Can I get a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management online?

Hospitality Management careers make up 1 out of every 11 jobs worldwide and professionals in this field are needed to keep resorts, hotels, casinos and other amusement attractions running smoothly and successfully, so, what do you do if your local university or area college does not offer a degree in the future career you wish to pursue?

That’s easy…consider a degree from an online program. Does obtaining your degree from the comfort of home (and maybe still in you pj’s) appeal to you? Let’s explore.

How do I find an online program in Hospitality Management? The best way to find a program for you is, of course, to search online. There are many in which to choose from, however, there are a few criteria you should include in your search. First and foremost, as in all educational related inquiries, you should check for recognized accreditation, preferably from the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA).

Also, make sure the coursework required is in line with your chosen field. Most schools have a variety of curriculum, however, you would want to verify that they offer courses catered to your desired career goal. Check on electives, too, if you are interested.

And, of course, don’t forget to look into potential earnings for the field you’re interested in pursuing and perhaps, most importantly, decide your budget for your online education.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online programs in Hospitality Management? There are numerous reasons to pursue an online degree, however, perhaps the best part is the flexible schedule. This is what attracts most people to online studies. You can work at your own pace, when you have the time, without having to attend a traditional classroom. Through online classes, you can easily take care of your previous commitments.

Perhaps you already have a job and your work hours do not allow you the time to go to traditionally held classes or you have family obligations that require a majority of your time, then an online program is for you. If you already have a job and would like to increase your earnings by obtaining your Master’s degree, online programs are great for that, as well.

Is there a down side to online degrees? Perhaps, but they are minimal. If you are enrolled as an online student, then you could miss out on the one-on-one personal attention that an instructor or counselor could provide you, however, some schools offer the option of access through the school’s website for advisement.

Very often, people at traditional colleges make everlasting friendships with students in which they share the same hopes and goals, so, some individuals, who are social butterflies, will miss out on the camaraderie of other students.

What is the cost of obtaining an online degree in Hospitality Management? With numerous online options in existence, there is also a wide range of tuition costs. Due to the demand of hospitality oriented careers, your future earnings will outweigh the cost of tuition, making the expense very feasible and manageable.

Most bachelor’s degree programs are very affordable. The cost for online tuition ranges between $7,650 – $23,440 annually with an average cost of $13,300 per year. Today’s technology allows the option of obtaining your degree at some of the country’s most well-known universities.

What types of coursework is offered in online programs pertaining to Hospitality Management? Since Hospitality Management covers a wide array of careers, your classes may vary, as well. Although a bachelor’s program will include some course basics, it will also transition you into more specified areas of hospitality management classes that pertain to your career goal.

You will learn about business principles, human resources, food, health and safety regulations, leadership skills, marketing and hospitality law. A bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management requires a minimum of 120 credits.

Rowan Jones
Chief Editor