10 Trailblazing Business Programs That Will Prepare You For the Future

trailblazing business programs

Are you ready to start a long-term career in one of the following business programs that will lead you to bigger and better things? Trailblazing business programs offer students the opportunity to explore the ever-changing world of business from a variety of perspectives.

As the world adapts to current technological and economic trends, future and current professionals must establish or maintain a strong educational foundation to prepare them for challenging issues and various complex client-based needs.

There are several majors out there that are specifically guaranteed to prepare you for the violent throes of a volatile and ever-changing industry, some of which can be found right here at! Such programs are designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of the future workforce.

While they might not seem like the most surprising choices, the options outlined below will prepare you for the most high-paying and innovative positions across the globe, and they are all aligned with some of the nation’s most impressive business schools. They are available both on-campus and online, and many can be taken as either a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but some are only available to graduate students.

Despite your major of choice, any one of these ten trailblazing business programs offered by some of the country’s most outstandingly prestigious colleges and universities will most definitely prepare you for the future, no matter what it holds!

Healthcare Administration

healthcare administration business programs

Healthcare is in constant need of trustworthy professionals who understand both the competitive business angles of the industry, as well as its more pivotal medical aspects. Behind every hospital and clinic are dedicated administrators who manage billing and payment, patient records and privacy, and promotions and marketing.

The field is ripe with opportunity and perfect for compassionate individuals who want to make a difference in an absolutely crucial area of people’s lives.

Educational programs in Healthcare Administration include topics in budgeting, billing, data analysis, communication, and regulatory issues, all of which future professionals are guaranteed to encounter. This career path can be complex and stressful, but also incredibly rewarding and positive.

Check out some of these outstanding universities offering distance-based and in-person degrees in Healthcare Administration

Operations Management and Business Operations

operations management

Operations is an extremely versatile business profession that requires knowledge, experience, and understanding in numerous areas, such as project management, business administration, and communication. This major is often taken on at the undergraduate level and then refined with various positions of employment or another degree like a Master of Business Administration.

Operations Managers often hold positions of tremendous responsibility like overseeing of goods and services, as well as the utilization of critical resources. It is an excellent pathway for individuals who are interested in manufacturing and distribution, for example, and knowledge of internal operations helps managers become top executives.

Below we have listed some excellent options for readers who are interested in pursuing an education in Operations Management or Business Operations. These prestigious higher education institutions offer their fabulous programs both onsite and online.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship and innovation business programs

Entrepreneurship is an area of business wherein professionals take on big projects, such as those of exceptionally high risk or starting new companies from the ground up.

For those whose goal is to have as much flexibility in their position and as much control over their career as possible, an in-depth education in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the right way to go.

This approach provides syllabi at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that consist of fascinating course topics to prepare students for the future. Upon exiting their program of choice and entering the job market, entrepreneurs blaze their own trails through any facet of the industry, including both for-profit and non-profit ventures.

Some outstanding online and on-campus Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree programs and certificates are available for bachelor’s and master’s students at the following schools:

Business Administration

business admin

An education in Business Administration is the pathway that many professionals take to launch their careers from a position of mid-level staff in a cubicle to a high-level executive in the upper echelon. This program has a unique angle in that it often allows students to refine their approach with a concentration, such as economics, marketing, accounting, or finance.

No matter where future Business Administrators choose to complete their undergraduate or graduate degree, the syllabus will include highly relevant leadership training wherein students learn to take on high-level responsibilities that affect an entire company.

Business Administration graduates are incredibly well-rounded professionals who have significantly sharpened skills in their specific areas of expertise and are extremely competent leaders.

Check out some of the nation’s most excellent online and on-campus Business Administration degrees:

International Business

international business

International Business is a sagacious choice for anyone who is interested in the global economy. It is an excellent option for individuals who are interested in travel and other cultures, but students do not necessarily need to leave the United States in order to take part in transactions and dealings with other countries. This approach to a vastly complex industry provides a considerable amount of both foundational and specialized business knowledge.

It prepares professionals to work with different currencies, languages, and cultural boundaries. They learn how to establish partnerships and trade deals and to communicate highly complex information with clarity. International Business persons are valuable assets in any company or corporation who bring a level of understanding to the workplace unmatched by other professionals.

For those who are interested, here are three of the best International Business programs available:

Data Analysis

data analysis

Data Analysis is one of the most modern additions to the list of available positions within the business profession. Since the technological boom of the late nineties and the aughts, entire industries have had to change the way they communicate, manage transactions, and organize data.

Professionals who understand the analysis of data from a business perspective are highly valued in numerous areas, such as Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Health Care Management.

This major gives students the opportunity to explore the technological inner workings of data arrangement and develop the skills necessary to interpret and communicate their complex theories and findings.

Here are some excellent Data Analysis schools that provide both online and on-campus educational programs:

Financial Management

financial management business programs

Organizations cannot function without money, and they cannot manage money without the skill of well-educated Financial Managers. This is one of the most versatile career choices in business because it allows graduates to work in almost any department in any industry.

At most higher education institutions, this academic concentration teaches students to be ethical, responsible, and trustworthy finance professionals with the ability to precisely manipulate and maintain investments, profits, and expenses.

Graduates go on to become financial planners and analysts, investment relations counselors, attorneys, accountants, actuaries, and more. Further education allows professionals to refine their craft to conform more entirely to their goals.

Here are some excellent and affordable online options for business and Financial Management programs:

Internet Marketing

internet marketing business programs

As the technology-fueled digital age continues to consume the globe and dictate the future, positions like those in marketing are fundamentally changing. Professionals who used to design ads based on the readers of magazines and the watchers of TV now have to adjust their perspective toward the internet.

A huge percentage of the population now finds all of their entertainment, from magazine articles to TV shows, online, and it is also where they do most of their shopping.

That said, earning an education or a degree in Internet Marketing is a shrewd choice that provides a strong foundation to approach the future. Students learn well-founded transferrable skills in fascinating course topics and then go on to provide innovative creativity to the industry.

Internet Marketing is a popular degree with more and more opportunities appearing at schools throughout the United States. Here are some excellent examples:


marketing business programs

Marketing is a prevalent sector that requires in-depth business acumen, as well as creativity. In today’s day and age, most advertisements can be found and seen online, which means that current marketing professionals must have an understanding of a wide variety of crucial concepts, such as varying client needs, web-based technologies, search engine optimization, and digital advertising.

This career is an excellent choice for individuals who are thinking about the future because marketing specialists are constantly in touch with consumer desires–if you understand what the customer wants, you can be the one that provides it the best.

Marketing is also an excellent stepping stone for individuals who wish to navigate the business industry with more flexibility.

Here are some excellent schools that offer both online and on-campus educational and degree programs in Marketing:


economics business programs

In an Economics degree, students develop exceedingly sharpened skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication to solve radically complex problems affecting people’s lives.

Through a combination of psychology, sociology, business, politics, and history, students study the behaviors of human beings. In the business profession, economists utilize theory and quantitative methods in the analysis of organizations and companies and their structures of labor, product markets, and profit.

Students of economics learn how the world works from a broad perspective, studying issues that arise not only in the business industry but in banking, policy, education, government, international relations, and more. Therefore, it is easy to see how an in-depth understanding of economics would prepare students for the future!

These are some of the best schools in America offering degree and educational programs in Economics:

Be a trailblazer yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies a particular industry as being “trailblazing?”

A trailblazing industry is an industry that has developed revolutionary and innovative products, services, or processes that are far ahead of their time and set a new standard of what is to come. Through trailblazing, these industries disrupt existing markets, challenge accepted ways of working, and push the boundaries of what is technologically and economically possible.

Industries such as the internet, tech, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy are all examples of trailblazing industries.

These concentrations seem pretty traditional. What makes them good choices for the future?

While these majors might not seem like the most innovative or far-reaching of choices, they are, in fact, some of the most intricately refined areas that have been redesigned to reflect the current and changing needs of the economy.

As technology takes over the globe and dominates consumer interests, educational programs around the nation are constantly adapting to prepare their students for the future.

As new technological developments become more predictable, academic programs now provide the training and knowledge necessary to keep up with upcoming generations. There are a considerable number of options available in business academia, and these are guaranteed to give you what you need to succeed!

Are all of the schools listed for bachelor’s degrees? Or do they offer other educational programs in business, too?

All of the schools listed above offer business degrees and programs both online and on-campus. There are bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorates available, as well as certificates and post-graduate programs.

Each college or university offers its own unique perspective while also providing a solid foundational basis of understanding in business and management. Graduates from any one of these most excellent institutions of higher education will discover an outstanding amount of potential and experience.

Won’t every degree prepare me for the future? What makes these options better than others?

Most business programs are, indeed, designed to prepare students for the workforce. However, these majors are meant to help you understand the future of the industry in 20 or 30 years and align your goals with such predictions.

As important as it is in this industry to stay ahead of the competition, students and professionals must develop accurate foresight and resilience to turn a profit in a rapidly changing economy. These majors help you do just that.

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