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The 30 Fastest Online Associates Degrees in Business Management for 2021

Why do Associates in Business Management students want to earn their degree in the soonest time possible? The answer lies in the fast-paced, tough job market out there that keeps students on their toes. Working professionals and young students alike want to get a head-start in their careers. They want to grab every opportunity for professional advancement—and there is no better time to do it than “now”!

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Now more than ever, it is possible to complete a degree sooner than usual—and regardless of the busy life that you live. A fast and flexible online Associate degree in Business Management program will help you earn that degree without disrupting your work and personal commitments. Several schools across the country offer accelerated associate programs in Business Management that equip students with the knowledge and the skills to excel in the discipline and thrive in evolving business culture.

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Bear in mind, however, that when finishing your degree fast, several factors come into play. Fast online bachelor’s in Business Management degree programs may offer you the convenience and flexibility in scheduling and attendance, but the coursework is usually rigorous and demand your full attention and dedication.

Here, in random order, we present 30 colleges and universities offering ACCELERATED online Associate degree programs in Business Management. We also underscore the top features that are relevant to this list including factors, such as:

  • Displays proper accreditation credentials; allowing for ease of credit transfers into a Bachelor of Business Management degree program,
  • Offers coursework designed to expedite the degree earning process with a focus in Business Management,
  • Top-notch quality instruction with up-to-date and innovative technology used in the field; lead by expert faculty,
  • Offers Financial Aid options,
  • Easy-to-use online Learning Management Systems,
  • Introduces students to various concepts of Business Management, such as needed in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and more,
  • Ideal for working adults interested in making a career change and for students that are not yet sure of their career path.

To find a program that fits your needs, check out our choices for the 30 Fastest Online Associates Degrees in Business Management for 2021. Our Methodology page is available for your review, if you are interested in learning more about our school selection process.

Grantham University

Grantham University in Lenexa, Texas offers associate programs online such as Associate of Arts in Business Management and Associate of Arts in Business Administration & Management. Online students can complete the program at their own pace while reducing the time it usually takes to earn the degree. This 60-credit degree program is designed for completion in just 24 months, and students can start as soon as they are ready. The online associate program provides basic knowledge of science, technology, business, and market commercialization. Students gain a fundamental understanding of business practices and methods.

Brescia University

brescia university

Owensboro, Kentucky is home to the Brescia University that offers accelerated associate programs in Associate of Arts in Business. This online associate program specializes in a wide range of business fundamentals such as information systems, critical thinking, management theory and practice, financial accounting, and effective managerial communications. Students explore business principles and learn to apply problem-solving approaches to real-world challenges. The school runs a generous credit transfer program. Online students can progress faster with 12-24 months completion depending on their pace of learning.

Florida Institute of Technology

florida institute of technology

The Florida Institute of Technology provides a variety of associate programs, including in business administration and management that teach online students business basics and theories. The associate program requires 64 total credits. It is designed to be completed in as fast as 18 months. Florida Tech’s Associate of Arts in Business Management degree classes takes eight weeks to complete and is taught 100% online. The course is designed to help students understand the nature of businesses from a global perspective. Online learners are provided the broad overview of business functions including management principles, business law, accounting, and economics.

Bethel University

bethel university

A reputable school emphasizing Christian education, Bethel University continues to deliver quality education for their students both on-campus and online. Bethel’s Associate of Arts in Business offers two concentrations – global business, and management. The program takes 12-19 months to complete and is typically a 60-credit-hour program which exposes online students to the many facets of the discipline. The coursework comprises of global management and leadership lessons, professional project management, financial accounting, and strategic management and planning. Class schedules are flexible so that students can manage assignments, in-class requirements, and other priorities. The courses in this associate degree include finance, marketing, economics, accounting, management, business communication, business, and group organizational dynamics.

Liberty University

Established in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University is the largest Christian university in the world. It offers students several options for associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees specifically in business management. The Associate of Arts in Business teaches students in-demand skills to prepare them to become business professionals. The school’s online associate degree in Business Management is 100% online and is designed to be completed in as quick as one and a half year, on an 8-week per program arrangement. Online learners have the opportunity to earn their degree at a faster pace through transfer credits. This program covers business fundamentals such as business laws, ethics, accounting and communication. Online learners must complete the required core business courses including Principles of Management, Financial Accounting, Business Laws, Managerial Accounting, Principles of Microeconomics, Business Communications and International Business.

Philadelphia University

Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offers online Business Management students an accelerated associate degree program with 8-week courses that can be completed in as fast as 12 to 18 months. This fast online associate degree in Business program seeks to educate and train students in a wide selection of business-relevant fields. The school’s 60-credit-hour program has a set of core business courses such as Management, Basic MS Office, Principles of Financial Accounting, Marketing, Introduction to Business, Principles of Macroeconomics, Business Law, and Introduction to Computers. Students who wish to advance their studies further can choose from marketing, finance, management, information systems, and management fields.

Bay State College

bay state college

Bay State College is in Boston, Massachusetts. It offers an entirely online Associate of Arts in Business Management program that presents students with a wide selection of skills training to succeed in their business and management career. Students can complete the online associate degree at a faster pace than usual and can even customize their coursework. The program helps students get a good grasp of all business fundamentals. Online learners also get an insider perspective from professors who are seasoned business professionals. Students gain real-world experience with access to Boston’s industry-leading companies and may opt to further their education through the school’s online bachelor’s degree programs in Management.

Wisconsin Lutheran College

wisconsin lutheran college

Wisconsin Lutheran College, located in Milwaukee, offers accelerated programs for an Associate degree in Business Management and Leadership. These accelerated programs are offered online and can be completed in as quick as 20 months. Students learn from instructors who personally live the values and principles in their professional career. An interactive curriculum provides online students the needed skills and experiences that will eventually help them succeed in their business endeavors. Their graduates have experienced positive feedback regarding the quality of education WLC provides as 60% of them were promoted while still enrolled in the program, and 100% give a very satisfactory experience at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Walsh University

walsh university

Walsh University is located in North Canton, Ohio and offers a wide variety of accelerated Associate degree including Business Management. Through the university’s School for Professional Studies (SPS), The program is designed for students who have work and family responsibilities and could use a fast-track program for their Business Management associate degree. Classes are available 100% online, which translates to a flexible education arrangement. While the classes are purely online, each 8-week semester has definite start dates that should be strictly followed. The core business courses to be completed in this program includes finance, marketing, accounting, human resource management, business, macroeconomics & microeconomics, and microcomputer applications.

Indiana Wesleyan University

Located in Marion, Indiana, Indiana Wesleyan University is a private evangelical Christian educational institution that offers a degree for business management students through the Associates of Science in Business degree program. Students can complete the program in less than 24 months. The program helps students develop the foundational business analysis skills, describe ideas and facts through effective business communication, and make strategic solutions as part of business decision-making. Courses are taken sequentially, one course at a time until the program is completed. Areas of study in the courses of this associate degree program include business, finance, accounting, communication, English, marketing, business information systems, economics, biology, and psychology. Financial aid is available through scholarships, loans, grants, and employer reimbursement.

Immaculata University

immaculata university

Immaculata University in Immaculata, Pennsylvania offers online courses in the accelerated format, including associate degree programs in Business and Leadership. Students can complete their degree quickly by taking nine credits per semester during the fall, spring, and summer season. The program provides students the professional knowledge of global markets, foreign culture and business organizations, and strategic skills. It provides a strong knowledge foundation in accounting, economics, related business dynamics, and organizational operations. Students have the option to advance their education by completing a B.S. degree in finance, marketing management, or accounting.

Albertus Magnus College

albertus magnus college

Albertus Magnus College is in New Haven, Connecticut. It provides students with a variety of online degree programs in an accelerated format, including an AA in Business Management through the Online & Flex Programs. These courses last up to 8 weeks and are specially meant for quick degree completion. Students earn 30 credits in a year by just taking two classes on each term. The program provides a wealth of knowledge and experiences that help their graduates become world-class business leaders. Students can enroll 100% online and access the coursework according to their own schedule since these courses are asynchronous.

Park University

park university

Parkville, Missouri Park University has a wide selection of programs both on-campus and online across several degrees. The online program includes an AA in Business Management that helps students develop the needed skills for an entry-level position in business, and finance. Online courses associated with this program are designed in an accelerated 8-week format and begins five times per year in January, March, June, August, and October. Students can start anytime since the start dates are every other month except December.

Independence University

independence university

Independence University in Salt Lake City, Utah offers students who want to have an accelerated degree related to business an online Associate of Applied Science – Business Management & Accounting. In just  20 months and with a 97-credit-hour program, you can complete this degree. Students learn a wealth of knowledge, skills, and the foundation they need in starting their business career. It helps them prepare in management, finance, marketing, accounting, and other practices that can be applied in real-world business scenarios. Additionally, students enhance their communication skills, motivation, and other vital attributes to succeed in the discipline.

Shorter University

shorter university

Located in Rome, Georgia, Shorter University offers an Associate of Science with Business concentration online which helps students gain foundational knowledge in business operations. The 60-credit hour program allows students to complete their degree at their own pace or choose an accelerated eight-week program. This program is in many ways the ideal choice for students aiming to work right away in the business setting while continuing their education. Courses are completed one at a time that are taught extensively by professional faculty. These courses include Principles of Macroeconomics & Microeconomics, Financial & Managerial Accounting, and Introduction to Business & Business Computer Applications to name a few.

Herzing University

herzing university

Herzing University is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that offers an Associate in Business Management online. Through this program, students develop their core business skills and knowledge which will help them in their business careers or fields. The program is a 62-credit course and can be completed in as quick as 20 months. Students develop strategic and critical thinking skills needed for every business decision-making, manage and organize teams within the company, and develop business solutions that are critical in business challenges. There are several courses to be completed under this program including Strategic Management, Project Management, Business Ethics, Principles of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Accounting I and II, International Business, and several other courses under the Business Management program.

New England College of Business and Finance

new england college of business and finance

New England College of Business and Finance offers students an online Associates in Business that develops students a solid foundation in the world of business and provides them with the necessary preparations in today’s globally competitive industry. The program is a 61-credit course provides a wide selection of in-demand concentrations such as finance, marketing, accounting, human resources, and management to name a few. It provides students with a solid background to become world-class leaders and business owners with equipped skills such as organization, management, research, decision-making, and critical thinking, and leveraging technology.

California Baptist University

california baptist university

Located in Riverside, California, California Baptist University provides their students with a variety of distance education opportunities through the CBU Online. The university has more than 40 majors and concentrations online, and most associate degrees boast an average completion time of 16 months. Classes start every eight weeks, and students can complete their degrees depending on their own pace. Each semester is comprised of business-related courses that are in a condensed format. Depending on the number of credits that student has, and the speed at which they complete their course, an associate degree in as little as 12-16 months.

Strayer University

strayer univ - retail management

Strayer University in Arlington, Virginia offers an online Associate in Business that provides online students with a set of skills and knowledge they need to be able to become world-class business owners. The program requires 20 courses to be completed and is 100% entirely online. Students can learn functional business fundamentals like marketing, business law, management, economics, accounting, and information technology. Also, online learners can develop critical thinking, communication, and innovative state-of-the-art capabilities while learning to educate themselves in successful business plans. The university’s programs are flexible and can be completed at their own pace, allowing them to manage their schedules between work, family and personal commitments.

Hodges University

A private, non-profit university located in Fort Myers, Florida, Hodges University offers a wide selection of self-paced associate degree programs that are easily accessible for adults who work full-time and have busy personal and family commitments. The university’s Associate in Science in Business online degree has a curriculum that provides students with a concrete foundation in applied and theoretical fundamentals of business-related concepts. All students who are enrolled in the 60-credit-hour program must take mandatory classes in marketing, accounting, macroeconomics, business, and small business & entrepreneurship. Once the student completes his or her associate degree, he or she can further advance his or her studies by earning an equivalent bachelor’s degree.

Campbellsville University

campbellsville university

Located in Campbellsville, Kentucky, Campbellsville University offers interested students an A.S. in Business Management that equips them with right skills to establish their business careers. The program is one that is self-paced and flexible where students can finish their associate degree at their own time or schedule. It is a 62-credit associate program that has learning fundamentals of business concepts such as managerial accounting systems, accounting principles and concepts, marketing, human resource management, and other business-related dynamics. Students are also required to complete their internship program. The program is accredited by the SACSCOC or known as Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Belhaven University

belhaven university

Jackson, Mississippi is home to Belhaven University that provides students an online Associate of Arts in Business degree that will eventually help them further continue their education all the way to a bachelor’s, or even a master’s degree. This online associate degree is designed to be completed in 24 months, with a 62-credit hour program based on an 8-week format of required courses; however, if the students wish to finish their degree earlier, they can complete in as fast as 18 months depending on their condensed coursework format and timeline of learning. With an adaptation of Christian values and education, the university offers an extensive faith-based approach by which includes the courses such as World Literature, Old & New Testament History, World History, Business Communication, Business Computer Applications, and Civilization among others.

Saint Leo University

saint leo university

Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, Florida has an Associate of Arts in Business that provides quality education for business-related course content that will eventually help students develop a successful career in business and entrepreneurship. This 100% online program is the best choice for students who want to earn a degree while already making their way on the corporate ladder or running their business ventures. This 61-credit hour program also features transfer credit options. This program includes subjects in Computers, Psychology, Human Resources, Economics, Mathematics, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Management, and Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics to name a few. Also, online students can opt for an internship program that will provide training which will be advantageous for their future careers and business endeavors.

University of the Incarnate Word

university of the incarnate word

A private Catholic university located in San Antonio, Texas, University of the Incarnate Word offers degrees in associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorate level including business-related degrees. The fast-track programs to complete an associate degree online is available through the university’s School of Professional Studies. Students can start their degrees online anytime since they can begin at any term with programs 100% purely online. The program has two courses per eight-week term which are accessible anytime. Course materials are available anytime for the entire duration of the program so that students can access anytime they like to work on them.

Notre Dame College

notre dame college

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Notre Dame College offers an Associate of Arts in Business online that is helpful for students looking to start a career in business. The programs are taught by an expert faculty assigned to each course. It is a 64-credit program that can be completed in 12-18 months depending on the student’s pace or timeline. The broad curriculum is applicable across several ranges of associate programs related to business. Mandatory courses are needed for the completion of this program such as management information system, accounting principles, computers, marketing, and management principles to name a few. If a student wishes to continue his or her studies in business education, an equivalent bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree is readily available.

Notre Dame College is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Columbia College

columbia college

Established in 1851, the Columbia, Missouri- based Columbia College offers an Associate of Science in Business degree online provides their students with a well-designed foundation through some core business courses such as Principle of Marketing, Business Finance, Introduction to Business, Principles of Management, and Accounting I and II among others. Additionally, students enrolled in this program have a wide array of electives to choose.

Since 1918, Columbia College has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Thomas Edison State University

thomas edison state university

Thomas Edison State University is in Trenton, New Jersey that offers an online Associate Science in Business Management that will help students achieve a high level of competency in arts & sciences, and business. Areas of study under this associate degree program include entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, general management, human resources, finance, and organizational & operations management to name a few. This 120-credit program can be completed in as quick as 18-24 months, depending on the student’s pace. In addition to the courses required, the students must complete a capstone project in Strategic Management to be able to achieve complete this associate degree program.

Thomas Edison State University is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Southern New Hampshire University

southern new hampshire university

Manchester, New Hampshire is home to Southern New Hampshire University that offers a 100% online, 60-credit hours in Associate of Science in Business. The program provides a strong foundation of business fundamentals, theories, and principles that will primarily help students establish their own career and business ventures. Students learn a wealth of knowledge and set of skills in finance, marketing, accounting, business law, and management among others. The program features classes that are required for every student such as Management, Information Technology, Financial Accounting, Business Law, Managerial Accounting, Human Relations in Administration, and Introduction to Marketing. Students who will complete this associate degree program can continue their studies and earn a bachelors or MBA degree at SNHU.

SNHU is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

American Public University

american public university system

American Public University in Charlestown, Virginia offers an online Associate of Arts in Business Management that helps students develop the necessary skills and foundation for an entry-level career in an organization or a thriving business career. The 60-credit program provides a general basic introduction to business concepts and education. With the completion rate of anywhere between 12 months and 24 months depending on your timeframe, you learn business overviews and a strong foundation of knowledge in leadership, finance, marketing, accounting, and management among others.

APU is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Limestone College

limestone college

Located in Gaffney, South Carolina, Limestone College offers students online degree programs through their Extended Campus including an Associate Degree in Business. These classes are designed in an 8-week terms format with six terms per year. The program has two courses that can be taken per year allowing the students to earn up to 36 credit hours per year. They are 100% online which makes it easier for students who are not able to avail the on-campus programs in their area. These courses are readily available online with the same type of quality education as their traditional campus experience, which makes a student’s life easier in pursuing an education with a busy lifestyle.

What are the popular career pathways for an Online Associate Degree in Business Management?

Several graduates seek a management trainee job or a managerial position. Most of them even want to own their business. To help you give a better idea on the popular career choices that you could land with an Associate degree in Business Management, the standard career paths include includes office manager, retail manager, administrative assistant, store manager, sales manager or sales supervisor, customer service supervisor, payroll coordinator, executive assistant, human resources administrative assistant, food service manager, marketing manager, and operations manager to name a few.

In their job or career, how much do Online Associate Degree in Business Management graduates make?

Typically, a graduate of an online associate degree in business management earns between $40,000 to and $50,000 on for entry-level, depending on the nature of the industry. That’s an amazing salary for only two years of education. Once you get into a base management position in a company, the sky’s the limit on your earning potential. All you will need is CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits to keep up with the latest trends and information.

What are my Continuing Education options after obtaining an Online Associate Degree in Business Management?

Graduates with an earned online associate degree in Business Management can continue their studies by pursuing a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business management, or a more specialized area of business such as finance, marketing, human resource management, accounting or economics. Most schools offer an equivalent advanced degree in business management through several bachelor’s degrees and MBA Programs.