15 Fastest Online Doctorate of Business Management Programs

Fastest Online Doctorate of Business Management Programs

A typical online DBA degree program requires three to five years to complete. However, the fastest online doctorate of business management programs featured here enable you to earn your degree in less time. The programs listed here usually require three years or less.

The accelerated learning format demands extraordinary commitment, time management, and organizational skills. You will also need to tap into your passion for learning to find success in an accelerated program. 

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Yet, the hard work, time, and effort are worth it. A doctorate in business administration (DBA) can set you apart from your peers. A DBA program sharpens skills and provides a pathway to C-level roles. As a doctoral business administration (DBA) graduate, you may qualify for executive positions in management, marketing, and finance. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these top corporate jobs have average salaries of $100,000 or more and enjoy positive projected job growth.

In other words, there is tremendous upside to completing a DBA program. Keep reading to find out if an online doctorate in business is a good fit for you!

First reviewed in July 2023; updated February 2024

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Methodology for Ranking the Fastest Online DBA Programs

Business Management Degree compiled a list of the best online DBA programs. We then chose these fastest programs based on the following: 

  • The program has rigorous coursework in an accelerated format focused on business management.
  • Offered through 100% online or hybrid format.
  • Has accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), or the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).
  • Provides generous transfer options for completing your online doctorate in business management faster.
  • Courses are relevant to business management and sharpen your professional skills.
  • Supplies adequate financial aid opportunities through grants, scholarships, and loans.
  • Displays ample resources, such as career services and technical support availability.
  • Prepares graduates for senior leadership roles in business management.

See our Methodology page for more information on our analysis!

Note: Data was accurate at time of publication. Certain criteria, such as tuition rates, may change.

fastest online doctor of business management

15 Fastest Online Doctorate of Business Management

The term “Doctor of Business Management” is often used interchangeably with “Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).” Both are terminal degrees in this field, and both are highly respected.

However, a DBA is a professional doctorate. It prepares you for working in a business setting. zs Doctor of Business Management is a Ph.D. program with an academic focus. It prepares you for a career as a professor. Ph.D programs often have a research component, too. This prepares you to conduct research and develop business theories.

This ranking of the fastest online doctorate of business management uses both terms.

1. Drexel University

Drexel University

The LeBow College of Business at Drexel University offers an executive doctoral program in business administration (DBA). This is a hybrid program and utilizes online and in-person course delivery.

Prominent Program Features:

Drexel’s DBA program offers a flexible part-time format that you can complete in as little as 2.5 years. Each term starts with a weekend of in-person events and course sessions on campus. You will take two classes in a blended learning format during the rest of the quarter term.

DegreeDoctorate in Business Administration
FormatHybrid online with 10 campus visits
Completion2.5 years

Program Pros:

  • STEM-designated doctoral program
  • Coursework integrates business and non-business topics
  • Executive Global Immersion Residency gives you insights into the global economy

Program Cons:

  • On-campus visits are required
  • Some programs are even shorter

2. Keiser University

Keiser University

The Doctor of Business Administration online degree program from Keiser University focuses on theory and applied research. It is available both online and on campus.

Prominent Program Features:

Doctoral degree-seeking students may transfer up to 18 graduate-level credits toward the 60 credits needed to graduate. Online courses are eight weeks long so that students can complete the program in as few as 24 months. Additionally, students can specialize in Marketing, Management, or Global Business.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Formathybrid online
Completion2 years

3. William Howard Taft University

William Howard Taft University

William Howard Taft University develops independence and business leadership through its fast online Doctor of Business Administration program that highlights leadership, management, and best operational practices.

Prominent Program Features:

Targeting upper-level management positions and entrepreneurial objectives, William Howard Taft’s online DBA coursework is designed to push students to reach the peak of success. By finishing 60 units and completing a dissertation, you can earn the degree in as little as two years, making this one of the fastest online doctor of business management degree programs.

Applicants must have a master’s degree from an accredited school and professional experience. Taft gives graduate students a maximum of 7 years from the date of first enrollment to complete the DBA program.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Formathybrid online, Independent Study or Directed Study
AccreditationDistance Education Accrediting Commission
Completion2 years

4. Wilmington University

Wilmington University

Wilmington University offers its online Doctor of Business Administration program to finance experts, educators, and other professionals.

Prominent Program Features:

WilmU’s DBA curriculum is 100% online and designed to enhance management and leadership competencies. In-person mentoring is also available for students seeking research mentorship from the expert faculty. You can complete the program in about three years or less. A total of 54 credit hours is required for program completion.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Completion3 years or less

5. Liberty University

Liberty University - fastest online doctor of business management

You can complete an accelerated Doctor of Business Administration degree online from Liberty University. On average, a graduate student can finish the 60-hour credit degree in 3 and a half years.

Prominent Program Features:

Classes are delivered 100% online in 8-week courses. The graduate program accepts transfer credits of up to 15 credit hours, depending on eligibility.

Students of the DBA program may choose to specialize in various areas. Options include:

  • Accounting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Non-Profit Leadership and Management
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Media and Digital Content
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Tourism Management

To enroll in one of the country’s leading online universities for a fast online doctorate in the field of business, you must have a master’s degree and a 3.0 GPA.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Completion3.5 years

6. Florida International University

Florida International University

Earning a 3-year hybrid Doctor of Business Administration degree from Florida International University is a definite plus on your credentials.

Prominent Program Features:

FIU imposes a strict admission standard. To be eligible, you must have an MBA or any business-related master’s degree. Also, you must have 15 years of work experience to augment your application. The program’s students must complete 72 credit hours to earn the degree online. Take courses in:

  • International Business Theory and Practice
  • Experiment and Survey Design
  • Process of Applied Business Research
  • Quantitative Research Methods

The program requires a three-day residency for program orientation and a two-day residency each month during the semester.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Formathybrid online with limited campus visits
Completion3 years

7. University of Missouri

University of Missouri - fastest online doctor of business management

Worry less about your tuition fee when you apply to the University of Missouri’s online DBA program, a three-year cohort-based curriculum that follows a flexible class schedule.

Prominent Program Features:

Students are expected to visit the campus a few times a month for one-on-one mentoring. Like any standard online Doctorate in Business Administration program, Mizzou Online requires 60 credit hours to be eligible for graduation.

General management and business courses include international business theory and various interdisciplinary topics. These classes will prepare you for the complexities of the business world. You must hold an MBA or any post-baccalaureate degree and a minimum of 10 years of management experience to qualify for the program.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Formathybrid online with limited campus visits
Completion3 years

8. University of South Florida

University of South Florida

The Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida offers an online doctor of management degree for professionals with twelve or more years of work experience.

Prominent Program Features:

The USF program is fully online with synchronous and asynchronous delivery. Students are in small cohorts that meet for interactive sessions every other Saturday. Additionally, there are two required residencies. The program residencies are at the USF Tampa Campus and include a 3-day orientation before the program starts and a 3-day session in the second year to meet the dissertation committee members. There is an optional residency at graduation.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Formatonline, synchronous and asynchronous
Completion3 years

9. Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales University

Take a step closer to that career advancement you’ve always dreamed of. Earn a fast online Doctorate in Business Administration degree at Johnson & Wales University (JWU).

Prominent Program Features:

The fast-paced, 54-credit program is designed to meet industry standards in the business and finance arenas. The core courses that are delivered 100% online include contemporary leadership, methods in marketing management, and organizational behavior.

Applicants for the online Doctor of Management should have a 3.0 GPA and a minimum grade of B-. The fast-track online DBA at JWU takes approximately three years to complete.

DegreeDoctorate in Business Administration
Formathybrid online with limited campus visits
Completion3 years
DBA at Johnson & Wales University

10. George Fox University

George Fox University

George Fox University integrates its Christ-centered curriculum into its online Doctor in Business Administration program. The fast-track online DBA program is designed for business professionals who are looking to shift or advance their careers.

Prominent Program Features:

The program is hybrid, meaning there is a residency component (twice per year) along with the online courses. The majority of the doctor of management online curriculum coursework is offered entirely online.

The core courses include:

  • Conceptual Foundations of Economics
  • International Business
  • Foundations of Management and Leadership
  • Conceptual Foundations of Finance
  • Strategic Management
DegreeDBA program
Formathybrid online with limited campus visits
Completion3 years
DBA at George Fox University

11. City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle

The City University of Seattle offers a top-ranking, accredited online Doctor of Business Administration degree designed to complement working executives’ busy schedules.

Prominent Program Features:

A residency requirement and an approved dissertation must be met to complete the 91-hour credit program. Select online courses include Business Process Analysis, Financial Decision-making, Strategic Management, and also Industry Analysis and Market Innovation.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Formathybrid online with limited campus visits
Completion3 years

12. Temple University

The Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University offers a part-time Executive DBA for working professionals with at least 10 years of managerial experience. This fast online Doctor of Business Administration program is perfect for business executives looking for academic advancement.

Prominent Program Features:

Applicants should hold an MBA or any business-related master’s degree and have 10 to 15 years of experience to be admitted to the program. The university online DBA is a part-time degree program that can be completed in three years or less. Following a structured program, the 54-credit requirement also includes a three-day residency at each term during the first four academic terms.

Temple DBA students investigate applied research problems in their current professional field. This part-time program takes around three years to complete. Courses in the curriculum emphasize an integrative perspective to better understand the ever-changing business environment. Requirements to complete the program are research, thesis defense, and dissertation defense.

DegreeDoctorate in Business Administration
Formathybrid online with limited campus visits
Completion3 years

I actually started considering pursuing a doctorate more than ten years ago, but a PhD was the only option that kept appearing. And because I didn’t want to study full-time for 5-7 years and had no plan to pursue a tenure-track academic role, I kept looking. Then, about four years ago, I came across an article about top DBA programs. 

The rankings of top DBA programs led me to consider Temple University, which was the highest ranked at the time in the US.

What appealed to me about Temple was the flexibility to choose a dissertation topic – you didn’t have to start the program knowing exactly what your research focus could be and, instead, would make that decision by the end of your first year in the three-year program. Temple’s program was low residency, requiring three on-campus visits per semester for the first two years (consisting of three days of classes) and “bridge sessions” via Zoom several times a semester as well. Accommodations and meals are included as part of the program.

I liked that the program was small – around 30 students per cohort – so that students could really get to know each other. We worked as groups on some assignments and from the start were very collaborative. I always hated in-class group work until this program, where working side-by-side with smart, ambitious fellow students was exciting.

As a ghostwriter, I prefer to stay in the shadows, as it were, so the Zoom sessions were where I thrived. And although I think I would have done well if it had been an online degree, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to bond with my classmates. Those bonds will continue to enrich my career and my life well beyond the end of the program (I graduated last May). Being able to be face-to-face with faculty also strengthened those relationships and created new opportunities to work together beyond the degree (one professor and I wrote a case together last year, for example).

As Temple students, we could access all of Temple’s research resources and support services, which was helpful. I had books shipped to me from the library when I needed them for my dissertation, for example.

I enjoyed my time in the Temple DBA program. It was all that I expected and hoped it would be. It sharpened my research skills, updated my familiarity with models and theories, and allowed me to immerse myself in my dissertation topic, which was the field of book ghostwriting.

Dr. Marcia Layton Turner, Executive Director and Founder of Association of Ghostwriters

13. California Baptist University

You can earn a quick online Doctor of Business Administration degree at California Baptist University in 3 years or less. You will be required to complete a dissertation and secure committee approval before graduation.

Prominent Program Features:

The fast-track online DBA program consists of 8-week structured courses that are delivered through the online university platform. Residency participation is injected into the program to train students in networking and interpersonal communication.

As a student of the online program, you are expected to apply economic theory in practical issues and decision-making, ethics in organizations and management, business at the outset of globalization, and expertise in quantitative research analysis. To be admitted, applicants must hold an MBA or any master’s degree in a related field and a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Formathybrid online with limited campus visits
Completion3 years
Learn about the California Baptist University online Doctor of Business Administration degree.

14. Concordia University Chicago

Concordia University Chicago

The DBA program at Concordia University Chicago is an online program that prepares graduates for advanced positions in executive leadership positions.

Prominent Program Features:

Degree completion requires sixty credits, including nine credits in one of two specializations. Students can choose Innovation in Health Care Management or Strategic Leadership and Innovation.

DegreeDoctorate in Business Administration
AccreditationHigher Learning Commission
Completion3 years

14. Franklin University

Franklin University

Transfer up to 24 hours of credit once you enroll in Franklin University’s accelerated online Doctorate in Business Administration.

Prominent Program Features:

The 58 semester-hour curriculum is customizable, enabling students to choose course electives related to their field of expertise. Select courses include Organizational Performance Analysis, Organizational Behavior and Effectiveness, Human Resource Development, Change Management, and Regulatory Systems Perspective Theory and Application.

Applicants must have a master’s degree in business or related courses and 12 years of management experience.

DegreeDoctor of Business Administration
Formathybrid online with limited campus visits
Completion3 years

15. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University

The Tapia School of Business at SLU has national acclaim because of its incredible online Doctor of Business Administration program. Saint Leo University has a stellar reputation for providing high-quality education in traditional and non-traditional delivery.

Prominent Program Features:

This DBA offers students an in-depth and one-on-one mentorship as well as practical experience to enhance their passion in the field. For program completion, students need to attend three week-long on-campus seminars as their residency requirement. The remaining coursework is delivered online through the university’s online platform. Graduation can take as little as three years. For busy working professionals, you are given seven years from initial enrollment to complete the program.

DegreeDoctorate in Business Administration
Formathybrid online with limited campus visits
Completion3 years

Should You Study Business Management?

What is a DBA?

DBA stands for Doctor of Business Administration. It is a terminal degree in business administration and management. While similar to a PhD, a DBA has a more practical and applied focus. DBA programs are for experienced professionals looking to advance their business, management, consulting, or academia careers.

How is a DBA Different from a PhD in Business?

fastest online doctor of business management

DBAs and PhDs are equivalent terminal degrees that demonstrate the highest level of academic achievement. Both are doctorate degrees and offer a distinctive curriculum. An online PhD program in business typically focuses on research and academic careers. Therefore, an online PhD in management might be more suitable if you’re interested in pursuing a career in academia, conducting research, and publishing academic papers.

In contrast, DBA programs often have a more practical, business-oriented focus for professionals seeking to advance in their careers or become consultants. A DBA might be more relevant if you’re aiming for a leadership position in the business world, such as executive management.

Which is Better PhD or DBA?

Whether a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is better depends on your career goals, interests, and the specific field of study that interests you. Ultimately, the choice depends on your individual circumstances. So, it’s essential to thoroughly research both options and consider your long-term goals to choose your best path.

Focus applied researchtheoretical research
Career GoalCEO, CFO, COOProfessor or Researcher
Depth vs BreadthBreadthDepth
DBA vs PhD

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)?

Unfortunatly, there is not yet a 1 year DBA program online. And on average, completing a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) can take anywhere from 3 to 7 years. However, the time it takes to earn a DBA can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the specific program requirements, the student’s prior education and experience, and whether the student is studying full-time or part-time.

Can you Get a Doctorate in Business Administration Online?

Are accelerated or fast online DBA programs available? The answer is a definite YES! Today, several universities have distance learning programs in their curriculum to address the growing need for flexible Business degree programs. These programs for qualified professionals streamline the process of graduation. You could have your DBA in Business Management with the right program in two years.

What are the Benefits of a DBA?

Earning a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) can offer numerous benefits for individuals seeking to advance their careers in business, academia, research, and consulting. 

It is a significant investment of time, effort, and resources, but for many individuals, the rewards and opportunities that come with earning a DBA are well worth it. Below are some of the key benefits of pursuing a DBA.

Advanced Knowledge and Expertise

A DBA program provides students with advanced knowledge, skills, and expertise in business management, leadership, and research. Graduates are equipped with a deep understanding of business theory, strategic decision-making, organizational behavior, and other critical areas of business administration.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

A DBA can open up a wide range of career opportunities across industries and sectors. Graduates may pursue executive leadership roles in organizations, academic careers as professors or researchers, consulting positions, entrepreneurship, or specialized roles in finance, marketing, operations, or human resources.

Salary and Compensation

DBA holders typically command higher salaries and compensation compared to individuals with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in business administration. The advanced level of education and expertise acquired through a DBA program can lead to higher earning potential and greater opportunities for career advancement.

Professional Credibility and Recognition

Earning a terminal degree demonstrates a high level of commitment, dedication, and intellectual achievement. DBA holders are recognized as experts in their field and may command greater respect and credibility from colleagues, employers, clients, and peers.

Research Skills Development

DBA programs emphasize developing research skills, including quantitative and qualitative research methods, data analysis techniques, and research design. Graduates are trained to conduct rigorous academic research, contribute to the body of knowledge in their field, and apply research findings to real-world business challenges.

Networking Opportunities

These programs provide opportunities for students to network with faculty members, industry professionals, fellow students, and alumni. Networking can lead to valuable connections, collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and access to job opportunities, research partnerships, and professional development resources.

Personal and Professional Growth

Pursuing a DBA can foster personal and professional growth, challenging students to think critically, solve complex problems, and develop innovative solutions. Graduates gain confidence, leadership skills, and a broader perspective on business issues, preparing them to excel in their careers and make meaningful contributions to their organizations and society.

What are the Benefits of an Online DBA Program?

Online DBA programs offer schedule flexibility. Working professionals can enroll in a program and continue to work. Another benefit of online programs is the duration. Because of the class structure, many online DBAs are shorter than traditional programs. So, students can reduce the time it takes to earn their degree but gain the same skills and knowledge they would in a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom setting. 

Fast-paced degree programs also require less total tuition due to the shorter duration. Through a degree program that offers accelerated options, you can enter the job market faster, jump on career advancement, and earn that salary increase you deserve. 

What are the Admission Requirements for a DBA Program?

The admission requirements for a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program can vary depending on the institution and the specific program. First, you must complete a graduate admission application and pay the required fee. In addition to an application, there are some standard requirements.

Educational Background

Most programs require applicants to have a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), management, or a related field. Some programs may accept applicants with a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field. However, additional coursework or prerequisites may be necessary.

Work Experience

Many doctoral business management programs prefer applicants with relevant work experience in management, leadership, or a related field. The required work experience can vary but is often 3 to 10 years.

Academic Records

Applicants must submit transcripts from all previous undergraduate and graduate coursework. A solid academic record, including high grades in relevant courses, is usually expected. Most institutions require a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Graduate Admission Test Scores

Some programs require applicants to submit scores from standardized graduate admission tests such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). However, not all programs require these scores, and some may waive the requirement for applicants with extensive professional experience or other qualifications.

Supporting Documents

Applicants must often submit other supporting documents. Schools want letters of recommendation from academic or professional references. Additionally, most programs require a statement of purpose or personal statement outlining the educational and professional background, research interests, career goals, and reasons for pursuing a doctorate in business management. A current resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is also needed. It should detail the applicant’s educational background, work experience, publications, presentations, and other relevant accomplishments.


Some programs may require applicants to participate in an interview as part of the admissions process. This interview may be in person, over the phone, or via video conference. It is typically used to assess the applicant’s fit for the program and potential for success.

In addition, it is wise to inquire early about financial aid options if needed. Be sure to adhere to all applicable deadlines to ensure your school admission and financial applications are on time.

What Do You Learn in a DBA Program?

A professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) typically provides advanced training in research, theory, and practice related to various aspects of business management. While specific curriculum content exists, there are some common areas of study.

Research Methods

Doctoral programs in business management emphasize research skills, including quantitative and qualitative research methods, data analysis techniques, and research design. Students learn how to conduct rigorous academic research and contribute to the body of knowledge in their field. The curriculum teaches data collection and analysis, communication and teamwork, ethical decision-making, and the ability to synthesize and apply theoretical concepts to real-world business situations.

Specialized Areas

A Doctorate in Business Management degree program typically covers strategic management, organizational leadership, financial management, decision-making, and risk management. In addition, doctoral students often have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of business management. Some focus areas include finance, marketing, operations management, human resources, information systems, and international business. They delve deeply into their chosen area of specialization through coursework, independent study, and research.

Seminars and Workshops

Programs typically offer seminars, workshops, and colloquia where students can engage with faculty members and fellow students to discuss current research, trends, and issues in business management. These forums provide opportunities for intellectual exchange, collaboration, and professional development.

Dissertation Research

Most of the doctoral program is dedicated to conducting original research and writing a dissertation. Doctoral students work closely with faculty advisors to develop and execute a research project that contributes new knowledge to business management. The dissertation process involves identifying a research topic, conducting a comprehensive literature review, designing and implementing a research study, analyzing data, and then presenting findings in a written dissertation.

What Can You Do With a Doctorate in Business Administration?

Overall, a Doctorate in Business Administration offers a versatile credential that equips graduates with advanced knowledge, skills, and expertise to pursue diverse career paths in academia, industry, consulting, and beyond. The career opportunities available to DBA holders may vary depending on their interests, expertise, and professional goals.

Here are some potential career paths for individuals with a DBA:

Executive Leadership

DBA holders are well-positioned for executive leadership roles in organizations. They may serve as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, or other top executives, leveraging their advanced knowledge of business strategy and leadership to drive organizational success.


DBA graduates often work as consultants, advising organizations on strategic planning, organizational development, change management, and other business-related issues. They may work independently as freelance consultants or join consulting firms specializing in management consulting, strategy consulting, or organizational development.

Academic Careers

Many DBA graduates pursue careers in academia as professors or researchers. They may teach business courses at universities or colleges, conduct research, publish academic papers, and mentor students seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees in business.

Research and Policy Analysis

DBA graduates may pursue careers in research institutions, think tanks, or government agencies, where they conduct research, analyze data, and provide insights on business-related topics. They may contribute to policy development, economic analysis, or industry research.

Executive Education and Training

Some DBA holders work in executive education and corporate training, designing and delivering professional development programs for executives, managers, and other business professionals. They may work for universities, business schools, or corporate training firms.


DBA holders with an entrepreneurial mindset may start their businesses or ventures. Their advanced understanding of business concepts, strategic planning, and management can help them launch and grow successful enterprises in various industries.

Nonprofit Leadership

DBA holders may pursue leadership roles in nonprofit organizations, foundations, or social enterprises. They can apply their business acumen and strategic thinking to drive social impact, manage operations efficiently, and achieve organizational goals.

How Much Money Can You Make With a Doctorate in Business Administration?

The salary potential for individuals with a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) can vary significantly depending on factors such as industry, job role, years of experience, geographic location, and the specific organization or institution. However, earning a DBA can generally lead to higher earning potential than individuals with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in business administration. Examples include high-paying jobs as C-suite executives, project managers, and economists in public and private organizations.

RoleAverage Salary
Executive Leadership Chief Executives$189,520 (BLS)
Company Financial Managers$164,660 (BLS)
Company Marketing Managers$140,040 (BLS)
Executive Education and Training Managers$130,310 (BLS)
Examples of potential salaries for individuals with a DBA.

How Much Does a DBA Make Compared to an MBA?

The salary difference between individuals with a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and those with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can also vary based on individual circumstances. But, generally speaking, individuals with a DBA earn higher salaries than those with an MBA due to their advanced level of education and expertise. 

On average, a DBA holder earns a yearly salary from $80,000 to $150,000. MBA graduates typically earn annual salaries ranging from $70,000 to $130,000. According to PayScale, the median salary for someone with an MBA degree is $92,000 per year, and the median salary for someone with a DBA degree is $102,000 per year. 

fastest online doctor of business management

Is a Doctorate in Business Management Worth It?

Earning a DBA degree in an accelerated time frame isn’t for everybody. Other career advancement paths may be pursuing professional certifications in the business industry. Examples include the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification or the Certified Manager (CM) Credential. Additionally, joining industry organizations like the American Management Association or the American Business Women’s Association will help you find mentors and advance your career.

If you plan on pursuing an online business PhD degree, you must consider the crucial factors determining your success in such a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. First and foremost, you must consider your suitability for the graduate degree in terms of its alignment with your personal interests and professional goals. Your next step is to look at the accelerated DBA programs with curricula, cost of attendance, and other critical factors based on your specific circumstances. 

While in an accelerated DBA online program, you will encounter challenges that will make you want to quit. Don’t! You must persevere because, indeed, the accelerated format means you’re getting to your goal in a faster manner, and the benefits that come with earning a DBA degree will be yours to enjoy soon enough.

Rowan Jones
Chief Editor