What kind of career and salary can I expect with my online Master’s degree in Communications?

Because the field of Communications is so diverse, it offers many different options to the online Master’s in Communications degree holder. Upon graduation, most students are anxious to get to work and obtain their dream job; however, perhaps you are not sure what is available for you out there in the real world.

For optimal benefits, try to follow your passion and interest when choosing a career as:

Senior Public Relations Specialist or Media/Communications Specialist

A Senior Public Relations Specialist or Media/Communications Specialist is responsible for maintaining a positive image for a company in the eyes of the public. Acting as liaisons between your client and the public, you will work closely with the media and act as a spokesperson.

This position, depending on experience, will earn between $38,630 and $128,450 annually, with a median salary of $67,440 per year.

Writer or Editor

If you are interested in writing, a position as a Writer or Editor may be of interest to you. They can be responsible for writing anything from a best-selling novel to writing instruction manuals or creating website content.

These positions vary greatly depending on responsibility, job location, and experience. Typical salary may range from between $39,610 to $161,260 per year.

Senior Market Research Analyst

A management position as a Senior Market Research Analyst will earn a salary that ranges from $38,280 to $131,850 annually, with a median salary of $68,230 per year. In this career, you will create and conduct polls and surveys to gauge the effectiveness of a client’s products or services.

They gather data to determine needs or buying habits in hopes of increasing profits for the client.

Event Planner Executive or Manager

With your online Master’s degree in Communications, you may want to consider a career as an Event Planner Executive or Manager. When planning a major event, good communication is the key to a successful outcome. Whether it be a birthday party or a huge corporate event, the behind-the-scenes work is crucial.

They are responsible for locating venues and providing accommodations, in addition to securing catering and entertainment. The salary for an Event Planner ranges from $32,050 to $92,880 annually; however, based on previous experience, reputation, and complimentary client reviews, the potential for those owning their own business can increase their salary exponentially.

Newscaster or Reporter

Do you like to be in front of the camera? For the Newscaster or Reporter, you will be responsible for bringing the day’s events to the public. They may also be called to cover breaking news events at any time and must be proficient in journalism skills, as well as public speaking.

Depending on experience and location, the Newscaster or Reporter earns between $30,470 – $136,500 per year, with an average of approximately $55,960 annually.

Senior Advertising Executive

The Senior Advertising Executive prepares commercial jingles and other types of advertising campaigns that showcase their client’s products or services. They work closely with art directors to develop marketing ideas that reach the target audience.

The average salary of a Senior Advertising Executive is $127,830 annually, but can range from between $60,380 – $239,200 per year.

Internal Communications Manager

The Internal Communications Manager is responsible for maintaining cohesive work relations within a company. They often oversee all communications between departments to ensure that the company is running smoothly and efficiently. Depending on experience, earnings may range from $108,824 and $143,239 annually, however, the average median salary is $124,777 per year.

The act of communicating is essential in everyday life, either by way of verbal or written means. Your studies in the field of Communications can lead you to an interesting and rewarding career.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor