What are the different types of online Associate degrees in Accounting and which one is best for me?

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When thinking about the best types of Associate in Accounting degrees, you really need to think ahead to what your end career goal may be.

Earning an associate degree is the first step you must take if interested in a career related to accounting; however, if you plan to pursue a career as a Certified Public Accountant, then most states require a bachelor’s degree.

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types of associate in accounting degrees

If you wish to enter an entry-level job in the field of accounting, then the Associate of Applied Science in Accounting degree will suffice.

If you wish to further your career, either now or at a later date, then the most valuable degree for you would be to earn your Associate of Science degree in Accounting.

This option leaves the door open to further your education later and will prepare you to make the transition into earning your bachelor’s degree.

To obtain your online Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Accounting, a high school diploma or GED is required for admission.

The program is typically completed in two years, and the student becomes well-versed in basic bookkeeping and data processing skills. They also become familiar with computer programs while learning fundamental principles of accounting.

Other coursework may include learning about payroll distribution and required tax information, accounts payables and accounts receivables, how to prepare financial statements, business law, as well as financial planning, and how to balance bank accounts.

Upon graduation, you will be well qualified to obtain a job as a Bookkeeper, Bank Officer, Payroll Specialist, or Accounting Clerk. Entry-level employment, in this capacity, can be found at accounting agencies, banks, and tax preparation companies, in addition to government agencies or a variety of other businesses, either small or larger corporations.


types of associate in accounting degrees

Perhaps the most popular online Associate degree in Accounting to earn is the Associate of Science (AS) degree. This degree will prepare you to transfer into an online bachelor’s degree program if and when you are ready.

In the AS program, you will also gain knowledge in the foundations of accounting, however, perhaps more in-depth than with the AAS program by incorporating marketing, management courses, and, additionally, courses in business ethics and confidentiality.

Other topics will include macroeconomics, business law, financial accounting, risk management, spreadsheet modeling, payroll and tax accounting, financial statement analysis, cost accounting, and forensic and fraud examination. Also, classes in critical thinking and communication may be required.

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types of associate in accounting degrees

Popular career choices with your online Associate of Science in Accounting degree may include positions as an entry-level Bookkeeper, Accounting Clerk, or Auditing Clerk.

However, if you decide to continue along your educational journey, earning an online Bachelor’s degree in Accounting will prepare you for other careers, such as a CPA with licensure or other interesting careers, such as a Corporate Entertainment Accountant or a Forensic Accountant.

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