Is earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree worth it?

Is earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree worth the hard work? Which degree would benefit you the most, an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree or a Bachelor of Business Management degree? Which one is right for you, and how will you know? All are excellent questions to ask yourself.

The simple answer is… You should determine what your end goal is and how your educational journey will determine your future.

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Business Administration vs. Business Management

Typically, the business field is divided into two parts, the responsibilities of one who oversees a specialized area of business (Business Administration) and another facet that tends to focus on general management (Business Management).

Through your online Bachelor of Business Administration degree, your possibilities are endless. Your hard work and dedication will provide you with a plethora of career options, and yes, it will be worth it!

online bachelor of Business Administration is worth it

Differences between BBA and BBM

Now truthfully, the two degrees are similar; it’s hard to tell them apart. Coursework is also comparable; however, business administration teaches you how businesses work, from creating a product or service to putting the money in the bank, a varied and extensive range of activities depicting the day-to-day operations.

If you are genuinely interested in upper management or looking at the big picture, perhaps the business management degree is for you. In addition to business administration coursework, you will enjoy the additional related courses.

For example, you may be required to take logistics, human resources, communications, and information systems classes to prepare you for a management position. Typically, management determines the company goals, and administrators make them happen. Which job description fits your personality the best?

Continuing Your Education

Now, what? Are you ready to build on your degree? Are you prepared to advance in your career? In the past, many students who were not sure what field they wanted to enter would start by earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree, intending to choose another degree field down the road. However, studies show that they tend to stick to their decision due to the extensive array of career choices the degree provides.

To advance in business administration and fatten your bank account, you should consider earning a master’s degree in addition to a doctoral degree. Specialized certifications in your field will also help you get the promotion and the raise you deserve.

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online bachelor of Business Administration is worth it

In Conclusion

  • Where can you use your graduate degree in business administration? Realistically, all establishments, small or large, need qualified personnel with graduate degrees.
  • If you have an entrepreneurial spirit about you, learning how to manage your money with an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree can be most beneficial.
  • Starting your own business can be stressful, but it puts your mind at ease (at least financially) because the business administration degree holder knows how to handle their money!

Is it all worth it? Of course, it is.  If you are interested in this degree field, you should examine the program choices for the Best Online Schools for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program that has compiled especially for you, the business-minded student.

Rowan Jones
Chief Editor