What kind of career and salary can I expect to have with my online Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources?

Have you earned your online Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources? Are you ready to get out in the real world and show them what you can do? Perhaps, you are wondering what position will fit you the best. A career in Human Resources is interesting, rewarding, and fulfilling. You are in a position to help others fulfill their own dream careers, as well. Although some positions in Human Resources can be obtained with an associate degree, most employers are looking for applicants with higher degrees to add to their establishment. Your online Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources will qualify you for the position you deserve.

A Human Resources Clerk earns an average of $61,920 per year, depending on experience and responsibilities. In some cases, within smaller companies, you will be hired to do all employee related duties yourself, however, if you are employed by a larger corporation, your duties as a Human Resources Clerk may take on a more specific job description, for example, one may do payroll while another employee oversees new hires. There are so many options within the field of Human Resources.

One who specializes as a Recruiter is responsible for seeking out, interviewing and screening all prospective employees that fit the mold of the position they are trying to fill. This may include sifting through hundreds of resumes, conducting interviews and selecting the best person for the job. A Recruiter’s salary ranges from between $57,420 – $79,172 annually, depending on experience. At larger corporations, this position can also be broken down into smaller job descriptions.

With an online Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, you will have gained a broad understanding of the practice and legal requirements surrounding payroll responsibilities. Duties of a Payroll Specialist include proficient knowledge in basic accounting principles, distribution of hourly wages, in addition to, IRS tax payments and payroll tracking. Payroll Specialists must uphold all confidentiality requirements. The average salary for this position offers from between $44,500 – $51,568 annually.

The Benefits Clerk earns a salary within the range of $39,942 – $51,086 per year, with an average of $45,268 annually, depending on experience. The benefits program can make or break a company and it is an intricate part of a business. An excellent benefits program increases employee loyalty and decreases turnovers. The Benefits Clerk is responsible for developing and managing employee benefit programs and to ensure they meet state and federal regulations. A Benefits Clerk must have good communication and people skills. You will handle all benefit plans, especially those involving health, dental, accident and life insurance options.

Perhaps a position as a Training and Development Coordinator is for you. The salary for this position varies greatly, depending on your experience and responsibilities, however, it could range anywhere from between $59,000 to upwards of $102,640 annually, with a median of $77,602 per year. A Training and Development Coordinator is responsible for developing and conducting all training programs within a company. They design the programs, as well as, manage them.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor