The 30 Fastest Online Doctorate (Ph.D) Degree Programs in Business Management for 2021

Are accelerated doctorate degree programs in Business Management available online? The answer is a definite YES! Today, several universities are integrating distance learning programs to their curriculum to address the growing need for flexible and manageable set-up for obtaining what many have called the pinnacle degree in Business Management and other disciplines.

Why opt to complete your online doctorate degree fast? There is evidence that driven by globalization trends and complexities in tax regulations, the demand for highly educated business executives is on the rise. Modern industries today require top-level executives to hold a doctorate, especially in the Business and Finance industries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in these occupations is predicted to soar by 10% by 2028.

Doctorate holders have the potential to transform their chosen field through advanced research and innovation. Ph.D. research promises to bring significant social and economic impact. Graduate students are poised to obtain enhanced abilities to understand, process, and solve pressing issues hounding the global business landscape.

A doctorate degree can be physically and mentally demanding. For the exceptionally patient, disciplined, determined and driven business professional with career advancement objective, earning a doctoral degree in the field in the fastest way possible puts them at an advantage.

Methodology Used To Produce This List of the 30 Fastest Online Doctorate Degree Programs in Business Management for 2021:

We would like to present to you a profiled list of 30 reputable online academic institutions offering the fastest Online Doctorate Degree Programs in Business Management for 2021. These online Business Management doctorate programs were chosen based on the following attributes: 

  • Features rigorous coursework in an accelerated time period focused on the topic of Business Management,  
  • Offered through 100% Online or Hybrid format, 
  • Exhibits proper credentials for accreditation, 
  • Provides generous transfer credits for fast-track completion of your Online Doctorate degree in the field of Business Management,  
  • Highlight the specific courses, relevant to Business Management, built into the curricula that sharpen the professional skills of adult online learners,
  • Supplies adequate Financial Aid opportunities, through grants, scholarships, and loans, 
  • Displays ample resources, such as Career Services and Technical Support availability,
  • Prepares graduates for senior leadership roles in Business Management.

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Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University (CSU) takes pride in its accelerated online Doctor of Business Administration program. The online curriculum provides students with an in-depth approach to learning and applying business theories and research. CSU emphasizes interpersonal communication and relationships through its graduate mentorship. As a requirement for graduation, students are expected to complete and submit a dissertation for defense. After completion of 61 semester hours and successfully getting the approval of the research committee, you earn the prestigious Doctor of Business Administration degree from CSU.

You can view the complete outline here, or request more information before moving forward with your application.

William Howard Taft University

William Howard Taft University develops independence and business leadership through its fast online Doctor of Business Administration program that highlights leadership, management, and best operational practices. Targeting upper-level management positions and entrepreneurial objectives, William Howard Taft’s online DBA coursework is designed to push students to reach the peak of success. By finishing 60 units and completing a dissertation, you can earn the degree in as little as two years.

Upon application, a student must have a master’s degree from an accredited school, as well as professional experience. Taft gives graduate students a maximum of 7 years from the date of first enrollment to complete the DBA program.

Wilmington University

Wilmington University offers its online Doctor of Business Administration program to finance experts, educators, and other professionals. Designed to enhance their competencies in management and leadership, WilmU’s DBA curriculum is 100% online. In-person mentoring is also available for students seeking research mentorship from the expert faculty. You can complete the program in about three years or less. A total of 54 credit hours is required for program completion.

Liberty University

You can an accelerated Doctor of Business Administration degree online from Liberty University after completing the required 60-hour credit coursework. On average, a graduate student can finish the degree in 3 years and a half. Classes are delivered 100% online in 8-week courses. The graduate program accepts transfer credits of up to 15 credit hours, depending on eligibility.

Students of the DBA program may choose to specialize in various areas, including Accounting, Finance, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, Information Systems, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Non-Profit Leadership and Management, Project Management, Strategic Management, and Supply Chain Management and Logistics. To enroll in one of the country’s leading online universities for a fast online doctorate in the field of business, you must have a master’s degree and 3.0 GPA.

Florida International University

Earning a 3-year online Doctor of Business Administration degree from Florida International University is a definite plus on your credentials. Students of the program are required to complete 72 credit hours to earn the degree online. Take courses in International Business Theory and Practice, Experiment and Survey Design, Process of Applied Business Research, and Quantitative Research Methods, among others. FIU imposes a strict admission standard. To be eligible, you must have an MBA or any business-related master’s degree. Also, you must have 15 years of work experience to augment your application.

University of Missouri

Worry less about your tuition fee when you apply to the University of Missouri’s online DBA program, a three-year cohort-based curriculum that follows for a flexible class schedule. Students are expected to visit the campus a few times a month for one-on-one mentoring. Like any standard online Doctorate in Business Administration program, Mizzou Online requires 60-credit hours to be eligible for graduation.

Take courses in general management and business issues, international business theory, and various interdisciplinary topics. These classes will prepare you for the complexities of the business world. You must hold an MBA or any post-baccalaureate degree and a minimum of 10 years of management experience to qualify for the program.

Baker College

Baker College offers various doctorate programs, but the college’s online Doctorate in Business Management is a practical path to corporate success. Featuring an intensive, condensed curriculum, the online doctorate program requires 60 credit hours for graduation and a research committee-approved dissertation.

On top of the above-stated requirements, a two-credit professional residency is required for DBA students to ascertain their preparedness for real-world business scenarios.

Johnson & Wales University

Take a step closer to that career advancement you’ve always dreamed of. Earn a fast online Doctorate in Business Administration degree at Johnson & Wales University (JWU). The fast-paced, 54-credit program is designed to meet industry standards in the business and finance arenas. The core courses that are delivered 100% online include contemporary leadership, methods in marketing management, and organizational behavior.

Students should have a 3.0 GPA and a minimum grade of B-. The fast-track online DBA at JWU takes approximately three years to complete.

George Fox University

George Fox University integrates its Christ-centered curriculum into their online Doctor in Business Administration program. The fast-track online DBA program is designed for business professionals who are looking to shift or advance their careers. The program is hybrid, meaning, there is a residency component (twice per year) along with the online courses. The majority of the curriculum coursework are offered entirely online.

The core courses include conceptual foundations of economics, international business, foundations of management and leadership, conceptual foundations of finance, and strategic management.

Argosy University

Argosy University’s accelerated online Doctor of Business Administration offers various concentrations, including Accounting, Customized Professional Concentration, Information Systems, International Business, Management, and Marketing. These concentrations are geared toward in-depth research of practical knowledge in the latest and most nuanced business management, analysis, theories, and trends.

The 60-hour credit program holds classes and coursework online that are research-based to prepare students for advanced academic study. To qualify for admission, each applicant must have a master’s degree in business or related field with about three to five years work experience.

California Baptist University

At California Baptist University, you can earn a quick online Doctor of Business Administration degree after completing a 50-credit program in 3 years or less. A dissertation is required for students to complete and secure committee approval before graduation. The fast-track online DBA program consists of 8-week structured courses that are delivered through the online university platform. Residency participation is injected into the program to train students in networking and interpersonal communication.

As a student of the online program, you are expected to apply economic theory in practical issues and decision making, ethics in organizations and management, business in the outset of globalization, and expertise in quantitative research analysis. To be admitted, applicants must hold an MBA or any master’s degree in a related field, and a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

City University of Seattle

The City University of Seattle offers a top-ranking, accredited online Doctor of Business Administration degree designed to complement working executives’ busy schedules. Online courses include business process analysis, financial decision-making, strategic management, and industry analysis and market innovation, information systems, technology implementation, and change management. To complete the 91-hour credit program, a residency requirement and an approved dissertation must be met.

Learn more about the City University of Seattle’s fast-track online DBA program here.

Concordia University

Concordia University offers an innovative Doctorate in Business Administration featuring specializations in  Innovation in Health Care and Leadership and Innovation. The core courses include human resources, critical thinking and entrepreneurship, ethics and social responsibility, and global interconnection and inclusiveness. To be admitted to the program, you should hold an MBA or any business-related master’s degree. Know more about the requirements and admission process.

Franklin University

Transfer up to 24 hours of credit once you enroll in Franklin University’s accelerated online Doctorate in Business Administration. The 58 semester-hour curriculum is customizable, enabling students to choose course electives related to their field of expertise. Some courses include organizational performance analysis, organizational behavior and effectiveness, human resource development, change management, and regulatory systems perspective theory and application. Applicants must have obtained a master’s in business or related courses and 12 years of management experience. Learn here about Franklin University’s rigorous admission process.

Temple University

Temple University’s fast online Doctor of Business Administration is the perfect program for business executives looking for academic advancement. The university online DBA is a part-time degree program that can be completed in three years or less. Following a structured program that accommodates working executives, the 54-credit requirement also includes a three-day residency at each term during the first four academic terms. Courses in the curriculum emphasize integrative perspective to understand the ever-changing business environment better. Research, thesis defense, and dissertation defense are required to complete the program.

Anaheim University

Anaheim University’s fast-track online Doctor of Business Administration offers a particular concentration in International Business, a relevant area of study in today’s business management landscape. The online doctorate program is among the country’s most affordable graduate degrees, which allows students to maintain stable full-time employment. A total of 60 graduate credit hours is required to complete the doctorate in as quick as three years.

The curriculum consists of applied research methods, ethics in business management, intellectual property, business analytics, sustainable lifecycle management, and organizational change management and development. The last academic term will be dedicated to your doctoral dissertation, which is a requirement for all candidates for graduation.

University of the Incarnate Word

The fast online Doctor in Business Administration degree program at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) consists of 9 credit hours per term or a 16-week semester. Qualifications for admission to the online DBA program include a master’s degree from a duly accredited institution and years of management experience. You can finish the program in three years. Just complete 45 credit hours to fully accomplish the requirements, which you can view here.

Felician University

Felician University offers a topnotch fast Doctor of Business Administration program that is entirely online with a short residency requirement. The core classes include advanced academic research and writing, an introductory course on research methods, online communications, information technology, and statistical and quantitative data analysis. Published professors and faculty teach the program. The program follows the standard requirements for admission. Applicants must be a holder of an MBA degree or its equivalent.

Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University offers an online Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership program, one of the most sought-after degrees in the department. Students can earn the degree in as little as 40 months owing to the flexible online coursework with minimal campus classes.

Through this accelerated online doctorate program, the university aims to produce Christ-centered, innovative business leaders who excel in the areas of research and management. The core courses include governance and ethics, organizational learning, organizational learning, and globalization and multiculturalism. A week-long summer residency is also required wherein students attend events, workshops, and classes.

Southeastern University

Southeastern University (SEU) offers an accelerated online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership degree, a top choice among graduate students. A majority of the coursework is online, integrating periodic one-week intensive classes.

Students of SEU’s quick online business doctorate program are required to complete 60-credit hours. They attend online classes in leadership theory, strategic management, organizational learning, advanced quantitative research methods, and research design. On their last academic term, they are required to submit a dissertation sequence and ace a comprehensive exam.

University of Louisville

The University of Louisville offers Human Resources and Organizational Development (HROD), a fast online graduate degree program designed for working professionals. It is a specialized doctorate that focuses on one of the most vital components of all business structures: human resources. Students gain a strong foundation in organizational change, organization development, organizational leadership, employee training and learning, performance improvement, and career planning and talent management. The curriculum is customizable, allowing students to tailor their degree to fit their industry of choice.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University (CSU) offers top-quality, fast-track online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership education that can be completed in under four years after successfully complying with the 60-credit hour curriculum requirement. This accelerated online doctorate program centers on developing both research and practical expertise in graduate students

Topics covered in this quick online doctorate degree at CSU include systems leadership, organization learning, performance, and change. An entire term is dedicated to research and dissertation writing. You must be a holder of an MBA or any related master’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA to be admitted to the school.

Sullivan University

The 90-credit hour Ph.D. in Management program offered by Sullivan University is an excellent opportunity to enrich your academic credentials fast. After completion, students are equipped with a strong background in Strategic Management, Conflict Management, Human Resource Leadership, and Information Technology Management. These are the core areas that the curriculum is centered on, ensuring that Sullivan University graduates become effective business professionals and industry leaders.

Students are expected to comply with the 12-credit dissertation requirement before graduation. Residencies are not credited but are required in the first two years.

Johnson University

If you are looking to earn an online doctorate degree in business management, the Leadership Studies Doctorate online program is the way to go. This program at Johnson University maintains a curriculum that focuses on four core areas namely Organizational Leadership, Educational Leadership, Theology and Philosophy of Leadership, and Missional Leadership. Students can choose a specific concentration based on their expertise and management background. Classes are conducted 100% online.

Capella University

Capella University is transforming the level of doctorate education by offering a fast online Ph.D. in the General Business Management program. The program is for professionals and executives looking to transition into academia. It is not only a reputable online institution; Capella University offers competitive tuition rates as well. Students of the program get opportunities to network with like-minded individuals through optional overseas business trips.

California Southern University

California Southern University’s online Doctor of Business Administration program is an accredited online graduate degree that is invested in sharpening each student’s practical and highly specialized business management skills. It follows a rigid yet condensed curriculum that helps students adjust to the complex and technologically driven world of business.

The courses include Managerial Economics, Ethnography of Corporate Culture, Coordinating and Managing Supply Chains, and Business Research Methods, among others.

Drexel University

Drexel University is giving students the opportunity to advance further in the world or business administration. The university’s fast online Executive Doctorate in Business Administration program features an intensive approach to the complex industry and organizational challenges in modern industries. Students are trained in experiential learning and gain a strong foundation in applied research and data analysis as well as critical knowledge, and abilities. Drexel’s fast-track online Executive DBA program can be completed in just 30 months. Classes are delivered online, but students can choose a blended platform.

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University has kept a stellar reputation in providing high-quality education in both traditional, and non-traditional delivery. SLU gained national acclaim because of its incredible online Doctor of Business Administration program. It promises to give students an in-depth and one-on-one mentorship as well as practical experience to enhance their passion in the field.

For program completion, students need to attend three week-long on-campus seminars as their residency requirement. The remaining coursework is delivered online through the university’s online platform. Graduation can take as little as three years. For busy working professionals, you are given seven years to complete the program from initial enrollment.

Trident University

Trident University is driven to “take business leadership to the next level” through its fast Doctor of Business Administration degree program that is 100% online. The courses include Leadership, Marketing, Accounting/Finance, Management, and Operations, or Information Systems/Information Technology Management, all of which are vital in the business management industry.

The university provides student support through its unique online learning community. For successful completion, students are required to take 36 to 48 credit hours.

Creighton University

The three-year cohort-based online Doctor of Business Administration degree is offered by Creighton University. The online program is made available through the Heider College of Business which is accredited by the AACSB. To earn a fast online DBA degree, students need to complete 54-credit hours which is equivalent to 22 courses. There is a required campus visit during the first few semesters, but the coursework is delivered online. It is designed to allow business professionals to build long-term networks for future success.


Why should I invest in an online Doctorate degree program in Business Management?

The modern world of business is dependent on proficiency, profitability, and overall success. As you will be highly capable and skilled in all levels of business management with your degree, you will be the perfect candidate for any task put before you. An online Doctor of Business Administration or Business Management degree indicates expertise and experience in academic research. 

Earning an online Doctor of Business Management degree will help you think in a tactical way, assuring your employer that you know how to enhance their business, contribute positively in your role as a leader, as well as ensure profitability. You will be equipped with advanced skills in research and problem-solving. 

Many prospective students are concerned with the cost of an online Doctor of Business Management degree program. Although pricey, it will be worth the cost. With this distinguished degree, your earning potential and marketability can expand exponentially, making the return on your investment worthwhile. 

In addition, if you are able to locate a Ph.D. in Business Management program that offers an accelerated coursework plan, your tuition costs may be considerably less. You should also be sure that the institution is duly accredited to ensure the quality and recognition of the degree.

What are the benefits of an accelerated online Doctorate degree program in Business Management?

An online Doctor of Business Management degree offers schedule flexibility. Working professionals can take advantage of this feature without their careers taking a backseat. Furthermore, an online DBA degree gives students access to the faculty for research mentorship purposes. You can contact your instructor through email, text, or the online platform. 

Probably one of the most impactful benefits of online doctorate degree programs in Business Management is the program duration. Students can reduce the time it would take to earn their degree; all while ensuring that they gain the same skills and knowledge as they would from a traditional brick and mortar classroom setting. 

Fast-paced degree programs also require less tuition, primarily due to less time spent in the program; therefore, reducing excessive student loan debt. Through a degree program that offers accelerated options, you can enter the job market faster, get a jump on career advancement, and get that salary increase you deserve. 

What are the usual requirements for admission to an online Doctorate degree program in Business Management?

Standard requirements include a Master’s degree; preferably in Business Management, Business Administration, or a related degree. To begin, you will need to complete a graduate admission application, along with the required fee. Most institutions require a minimum of 3.0 GPA, a career resume, your academic transcripts, and a personal statement of purpose, in addition to at least three letters of recommendation for admission. You will, most likely, be asked to submit your GRE scores and proof of English proficiency, as well.

In addition, it is wise to inquire early about financial aid options, if needed. In an attempt to make college tuition more affordable for everyone, accelerated degree programs are also considered when applying for financial assistance. Be certain to adhere to all applicable deadlines to ensure your school admission and financial applications are considered.