What is the difference between being an Entrepreneur and being Self-Employed?


Entrepreneurship and self-employed… Seems as though they are one and the same; however, actually, they are different. Perhaps one would say that experience defines the difference.

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entrepreneur and being self-employed

An Entrepreneur typically describes a person who is inventive, creative, and a risk-taker. As an innovator, they must be ambitious with a strong business sense.

Often, when an Entrepreneur has a groundbreaking idea or product, they will apply for a patent, which can be a lengthy and costly process.

Start-up costs are sometimes expensive with production and/or inventory.  Nevertheless, they carry on with their plan, as they should.

An entrepreneur uses their critical thinking skills to achieve their goals, making smart business decisions, along with utilizing marketing skills learned while earning their online Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. For the person who wants to build a self-sustaining business to sell at a later date for profit or to pass on to their family, then an Entrepreneur role with an original, interesting idea is the way to go.


entrepreneur and being self-employed

Working for yourself is similar to entrepreneurship, except that most individuals in this position, for example, a Cosmetologist or Baker, did not “invent” the product or profession they are pursuing.

Most often, the service or item already exists. They are generally performing the same job as others they are supervising.

However, some of the same qualities and skills may apply to the self-employed. You must be flexible; no more specified schedule or “passing the blame” to anyone else…you’re it. You will be responsible for all decision-making and solving all crises.

If you are self-employed, you certainly need to be motivated. There’s no one to tell you what to do or when to do it. You must be able to plan ahead and use your time wisely. The customers will expect your full attention and availability, as well as one hundred percent of your effort…no matter what your line of product or service may be.

Being self-employed is stressful, no doubt. Profits may come immediately, or it may take you six months to a year to see financial gain.

Only for the Brave and Persistent…

entrepreneur and being self-employed

Whether you are an Entrepreneur with an innovative idea or hoping to be your own boss as a self-employed individual, a certain amount of bravery, persistence, and risk is involved when starting a business from the ground up.

Don’t be afraid to work hard to achieve your dreams, and don’t be afraid of failure; it will only make you stronger and more determined. Your tenacity will allow you to grow outside of your comfort zone, so if you fail the first time, you will be back better than ever with new ideas, new goals, and certainly, with more experience.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor