What are the differences between a Business Administration and a Business Management Degree?

Business Administration and Business Management degree

How does a student know which degree to pursue? And what are the differences between a Business Administration and a Business Management degree program? In order to make the right decision for your future career, these differences will help you be informed.

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Business Administration and Business Management degree

Obtaining a Business Administration degree allows you to learn the broadest general area of business topics available. This degree allows you to have an extensive range of education in the endless array of business opportunities or careers. It is also the most commonly recognized type of business degree.

A student with a Business Administration degree can use this to build upon in furthering their education. You will begin with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration and work towards your Bachelor’s, and then, if desired, on to a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and then perhaps on to a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

The Business Administration program gives students the ability to experience many different areas of education, such as finance, marketing, human resources, and business management, and offers a variety of elective courses to complete your business education.

These various choices allow you to familiarize yourself with areas that might personally interest you.


Business Administration and Business Management degree

A Business Management degree permits students the opportunity to acquire a basis of education in business and then the choice to focus on a specified range of business areas, such as specific attention to marketing, human resource management, agriculture, finance, or hospitality management.

Due to the emphasis on specialized careers in the Business Management program, a significant portion of program credits are devoted to these areas.

Within a specific margin of business, you may then choose an area of training for the skills you wish to focus on that are related to a specific industry of business. This allows students to be educated in areas that interest them and is focused primarily on the field of work they would like to pursue, depending on their career choice.

The Business Management program, however, does not offer as many elective courses as does the Business Administration program simply because it is designed to offer a more specialized area of education.

Upon completing a Bachelor’s in Business Management, one can extend their degree into the Master’s of Science in Management program.

Bottom Line:

If you are certain of what your area of expertise or career will be, then you should definitely focus on a Business Management degree. If you are unsure, then the Business Administration program is for you.

For a successful career, the Business Administration and Business Management programs are excellent degrees to ensure a lucrative career in the field of business.

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