How do I earn a Sports Management Degree?

Are you a sports fan? Do you also have an interest in finance and management?  Why not combine the two and make a career out of your passion for athletics?

A degree in Sports Management affords you a wide spectrum of career options ranging from team managers, which can launch you into the exciting arena of the public eye, to the behind-the-scenes careers, such as trainers and nutritionists. The business aspect of Sports Management could land you a career with many professional programs such as the NBA, NFL or MLB in the areas of marketing, promotions or sports related physical therapy. There are a world of opportunities available at the collegiate or the professional level.

Sports Management is learning about business and marketing and how it relates to the sports world. Most of these positions require a bachelor’s degree or quite possibly a master’s or doctorate degree. And, of course, as in all careers, the higher the degree, the more in demand you will be.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the sports industry in the United States is projected to be a $73.5 billion industry by the year 2019. Since sports activities and sports viewing are a major, fundamental part of America’s culture, numerous opportunities are available at any level of educational degree you may obtain. However, due to the fact that over half of Americans are involved in sports at some level, please realize that sports industry professions are very competitive and highly demanding. It’s imperative that prospective students do their own research in regards to the degree requirements for your chosen field.

Everyday tasks for the Sports Manager would include being skilled with numbers, having strong negotiation abilities and staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest in what’s going on in the sports world. You will need to be able to handle pressure well and be good at solving conflict. You must be a people person and a good communicator. Oh, and don’t forget the criticism you might have to endure if your client doesn’t perform as expected.

There are many benefits to obtaining a Sports Management degree.

Since the sports industry is flourishing, you will have a plethora of career choices from which to pursue. All aspects offer you a fast-paced, exciting opportunity. Do you like the competitive spirit and team work that your favorite sport requires? Sports Management is excellent for sharpening your strategy skills. Perhaps you enjoy traveling…this degree can take you on international ventures. Put your leadership skills to use and give back to your community by working with children at your local YMCA. And perhaps most of all, a career in Sports Management can be very lucrative.

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Now, let’s explore what kind of degree, career and salary you can earn in Sports Management.

Sports Management can include many different fields within many different levels. Most careers can be started at the local high school and community team level, then on to the college or even Olympic levels, and thus on to working with professional teams. Most will start at assistant positions and then work their way up to higher rankings, such as head coach for professional teams, which would be the most lucrative and prestigious position. Other possible options such as owning your own fitness center or health club, managing local recreation facilities or any sports related business is an option for the Sports Management degree holder.

An ambitious Sports Management student will need an education in business as well as sports administration. This curriculum usually includes courses in economics, physical education, business, law and current sporting issues. Some colleges offer an internship in order to gain valuable experience and to add to your resume.

Obtaining an associates degree is, of course, your first stepping stone on your way to Sports Management, however, some employers will consider you for entry-level positions as purchasing agents, account salespersons, public relation specialists and recreation workers with an associates degree. At this level, you can gain valuable work experience while returning to school to obtain a higher degree such as a bachelor’s, which will yield you a higher paying career. Entry level positions will earn approximately $30,000-$40,000 annually.

A bachelor’s degree in Sports Management allows you to add specialty courses of study such as marketing techniques, risk management, sports law and psychology, fundraising and facility management to your resume, therefore, yielding you more desirable and more pay. It is the most popular choice for those interested in coaching, marketing or scouting. Annual salaries can range from $62,000 for a minor league General Manager to $114,000 for a major league Vice-President of Marketing.

A master’s degree is an excellent investment. This degree shows your perspective or current employer that you are serious about learning all aspects of sports management and earns you typically at least $5,000 more a year than those with a bachelors degree. A high school coach can be more marketable at the college level with a master’s degree. Most head coaches of major colleges earn upwards of $65,000 annually, however, this depends on location and popularity of different sports in different locations. An athletic director’s salary can average $100,000 annually depending on size of university and the sport. Some other career options would include sport agents, athletic event coordinators and sport shop owners.

A doctorate degree in Sports Management is the highest degree in the field of sports you can obtain. These courses delve more extensively into a business perspective including marketing, human resources, finance, law and organizational behavior in sports. A doctorate degree is usually required to work in the sports field of education or research, executive roles with a professional team, a CEO of a sports marketing company or a television network career. Doctorate degree holders typically earn six-figure salaries depending on chosen field and location. When you have acquired a doctorate degree, you have shown a dedication to your craft that not many have achieved.

Sports Management provides many opportunities and numerous benefits. If you love sports and interacting with others who share your enthusiasm, then Sports Management is for you!

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