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  1. Bachelors in Business Administration from Walden University
  2. Bachelors in Administration and Business Development from Colorado Technical University
  3. Bachelors in Business Administration from Capella University

Those looking to further their careers in the field of accounting have a few choices to consider. You can attend a mediocre school or you can seek out the best. Many factors are involved in making this decision including: your drive to make it to the top, your location or where you can see yourself in the future (maybe New York?), what you can afford, etc. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in the accounting field has an exceptional outlook over the next decade.

The demand for skilled accountants is strong and you could see yourself climbing the ladder of success by advancing to the top positions in a company or organization, such as the CEO of a corporation or, better yet, being THE boss by starting your own accounting firm!

The median salary for graduates with the advanced degree in Master’s in Accounting with jobs as auditors or accountants is approximately $60,000 and for those seeking “the top” as I mentioned before, you could be looking at over $100,000 per year. Be prepared to take and pass the CPA exam to even be considered as a candidate to make this kind of dough!

In no particular order (as they are all tops in the field), please take a seat and a few moments to learn all of the exciting aspects of each of these top contenders….your future depends on it!


The University of Texas – Austin
McCombs School of Business

Established in 1922, McCombs School of Business offers courses in not only the city of Austin, but also in Dallas, Houston and internationally in Mexico City and is the oldest public business school in Texas. McCombs is also the home of approximately 12,000 students per year attending the elite business school as undergraduates, master’s, and doctoral students.

Program Standouts:
Widely recognized as one of the leaders in graduate accounting programs in the U.S., McCombs’ Master in Professional Accounting and has three different tracks to choose from:

  • Traditional: The Traditional path is for those whom have already received their Bachelor’s in any academic discipline and can earn their Master’s in Public Accounting in as little as 9 months to 18 months. Students whom have a degree specifically in accounting may qualify for a course waiver in order to complete a 31-hour program. Those whom do not have an associated Bachelor’s degree in the field can typically complete the 43-hour program. For Acceptance and Admittance details regarding the Traditional track, please click here.
  • Integrated: Haven’t yet received your BBA in Accounting? This is the track for you… combining your bachelor’s with your master’s at McCombs School of Business is time and money savings for you. This is a fall-semester admittance time only program. For more detailed information regarding the Acceptance and Admittance policy, please kindly click here.
  • Econ-MPA: This path allows you to combine a BA in Economics with a MPA in as little as five years. There are several benefits to this program and by clicking here you can read about all of the details.


  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
  • AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business),

Estimated Program Costs: Tuition is determined by your state of residency….those living in the state of Texas will pay a lower rate than those not residing in Texas…

  • Total Tuition for the 31-hour program – Texas resident = $22,969 … Non-resident = $39,865
  • Total Tuition for the 43-hour program – Texas resident = $35,626 … Non-resident = $57,294

Faculty: The MPA program is taught by a group of elite, internationally-renowned teaching staff. Instructors for the program have a vast knowledge of all areas of accounting and are cited as being one of the most captivating reasons for pursuing an MPA at The McCombs School of Business.

For more information regarding The University of Texas-Austin’s McCombs School of Business, start your research by clicking here


University of Pennsylvania
Wharton School of Business


Overview: The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is the world’s first collegiate business school in the US, established in 1881. Joseph Wharton, the business school’s founder and namesake, defined the goal of the school was “to provide for young men special means of training and of correct instruction in the knowledge and in the arts of modern Finance and Economy, both public and private, in order that, being well informed and free from delusions upon these important subjects, they may either serve the community skillfully as well as faithfully in offices of trust, or, remaining in private life, may prudently manage their own affairs and aid in maintaining sound financial morality: in short, to establish means for imparting a liberal education in all matters concerning Finance and Economy”.

Program Standouts: Wharton’s Master of Business Administration in Accounting offers a flexible curriculum that gives you the study you need to successfully become a CPA or a Chartered Management Accountant. Wharton also offers exclusive opportunities such as the Wharton International Volunteer Program and Global Career Treks as well as benefiting from access to Wharton’s extensive accounting alumni network.


  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International)

Tuition: To attend, tuition is approximately $62,400 per year

Faculty: Wharton School of Business houses over 225 professors with many members of the accounting department having been featured in impressive publications including The Accounting Review and Journal of Accounting and Economics making them one of the most published faculties.

To learn more about Wharton School of Businessand the University of Pennsylvania, please click here


The University of Chicago
Booth School of Business


Overview: The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business is a globally recognized graduate business school and is also known for its research conducted in the fields of accounting, finances, quantitative marketing research, and economics. It is the second-oldest business school in America and has the third largest endowment of any business school in the nation.

Program Standouts: In addition to a rigorous masters program, Booth School of Business also gives you a chance to use these skills outside of the classroom for that much needed hands-on approach that further develops your skills, as well as, networking and relationships. Groups and competitions that are available to enhance your studies include:

  • Corporate Finance Group: Focusing on the field of finance, this student-run finance group delves into a variety of topics. Activities include: guest speakers, interview preparation studies, “Lunch-n-Learn” sessions, networking with other fellow members, as well as, sponsoring organizations and social happy hours.
  • The Credit Restructuring Distressed Investing and Turnaround Group or CREDIT – This is a career-focused, student-led group whose mission is to educate members about all the aspects of the distressed investing and restructuring industry and turnaround and crisis management. As a member, you will gain ideas and connections that will better prepare you for your entrepreneurial careers.
  • American Bankruptcy Institute Corporate Restructuring Competition – You will be competing against other business schools’ students in this realistic business case involving a hypothetical, distressed company with judging performed by experts in the fields of turnaround/crisis management.


  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

Tuition: For Full-Time MBA students in 2015-16 is $6,398 per course.

Faculty: The professors teaching at the Booth School of Business aren’t just teachers, they are known for their influences on many key aspects of the accounting field with their unprecedented research.

For more information and further highlights of the master’s in accounting program, please follow this link to their website


University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
College of Business at Illinois


Overview: The University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign is a state-of-the-art school that is currently ranked #5 in a nationwide survey in terms of ROI and has a 95% job placement rate for undergraduate students. They are a Research One university and a business school that takes a commanding lead in the fields of education and research.

Program Standouts: Illinois can hands down boast that they have more partners in the Big-Four CPA firms than from any other academic institution making them one of the largest suppliers of leaders in the profession of accounting. As an innovator in the field, students will take a journey through a vigorous curriculum, receiving hands-on training while building a solid foundation that will land them in careers in consulting, government, banking, public and corporate accounting and many more dedicated areas of expertise.

Benefit from the career center’s devotion to your success and their high-tech educational facilities such as the Business Instructional Facility, the Market Information Lab and Campus Recreation, as well as,gain real-world experience through Illinois Business Consulting, which is an organization that will open doors for your career.

  • Master of Accounting Science (MAS) – A one-year program designed for students with a BS in Accountancy from the University of Illinois whom are interested in careers pertaining to all facets of accountancy.
  • Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) – A one-year program designed for those with accountancy backgrounds that vary from a limited to a stronger background and is suitable for those with accountancy or non-accountancy undergraduate degrees. Also, if you plan to take the United States Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, this program provides what you need to successfully complete the exam as most graduates of this program have done before.


  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

Tuition: Academic year tuition for the MAS/MS in Accountancy-Tax is $23,250 for residents and $29,750 for non-residents.

Faculty: Described as “distinguished”, “world renowned” and of “high-integrity”, their faculty is unrivaled with their research and teaching expertise.

Want to learn more about The College of Business at Illinois? Click here!


University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Stephen M. Ross School of Business


Overview: The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, in general, has a very high graduation rate among its students and that, in itself, speaks volumes. They can also boast that 83.3% of their students with advanced degrees passed the CPA exam the first time in 2013.

Program Standouts: As an internationally recognized research institution with rigorous research activities, the Ross School of Business consults with corporations around the world and through teaching courses in Michigan’s Executive Education program, which has the largest market share of any business school in the world. An impressive 93% of MAcc graduates received a job offer by graduation.

The Masters of Accounting degree (MAcc) consists of ten, challenging core and elective courses that peaks with a graduate research seminar in which students are given an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills acquired through the program. A distinguishing feature of the Michigan Ross MAcc is the EY Accounting and Public Policy Symposium. Here, students will attend a graduate research seminar in Washington, D.C over Spring Break. Gain powerful knowledge through this action-based conference from top-level speakers and take trips to sites around the nation’s capital.


  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

Tuition: 10 months to completion; $61,500 for in-state residents, $66,500 for non-residents

Faculty: The internationally recognized accounting faculty carries practical experience alongside excellent teaching skills, dedication to students and counseling throughout the program. They consists of leading experts in their fields and continue to strive on the cutting-edge of the industry. Rigorous requirements to teach at the school assures you that you are getting the utmost out of your professors that know the business inside and out.

If the idea of attending the Ross School of Business is something you’d like to seek further information regarding, please click here


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