Should I work an Internship while earning my online Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications?

Should you work an internship while earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications, you ask? If you have a choice, absolutely you should, if the opportunity arises. In some programs, an internship is required within an area of specialty, however, in other programs they may require an applied project instead to showcase your understanding of the foundations of Public Relations, such as in the subjects of image management, business writing or advertising and promotions.

Public Relations and Communications internships can lead to a variety of different careers. As a student, at this point, perhaps you are not certain which specific direction you would like to take. An internship gives you the opportunity to “test drive” different aspects of the field to find your true passion. The varied opportunities may lead you to a career in entertainment, sports, retail or politics.

Upon completion, you will qualify for an entry-level position with a Public Relations firm elsewhere or, perhaps, your internship will lead you into a permanent position where you are at. If nothing else, you will have gained valuable experience and made lifelong friends and contacts to help you in your future career wherever that may lead you.

The Public Relations intern must be eager to learn and have a creative mind, must have initiative, be prompt and willing to start from the ground level and work their way up. This could include emptying trash cans or cleaning restrooms with a smile. Your excellent attitude will get you the grade and recognition you deserve!

Other responsibilities may include creating and distributing press releases, scheduling and organizing grand openings, updating databases, using the company’s social media outlets to engage the public or contacting and forging relationships with prospective customers. You may be asked to assist with administrative duties or do market research to examine the consumer’s needs. Whatever the duty, just make it your mission to do it the best you can.

If your online Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications program requires that you work an internship, then your Guidance Counselors typically have a means of assisting you in finding and opportunity that is right for you, as most have relationships with companies who regularly are in need of interns. If you find an opportunity on your own, please get prior approval from your Counselor to assure that you receive proper credit.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor