What are the job duties of a Business Administrator with an online Business Administration degree?

duties of a business administrator

Earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a wise choice. You will enjoy business administration, primarily because you will never be bored. It covers a wide array of career opportunities, as well as job responsibilities.

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Students who choose this major can also enter the field of advertising and marketing, sales and promotions, or entrepreneurship, in addition to a management position of any type.

The knowledge and skills learned within an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree program are needed to successfully manage a company, large corporation, or a simple family-owned business.

Small or large, in this position, your fellow employees will look to you for support and information for all things business-related. In a business administrative position, you will be expected to know how to manage a business efficiently.

duties of a business administrator

Skills Needed

So, what sort of management skills will you need? Primarily, the field of business includes topics such as finance and accounting, as well as advertising and marketing. Managing an enterprise of any sort, most likely, will require that you obtain an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

In most scenarios, you will also need to be proficient in managing personnel. Often, business administrators also have earned a degree in human resources to help them properly manage their employees.

Business administrators work tirelessly to run smooth business operations to maximize production and organization and help everyone work towards a common goal.

Also, your online Bachelor of Business Administration degree program should help you hone your computer skills, for they will need to be at top optimization, as every aspect of a business’s operations is now computerized to ensure efficiency.

duties of a business administrator

Day-To-Day Responsibilities

The day-to-day activities, such as invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash sales receipts, are managed by the business administrator. In addition, the staff’s payroll and taxes are completed under the watchful eye of the business administrator, as well.

As you monitor the daily mechanisms of running a successful business, rest assured you must be well-organized, an excellent problem solver, and a good communicator. Perhaps an unfortunate job task for the business administrator is to terminate employees who are not doing their jobs properly.

Business administrators must enforce company policy and act in the best interest of the business. Most business administrators are often the “go-to” person for department managers such as personnel, finance, production, and marketing, in addition to working with the public, managing customer relations, and meeting with clients or other prospective customers or vendors.

In Conclusion

  • A business administration degree will educate each student on the broad array of responsibilities and specializations that are often required in this position.
  • If you desire, you can also build upon this degree by earning your master’s and a doctorate in this field.

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