The 28 Fastest Online Master’s Degree Programs in Business Management

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Distance learning promises more convenience and accelerated completion of a master’s degree in Business Management. With fast-tracked coursework, the degree is awarded to you quickly and suggests your higher level of expertise in the field. It also underscores in-depth knowledge of managerial policies and organizational structures in business and corporate settings.

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Featured Programs

The fastest online Master’s degree programs in Business Management are ideal for individuals who are looking for rapid options to develop and hone their business management skills. With individualized pacing and specialized course material, these programs enable learners to compete in the ever-evolving business landscape.

In addition, an accelerated online Master’s degree program in Business Management allows for concentrations. This program enables students to focus on classes that elevate their skills as professionals. For these reasons, more and more experienced business professionals are easing their way back into academia.

They seek supplemental knowledge and academic enrichment that will ultimately result in career advancement. Better-paying careers await those who are awarded a fast online master’s degree program in this field.

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Our list of Fastest Online Master’s Degree Programs in Business Management consists of top schools all over America that offer an accelerated program so students earn their master’s in far less time. We feature the courses they offer, the business skills they develop in students, and the career options that await graduates. 

Listed in random order, these highlighted schools were sourced from the information stated through the official websites of these online universities. We based our rankings on the following criteria: 

  • Allows for 100% Online or Hybrid Master’s degree programs in Business Management, 
  • Can be completed at an accelerated rate; designed to allow the busy working adult the chance to advance quickly in Business Management, often completed within 18 months or less,
  • Gives opportunities for specialization in their career choice,
  • Elevates knowledge through a degree program within an accelerated time period, 
  • Provides Financial Aid opportunities, 
  • States positive reviews by recent graduates of an Accelerated Master’s degree program in Business Management, 
  • Provides Student Services Centers, as well as Career Help Centers for networking opportunities, 
  • Teaches a comprehensive curriculum within an accelerated timeframe, 
  • Instructed by exceptional faculty; often master’s degree holders themselves in Business Management.

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Fastest Online Master’s Degree Programs

Southwestern College

southwestern college

Prominent Program Features:

Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas offers an online Master of Science in Management program that introduces the students to business theories and develops advanced skills that are relevant to running, managing, or overseeing businesses.

The program completion requires 30 hours of major and elective credits. The online business program emphasizes different business-related theories and methodologies such as organizing, leading, planning, and managing organizations.

The core major business courses include:

  • Leadership Styles & Theories,
  • Ethics in the Global Marketplace,
  • Financial Management,
  • Decision Making & Business Analysis,
  • Knowledge-based Decision Making,
  • and Project Management Fundamentals.

Southern New Hampshire University


Prominent Program Features:

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, not-for-profit educational institution in Manchester, New Hampshire that offers 36 credit hours for its online Master of Science in Management.

This program is specifically designed to help business managers navigate the current global marketplace with confidence. This online master’s program is offered in three concentrations, namely:

  • Healthcare,
  • Construction Management,
  • and Emergency Management.

Students need to complete 36 credit hours to earn their degree in as quickly as 15 months.

Strayer University

Prominent Program Features:

Strayer University offers an accelerated online master’s degree in Management. The program courses are designed to cultivate competent business teams and outline the future of a business organization or industry.

The program has 10 courses that are designed to encourage students to tackle the most challenging business issues head-on. Students are expected to make strategic, data-driven, and smart decisions. Additionally, students can choose one of three concentrations such as:

  • Project Management,
  • Leadership,
  • and Marketing Management.

Students can also earn their degree in as fast as 18 months, depending on the accepted credit hours from previous academic experiences.

Nazareth College

nazareth college

Prominent Program Features:

Nazareth College is a private, not-for-profit educational institution in Rochester, New York that offers an online Master of Science in Management. This program develops a student’s skills to perform in any business field or industry. Students can complete their degree in as fast as only 20 months.

This degree consists of three elective courses related to the Management concentration, and seven core courses, namely:

  • Leadership Theory & Practice,
  • Management & Behavior in Organizations,
  • Ethics & the Practice of Management,
  • Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Managers,
  • and Quality & Performance Management.

A capstone seminar is included in the program’s completion requirements.

Montreat College

Montreat College

Prominent Program Features:

Montreat College is a private Christian educational institution in North Carolina that offers an online Master of Science in Management.

The program develops the student’s critical thinking and strategic planning skills through Christian-based instruction. Students attending this fast online master’s in business management program will learn:

  • advanced entrepreneurship,
  • human capital management,
  • and business communication.

Concordia University Wisconsin

concordia university wisconsin

Prominent Program Features:

Headquartered in Mequon, Wisconsin, Concordia University Wisconsin strives to offer a variety of flexible, accelerated and affordable higher degree plans including an online Master of Business Administration in Management.

This program requires 39 semester hours of credit consisting of 13 courses. It consists of six continuous eight-week terms per year. The duration of this fast online master’s in Business Management program is typically 26 months; however, an accelerated completion is possible.

Core courses include:

  • Managerial Economics,
  • Applied Statistics,
  • Corporate Finance,
  • and Ethics & Organizational Leadership, among others.

University of North Texas

University of North Texas

Prominent Program Features:

The city of Denton is home to the University of North Texas which offers 88 master’s degrees including a variety of accelerated MBAs across different specializations.

The MBA in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management to propel students’ business knowledge to new heights and give them more opportunities for career advancement.

In this fast online master’s in business management, students are taught organizational behavior skills and tactics. Students can earn their degree in as quickly as 14 months. This 36-credit hour program already includes 18 hours of core courses covering 15 hours of concentration courses and three hours of elective courses.

Webster University

webster university

Prominent Program Features:

Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri offers an online Master of Arts in Management and Leadership degree.

Students can complete this program in as quick as 18 months. Online courses for the 37-credit hour management degree are designed in a structured week-by-week format.

The program has core courses such as:

  • Organization Development & Change,
  • Basic Finance for Managers,
  • and Organizational Behavior.

Students who finish their degrees through this program are qualified to take on a wide range of business managerial roles.

Austin Peay State University

Austin Peay State University

Prominent Program Features:

Located in Clarkson, Tennessee, Austin Peay State University offers an online Master of Science in Management program for students with a previously earned bachelor’s degree in any related field.

Online courses are specifically designed for busy working professionals with an option to graduate in 12 or 24 months. This program helps the students gain advanced business knowledge to succeed in any position in the business industry and prepare them for such roles. Students need to have 30 credit hours to be able to complete their master’s degree.

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University

Prominent Program Features:

Azusa Pacific University is a private, nonprofit university located just outside of Los Angeles. The school offers an accredited Master of Science in Business Management.

Students typically complete this accelerated three-credit program in as fast as 15 months or 24 months, depending on the student’s learning pace. The mandatory core business courses are available in these concentrations:

  • Marketing,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • International Business,
  • and Human Resource Management.

Liberty University


Prominent Program Features:

Liberty University offers an online  Master of Arts in Executive Leadership that full-time students can complete in three semesters.

The program helps expand the knowledge of students and develop competence in business communication. Students can finish their degree in 18 months. They need to have 30 credit hours to complete the program. Classes under this program include:

  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Non-Profit Management,
  • and Corporate Responsibility.

University of St. Francis

University of St. Francis

Prominent Program Features:

The University of St. Francis, based in Joliet, Illinois, offers several online degree programs including an MBA.

This program covers business-related fundamentals such as:

  • supervisory skills,
  • critical thinking,
  • communication,
  • and management.

This MSM program specially designed for busy professionals can be completed in as fast as 15 months.

Concordia University – St. Paul

concordia university st paul

Prominent Program Features:

Concordia University – St. Paul offers an online master’s degree in leadership and management. Students can complete this degree in as quickly as two years.

The fast online Master of Arts in Leadership and Management program requires 36 credits for graduation. This program is all about keeping the balance between business aptitude and intersocial relationship skills so they can be effective business leaders or managers. Required courses include:

  • Project and Quality Management,
  • Applied Moral and Ethical Leadership,
  • Financial Management for Leaders,
  • Organizational Culture Management,
  • and Graduate Study Abroad.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University

Prominent Program Features:

Located in East Lansing, Michigan, Michigan State University houses the Eli Broad College of Business which is considered one of the best business schools in the country. The school offers an online Master of Science in Management, Strategy, and Leadership designed for adult learners and professionals.

This program helps students gain the advanced leadership skills they need. Core courses include, among many others:

  • Talent Management,
  • Developing Reward & Compensation System,
  • International Management,
  • Managing Diversity in the Workplace,
  • Corporate Strategies,
  • and Analyzing Your Organization.

This program requires 30 credit hours and can be completed in as fast as 20 months with its 15 five-week courses.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University

Prominent Program Features:

Western Governors University has a Master of Science in Management and Leadership program that is focused on promoting workplace growth, creativity, and innovation.

It is an excellent place to start for professionals who aim for influential management roles in the government, businesses, nonprofits, or startups. Its core business courses include:

  • Business Acumen,
  • Managing Human Capital,
  • Strategic Management,
  • Ethical Leadership
  • and Change Management & Innovation among others.

Additionally, areas of study under this program include Leadership, Strategy, Business Acumen, and Management. WGU allows its students to finish their degree in as little as nine to 24 months.

Indiana University – Bloomington

Indiana University-Bloomington - cheapest online business management

Prominent Program Features:

Indiana University, located in Bloomington, Indiana offers an online Master of Science in Strategic Management through the Kelley School of Business.

This online business program builds the students’ problem-solving skills, leadership capabilities, and the tools in managing organizations. Students are exposed to business discussions on topics such as:

  • Strategic Thinking,
  • Organizational Development & Change,
  • Operations Management,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • and Competitive Analysis.

The 30-credit-hour graduate degree allows students to earn their degree in 15 months or up to 3 years depending on their learning pace.

Indiana Wesleyan University


Prominent Program Features:

Indiana Wesleyan University is located in Marion, Indiana and offers several online programs including an online Master of Science in Management.

Students develop their management skills and integrate a biblical framework into the instruction. This 36-credit hour program can be completed in as little as 18 to 20 months. Courses under this program include:

  • Marketing Management,
  • Global Management,
  • Business Strategy & Policy,
  • Foundations of Graduate Business,
  • Human Resources Management,
  • and Organizational Behavior, among others.

University of Alabama

University of Alabama

Prominent Program Features:

The University of Alabama houses the Culverhouse College of Commerce which offers an online Master of Science in Operations Management. This online business program equips students with the business skills to thrive in practically any industry.

The online MS in Operations Management program consists of 30 hours of coursework. Students can earn their degree in 18 to 24 months by taking two classes per semester. This program allows students to choose from two specializations, namely Decision Analytics and Operations Management.

The core business courses include:

  • Effective Quality Management,
  • Management Science & Spreadsheet Modeling,
  • Inventory Management,
  • Systems Simulation,
  • and Statistical Methods among others.

A Capstone Project is required for the completion of this program to demonstrate the student’s learning through applied methodologies.

New England College

new england college

Prominent Program Features:

New England College is a private, not-for-profit educational institution located in Henniker, New Hampshire. It offers a fast online MBA degree program.

The school’s 36-credit program takes 12 months to 2 years to complete. Students gain extensive foundational knowledge in management while also becoming prepared for the challenges brought about by changing business trends.

The online MS in Management program at New England College has four concentrations for students to choose from, namely:

  • Non-Profit Leadership,
  • Healthcare Administration,
  • Real Estate Management,
  • and Project Management.

NEC is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University

Prominent Program Features:

Charleston Southern University offers an online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership through its School of Business.

The program develops the student’s critical leadership skills such as:

  • business communication,
  • executive decision-making,
  • alignment of business values and ethics,
  • interpersonal skills,
  • organizational change,
  • and personal growth.

The core business courses under this program include:

  • Business Ethics from a Christian Worldview,
  • Managing with Excellence & Integrity,
  • and Executive Communications.

The program consists of nine elective hours, nine hours of foundational coursework, 12 hours of core coursework, and a capstone project. Students can graduate within 18 months or 24 months.

Campbellsville University

Campbellsville University

Prominent Program Features:

Campbellsville, Kentucky is home to Campbellsville University which offers a wide selection of online programs including a Master in Management and Leadership degree.

This fast online master’s degree in management provides the students with superior organizational leadership skills with emphasis on:

  • customer service,
  • strategic planning,
  • motivation,
  • group development,
  • vision,
  • and leveraging technology.

Students need to earn 30 credit hours for completion and finish their degree in as little as 24 months or less. Additionally, the program has core business courses including:

  • Business Ethics,
  • Team Management,
  • Negotiation & Conflict Management,
  • Managing Diversity,
  • and Organization Theory among others.

Campbellsville University has earned accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Purdue University Global

purdue university global - retail management

Prominent Program Features:

Purdue University Global runs an online Master of Science in Management and Leadership program with a curriculum designed to help students identify complex real-world business problems and implement strategic solutions with a focus on organizational strategies and effective management.

This online program has six concentrations that develop students’ proficiency in:

  • leadership,
  • project management,
  • healthcare management,
  • organizational design and development,
  • human resources,
  • and information technology.

Purdue University offers multiple start dates to provide the students the flexibility in their education, and personal and professional schedules.

The online master’s degree program requires 56 credit hours for completion. Each course length is offered on an accelerated 6-week format and can be earned in as little as 18 months.

Bellevue University


Prominent Program Features:

Located in Bellevue, Nebraska, Bellevue University offers an accelerated and affordable online Master of Science in Management that enhances students’ business skills through hands-on and extensive learning methods.

The online degree program promotes awareness of oneself and the development of skills as effective managers, leaders, and innovators in the areas of:

  • Project Management,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Marketing,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • and Executive Coaching.

Students need to achieve 36 credit hours to complete the program. The core business courses include:

  • Management of Metrics & Measurement,
  • Management of Resources,
  • Management of People in Society,
  • Learning Management & Mastery,
  • and Foundations of Management Processes.

The Portfolio Development requirement serves as a capstone project. The Higher Learning Commission has awarded accreditation to Bellevue University.

City University of New York

City University of New York

Prominent Program Features:

The City University of New York houses a School of Professional Studies that is recognized as one of the best schools in remote learning for adults. The school offers an online Master of Science in Business Management and Leadership that molds the students to become effective and world-class:

  • innovators,
  • influencers,
  • business managers,
  • and decision-makers across several business entities and organizations.

This online MS degree deals with quantitative decision-making strategies, accounting for business decisions, and knowledge & information systems. Students need to have 30 credit hours to earn their MS degree and finish the program in as quickly as 15-24 months. A capstone project is mandatory for completion.

Benedictine University


Prominent Program Features:

The Benedictine University offers several online degree programs for busy working professionals, including an online Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior.

The program, designed for working professionals in a rigorous accelerated format, exposes the students to the human side of every business organization. It allows the students to complete their degree in as quick as 12 months or up to 24 months by completing 64 credit hours of foundation courses and management courses.

The courses are:

  • Financial Accounting,
  • Strategic Management,
  • Project Management,
  • Career & Human Resource Planning,
  • and Organizational Behavior, among others.

American Public University

American Public University

Prominent Program Features:

West Virginia is home to the American Public University which offers a fast online Master of Arts in Management degree. This online program molds students into becoming transformational, effective, and authentic leaders capable of handling people in an organizational setting.

Students will learn business-related theories, concepts, and fundamentals necessary for strategic decision-making and the development of workplace initiatives. This online business degree has six concentrations, namely:

  • Public Administration,
  • General Concentration,
  • Strategic Consulting,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • and Organizational Leadership.

Students need to have 36 credit hours to successfully earn the MA degree in Management, consisting of 21 core requirement credits, 12-degree concentration credits, and three final program credits.

American Public University received accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Walden University

Walden University

Prominent Program Features:

Walden University is a public, for-profit educational institution that offers an online Master of Science in Management degree.

It is a General Program without specialization or with several optional specializations such as:

  • Human Resource Management,
  • Healthcare Management,
  • Marketing,
  • Project Management,
  • Strategy,
  • and Leadership.

Students can enroll in an accelerated format that will help them earn a doctorate fast. The general program has a total of 30 credits including 27 semester credits from core courses and three-semester credits from the capstone project. You can earn your fast online master’s degree in as little as 12 months.


How long does it take to complete an online Master’s degree program in Business Management?

The average full-time student earns an online Master’s Degree in Business Management in as little as 18 to 24 months through an accelerated degree program. The credit hours that students must complete will play an essential role in the completion of this degree, depending on your chosen school’s requirements. A regular online master’s program may take you up to five or more years to complete, depending on your scope of study.

Through an online Accelerated Master’s degree program in Business Management, you can expect condensed schedules, self-paced coursework, limited one-on-one requirements, and possibly year-round admission, so you can begin any time you wish. Therefore, accelerated degree programs allow busy working professionals the ability to continue their education while maintaining a job and personal life.

How much does an online Master’s degree program in Business Management cost?

The financial burden of earning an online Master’s degree in any topic can be stressful for you and your family. You should be fully aware of its tuition costs and materials, as well as other fees that are applicable to your degree program. Please do diligent research before signing on! Check your school’s website for details.

The cost of tuition fees for an online Master’s Degree program in Business Management varies greatly depending on the chosen university or college and the academic program you choose. On average, the tuition fees of students earning their master’s degree are within the $30,000 and $40,000 range. With that being said, online or on-campus tuition can be anywhere between $20,000 to upwards of $120,000 depending on the aforementioned factors.

Generally, online programs are cheaper compared to traditional on-campus education, but not always. Additional costs to consider include expenses such as books, supplies, transportation, and accommodations. Additionally, most schools provide financial aid depending on their criteria of eligibility.

What should I look for in an institution offering online Master’s degree programs in Business Management?

To earn an online Master’s Degree Program in Business Management, you must consider the general education requirements, as well as the core business courses that meet the challenges of the global business marketplace. While most institutions include general business courses, there are universities offering concentrations for skill strengthening in the student’s chosen specialization.

Prior to choosing a graduate degree program, give careful thought to your career goals. Do you desire to pursue a career in Human Resources, Finances, Marketing, or perhaps Hospital Administration? There are numerous lucrative opportunities to be had if you have a master’s degree; however, to get the most bang for your buck, you should select a school that caters to your interest as well.

Tuition cost, accreditation, unique capabilities, and opportunities for in-depth study are also other factors that students need to consider when planning to enroll in an online Master’s Degree Program in Business Management.

Are accelerated Master of Business Management degree programs as good as traditional programs?

Yes, generally; however, it is difficult to answer this question definitively as the quality of different accelerated and traditional Master of Business Management programs will vary depending on the specific school and program. In general, the quality of a degree program is determined by the accreditation status of the school, the qualifications and backgrounds of the instructors, the resources the school provides, and the student outcomes and job development available after graduation.

It is essential to research the specific school and program to determine the quality of the program before enrolling.

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