured, with your online Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, you will graduate with the credentials to enter the world ready for any career choices.

With your online Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, you will qualify for many careers. Let’s take a glance at a few options.

Business Consulta

A Business Consultant earns between $64,591 to $95,960 per year; however, with experience, you may earn upwards of $100,000 annually. A consultant is responsible for assessing and advising businesses in all areas to ensure growth and profits.

Human Resources Manager

A Human Resources Manager is responsible for an organization’s employee benefits package, compensation, and performance programs. This typically includes filling positions with employees and eliminating others. An HR Manager, depending on experience, can earn upwards of $130,000 annually.

career and salary with master's in entrepreneurship

Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager

Your degree in entrepreneurship will be most helpful in the field of marketing. An Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager earns approximately $138,730 annually. Duties may include developing a strategic plan to promote a company’s product and sales.

Market Research Analyst

Perhaps research is your interest. A position as Market Research Analyst is responsible for collecting data from consumers. They also compile data concerning a competitor’s product and how the two are related.

They provide their customers with accurate, detailed information to ensure increased sales and profits. The salary for an Analyst in the marketing field ranges from $58,252 – $70,813 annually, depending on experience and job location.

Product Developer

Are you the creative type? How about a position as a Product Developer? This career includes a variety of possibilities. One may choose to design tennis shoes, and another may choose to develop a new piece of sporting equipment…or anything in between.

Product Developers are also responsible for the testing and marketing of products, as well as meeting the industry’s requirements and guidelines. A position as a Product Developer earns between $64,551 – $77,419 annually, depending on the corporation you are employed by and their product line.

career and salary with master's in entrepreneurship

Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst earns an average salary of $96,220 annually, depending on experience. Financial Analysts are employed by corporations, banks, and insurance companies. They work tirelessly to ensure the financial stability of their employer.

Financial Analysts lead, guide, and direct businesses in the best financial decisions possible by analyzing, monitoring, and identifying consumer tendencies and all types of investments.

In Conclusion

There are endless possibilities in the field of entrepreneurship. If you want to be your own boss, you can…but it can be risky; however, if you want to begin your career in the corporate world, that is a good option, too.

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