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The Top 10 Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Retail Management Degree Programs in 2021

Recent reports reveal that the average income of a retail store manager is $45,830. This amount applies to individuals who have had formal education and is higher than the wages of those who have not. The difference in earning potential alone is a good reason to get a diploma in the field. If you’re adamant about obtaining your degree because of attendance and cost issues, attending an online school for Bachelor’s in Retail Management degree program is your best choice.

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Retail Management majors land a number of jobs. They are your merchandisers, purchasing managers, and retail store managers. As trends point to the continuous growth of the retail industry, it is projected that between 2019 and 2029, there will be a 5% increase in job openings in the field.


An online bachelor’s degree in Retail Management equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge required for leadership positions. If you’ve earned your place in the industry even without formal training, you raise your chances of advancing your career with a bachelor’s degree diploma.

The cost of attending an online Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Management Program is generally lower than earning the degree from a brick-and-mortar institution. You also enjoy the benefits of online education such as flexible schedules and easy, almost-instant access with a working, reliable Internet, and other equipment.

Here, we rounded up 10 of the top online colleges and universities that offer an online bachelor’s degree in Retail Management. We chose not to list the schools in an ordered way, but we put the spotlight on their highlights and other features, such as:

  • Examines a wide array of skills needed to serve consumers, provide services, and sell products,
  • Covers a broad platform of Retail Management positions within the US and abroad,
  • Prepares students for research in consumer behavior habits and the psychology behind retail management,
  • Focuses on interpersonal skills, critical-thinking and problem-solving, in addition to, communication, leaderships and human resource skills, laws and ethics,
  • Helps current retail employees advance into management positions,
  • Provides entry-level opportunities for those beginning a career in Retail Management,
  • Adheres to proper accreditation requirements,
  • Financial Aid opportunities,
  • Offers innovative technology used in Retail Management; designed to ensure that you are trained in the relevant trends of today’s industry.

To learn more, please check out our Methodology page where our process of school selection is outlined.

Oregon State University

oregon state univ - retail management

Location: Corvallis, Oregon

Oregon State University (OSU) offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis on Retail Management. Course topics include human resources management, supply chain strategy, consumer behavior, and retail management.

At OSU, the Retail Management degree concentration program requires 180 credit hours for completion, part of which is 60 credit hours of upper-division courses. Online students may complete the degree in four years or less. The academic year of OSU has a quarter-term system, enabling new students to begin on various start-dates. Accelerated courses are offered every summer. As an online student, you get access to online resources, enjoy 24/7 library assistance, and request online tutorial services.

To be admitted, applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Class rank and standardized scores are also considered. You need to demonstrate strong leadership and showcase your academic achievements. The school also accepts credit transfers from regionally accredited schools.

Oregon State University has received regional accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

Learn more about Oregon State University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

University of Arizona

univ of arizona - retail management

Location: Tucson, Arizona

The University of Arizona offers an online Bachelor of Science in Retailing and Consumer Sciences degree program. The degree program is available for online students who are searching for opportunities towards career advancement and business opportunities. Online students are expected to participate in 10 to 12 weeks of coursework, which features topics such as accounting, economics, retailing, statistics, consumer behavior, and retail promotion. You can opt for Retail Technology as your degree concentration.

Online students that were admitted into the program can obtain pre-majors provided that they complete the lower division coursework. The courses are delivered through an asynchronous format through the D2L learning management system. Students can communicate with success coaches for assistance and consultation.

Regardless of their residency status, online students are required to pay the same tuition as in-state students. Merit and need-based scholarships are available under the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Lundgren Center for Retailing. The University of Arizona has earned accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Learn more about The University of Arizona’s Online Bachelor of Science in Retailing and Consumer Sciences Degree Program.

Arizona State University

arizona state university

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona State University – Skysong Department features an online Bachelor of Arts in Business with an emphasis on Retail Management. The online degree program is composed of 120 credit hours and may be completed in four years. The program coursework includes food retailing, leading organizations, essentials of services marketing, and quality management. Classes are customarily conducted online for seven and a half weeks and run on two class cycles every semester. There are six yearly start dates for each semester.

Students earning this degree online do not need to visit the campus. You may access online resources like tutorial services, faculty advising, ASU libraries, success coaches, and career services.

Freshman applicants should be high school graduates with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and should be included in the top 25% of their graduating class. They should also meet the SAT score thresholds. Transfer students need to have a college GPA of 3.0 or better. Online students need to pay in-state tuition rates.

The North Central Association of Schools and Colleges (NCASC), a regional accrediting agency, has accredited ASU.

Learn more about ASU Online’s-Bachelor of Arts in Business with an emphasis on Retail Management.

American Public University

american public univ - retail management

Location: Charlestown, West Virginia

The online Bachelor of Arts in Retail Management degree program at the American Public University prepares students for future careers in retail and sales management. Through a blend of interpersonal, communication, analytical and critical thinking skills, the degree program hones each student’s managerial, leadership, critical thinking and communication skills.

An online Retail Management degree at APU can propel your professional career and help you land higher positions in the retail management industry. The 120-credit coursework covers Consumer Behavior, Supply Chain Management, Management Communications, and Organizational Behavior. Online students are required to take elective courses.

The university and its programs have earned accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Learn more about American Public University’s Online Bachelor of Arts in Retail Management Degree Program.

University of Houston

univ of houston - retail management

Location: Houston, Texas

The University of Houston offers an online Bachelor of Science in Retailing and Consumer Science degree program. The degree program aims to tackle some of the most significant issues in consumer behavior, sales, retailing, and public relations. It also seeks to evaluate the manner by which consumers behave as members of a massive economic and social community.

The curriculum intends to enrich students’ know-how in consumer trends and enhance their skills merchandising processes. Specialization includes Retailing and Consumer Science, Technology Entrepreneurship, e-Tailing, Training and Development, and Professional Studies. The program is purely online in format and designed for students who have completed general education coursework in other accredited colleges and universities.

The university is accredited by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences.

Learn more about The University of Houston’s B.S. in Retailing Management and Consumer Science.

Lamar University

lamar university - retail management

Location: Beaumont, Texas

Lamar University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Fashion Retailing and Merchandising with emphasis on Retail Management. Students learn the basic foundation of general business focusing on retail management. The coursework is designed for working professionals who desire to pursue specific careers in buying and retail management, visual merchandising, retail sales analysis, sales promotion, or fashion coordination.

The 120-credit coursework consists of 51 credits of business core courses, 42 credits of general education courses, and 6 electives. Classes are offered 100% online and mainly concentrate on intensive training in computerized merchandise systems, and fashion and consumer sciences. The online school also features small online classes with a low student-to-instructor ratio, making it one of the leading institutions that excel in academic development.

Lamar University is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Learn more about Lamar University’s Family and Consumer Science.

Bellevue University

bellevue u - retain management

Location: Bellevue, Nebraska

Bellevue University features an online Bachelor of Science in Management specializing in Retail Management. This degree program focuses on management, marketing, and financial analysis training. Graduates become immersed in careers involving analysis of retail and sales trends and similar tasks relevant to business operations.

The 127-credit coursework is composed of 36 credits of general education courses, 51 credits of elective courses, and 40 credits of major courses. It is a purely online, cohort program. Hands-on applications are integrated with conceptual theories for excellent learning and academic experience of online students. The university has also received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Learn more about Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science in Management specializing in Retail Management Online.

Strayer University

strayer univ - retail management

Location: Herndon, Virginia

Strayer University- District of Columbia offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Retail Management. The online program utilizes different forms of online, store-based, and non-store based retailing. It entails a review of essential principles like strategic planning considerations, the structure of retail firms, consumer behavior, market research and location considerations. The online program also aims to check the important functional disciplines of retail operation management such as merchandising, finance, human resource management, operations management, logistics, retail image and atmosphere, and the marketing aspects of pricing and promotion.

Full-time tuition exists at around 12 credit hours. Strayer University was awarded accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Learn more about Strayer University- District of Columbia’s B.S. in Business Administration-concentration in Retail Management.

Salem University

salem university - retail management

Location: Salem, West Virginia

Salem University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Retail Management concentration. The university provides accelerated courses that can be accomplished online or on a hybrid arrangement. The online degree prepares students for various positions such as Business Analyst, Operations Supervisor or Manager, Purchasing Agent/Buyer, Customer Service Manager, Food Service Manager, Store Manager, District or Regional Manager, General Manager, and Business Owner.

At Salem University, admission requirements include completed online application and a nonrefundable application fee. Salem University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Learn more about Salem University’s Retail Management Concentration-Online Bachelor of Science.

Purdue University Global

purdue university global - retail management

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

Purdue University Global formerly Kaplan University, offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis on Sales Management. An accelerated program, this degree concentration prepares students through intensive training in financial analysis, marketing, leadership, and management. It is also purely online in format wherein students obtain the knowledge and skills through a collaborative “cohort” approach.

In pursuing a Sales Management concentration, Purdue University students develop a range of skills relevant to future career paths in the fields of marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, and operations. Education and training at Purdue boost their communication skills, critical thinking, team-building, decision making, and technical competencies. To demonstrate all competencies, students are required to complete a capstone course.

Purdue University Global accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Learn more about Purdue University Global’s Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Sales Management.


What classes are commonly included in a Bachelor’s in Retail Management Degree curriculum?

The curriculum entails a combination of topics in business, leadership, and retail. Online classes include global supply chain management for students who wish to pursue careers on a worldwide scale, entrepreneurship for those who want to establish their own retail organization and companies, and e-Commerce for those who plan to put up or manage online businesses. Other classes include retail management, consumer behavior, business statistics, and marketing research. These classes equip students with the skills needed for the efficient operations and management of retail businesses or services.

What are the career paths of graduates with Bachelor’s in Retail Management Degree?

Career paths include lucrative and stable positions in the retail industry, particularly in retail store management, marketing, purchasing, and supervisory positions at corporate levels. As students are adept in analyzing buyer behavior and preferences, purchasing, and other facets of retail management, they usually become merchandising managers, buying directors, purchasing managers, retail store managers, and retail general managers. Others land jobs in luxury marketing, product management, advertising and marketing management, and sales management.