What career can I have with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management?

Hospitality Management

Have you ever had an exceptionally pleasant experience while staying at a hotel or maybe, perhaps more memorable, a lousy one? There were many factors that contributed to your successful stay or possibly spoiled your vacation. If you want to be an integral part of the customer service experience within travel and tourism, perhaps a Hospitality Management degree is for you.

Obtaining a Hospitality Management degree is an expansive program that offers you a career in the hospitality business. It will help you develop management skills, as well as learn about the particulars of day-to-day operations.

You must be a people person, enjoy social events, and be outgoing and friendly. Your main goal will be to ensure the guests’ satisfaction in whatever field you choose by treating your guests in a generous, comfortable, warm, and friendly fashion.

Are you wondering about the potential salary? What average salary can I expect with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management?

Hospitality Management

The Four Branches of Hospitality Management

There are four major segments in the hospitality industry, such as lodging, food and beverage, travel and tourism, and recreation, with a wide array of careers available ranging from entry-level positions to eventual managerial positions with a bachelor’s degree.

A degree in Hospitality Management may also be referred to as hotel management, hotel and tourism management, or hotel administration; however, your degree does not commit you to the hotel industry.

Although the field of hotel/motel management is the most popular career option, casino management, meeting and event planning, restaurant management, business administration, theme park management, and cruise line positions are just a few of the other opportunities that a Hospitality Management degree will afford you.

Graduates can also choose to select a career in marketing, advertising, or public relations.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Career Options

Let’s explore in more detail some opportunities available to you in Hospitality Management:

  • Regional Chef: Who doesn’t like to partake in excellent cuisine? Show off your culinary skills as a regional chef in the field of food and beverage. A chef will train others, be in charge of purchasing and responsible for costs, and generate new and exciting menu selections, all while watching your guests enjoy your creations.
  • Regional Restaurant Manager: Supervises several restaurant locations or perhaps a popular food chain and is responsible for recruiting and training employees and also tracks labor and food costs.
  • Human Resource Manager: Combine your business degree with your hospitality degree to allow yourself many options in various areas as a human resource manager, such as hotels, casinos, restaurants, or spas in your local community or in large, lavish resorts. You will be responsible for all aspects of employment issues like payroll, insurance, benefits, and hiring.
  • Executive Pastry Chef: Do you enjoy sharing your decadent desserts with others? A Pastry Chef must be artistic and creative to provide interesting and new delights for their customers; however, a culinary school will be required, as well, with this position.
  • Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner: Are you an organizer and enjoy bringing a party plan to fruition? An event planner brings it all together flawlessly. You will plan menus, create seating charts and negotiate catering agreements.
  • Casino General Manager: Why not gamble on Casino Management? It sounds like fun, but casino managers have serious responsibilities like employee staffing, security, facility management, and customer satisfaction within the property. Whether in a hotel casino or a plush resort, this will be a fun and exciting career.

Need an online option? Can I get a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management online?

Hospitality Management

As previously mentioned, a Hotel Manager is probably the most popular choice for the Hospitality Management degree holder. Your daily operational responsibilities will include handling financial matters such as marketing, sales, and cost control. 

Other duties would include personnel training and sustaining employee relations, solving maintenance issues, and perhaps most importantly, being a gracious host to your patrons.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor