What kind of career and salary can I expect to have with an online Master’s degree in Human Resources?

Typically, the first question on anyone’s mind when thinking about earning a college degree is related to the potential salary that a career will provide. For most people, money is the name of the game, however, if you love your job…the gainful profits are a happy bonus!

Earning your online Master’s degree in Human Resources will help you achieve your goal, personally and financially.

Human Resources Manager

The role of the Human Resources Manager is the most popular choice for the owner of the online Master’s degree in Human Resources. The HR Manager must be very personable and an excellent advocate for the employee.

They guide prospective employees through the hiring and training process, manage benefit programs, mediate labor disputes, and supervise compensation packages.

The average salary for a Human Resources Manager can range from $130,000 to upwards of $224,360 annually, depending on experience, job location, and size of the corporation. Job growth increase for HR Managers is expected to be around 5% from 2022 to 2032.

Human Resources Consultant

The Human Resources Consultant is generally paid by the hour, hired by another company to go internally into a business and assess the human resources situation.

They offer suggestions to help others profit from their business by creating employee incentive programs and outsourcing human resource duties. The typical salary for this position earns between $100K – $163,000 annually, depending on experience.

Human Resources Executive Director

As a Human Resources Executive Director, you can earn upwards of $158,488 annually, with at least five years of experience, however, with additional experiences, such as ten to twenty years, one may earn up to $202,438 or more per year.

The Executive Director is responsible for developing all human resource policies and is accountable to higher executives for the efficiency of the HR department.

human resources career and salary

Training and Development Manager

With your online Master’s degree in Human Resources, perhaps you have the spirit of teaching within you. A position as a Training and Development Manager is the job for you. You will be charged with helping employees do the best job they can.

They develop and conduct training classes and workshops to emphasize good and proper work ethics, as well as, instructing safety regulations.

The Human Resources Training and Development Manager, depending on the size of the corporation and years of experience, earns between $68,450 to upwards of $210,470 annually.

Executive Recruiter

The Executive Recruiter earns a lucrative salary that ranges from $82,368 and $122,212 per year with a median of $110,028 annually, depending on experience.

The Executive Recruiter’s main responsibility is filling job vacancies with the right person, primarily within the level of senior executives, for example, Vice Presidents or CEOs.

Human Resources Information Technology Specialist

The Human Resources Information Technology Specialist may choose to combine their interest in Human Resources with their passion for technology. They are often hired to develop software applicable to the world of Human Resources, such as payroll systems, calendars, and other employee databases.

Generally, the HR IT Specialist earns an average salary of $64,240 or more annually, depending on experience. Also, a degree in Project Management will help you in this career to increase your salary.

To summarize, there are many lucrative careers in Human Resources Management to choose from, however, if you are interested in learning more, please check out our list of the Best Online Schools for Master’s in Human Resources degrees.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor