What career and salary options will I have with my online Bachelor of Business Administration degree?

online bachelor of Business administration

The field of business administration can be very expansive. It covers a wide array of specializations; however, through earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree, you will learn a wide variety of duties.

While obtaining your degree, have you wondered what to do with it? What are your options? Let’s look at some possibilities to consider.

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Business Administrator

In general, the business administrator is eligible for entry-level opportunities in a small business or a large corporation; however, with some experience, you will qualify for a leadership opportunity in no time. If you have decided to concentrate on a particular aspect of the business, such as accounting, you may want to begin as an accounting clerk.

In management, within any business type, your duties will consist of maintaining all aspects of an organization or company, such as accounting, marketing, sales, business maintenance, and all clerical duties, in addition to hiring and firing.

You will also be responsible for keeping up with governmental regulations, insurance, and human resource-related responsibilities. According to the BLS, as of 2022, the average salary for a business administrator is $103,330 per year.

Marketing Manager

If your online Bachelor of Business Administration degree program allows you to concentrate on the field of marketing, perhaps a career as a marketing manager is for you. In this position, you’ll be responsible for assessing a product or service, creating a marketing campaign, and following through with strategy, knowledge, and confidence to get the sale done.

Marketing managers earn approximately $140,040 annually as of 2022, according to the BLS. The upper 10% were paid upwards of $239,200 per year.

online bachelor of Business administration

Personal Financial Advisor

Many business administrators choose to specialize in accounting. In this capacity, there are several career opportunities available, as well. As a personal financial advisor, you can expect to earn about $95,390 per year, according to the BLS, as of 2022.

What would your duties consist of as a financial advisor? Typically, they concentrate on their client’s personal financial needs. They offer advice on saving for retirement or saving for their kid’s college fund.

They also specialize in the best life insurance options for their client’s families, as well as planning investments, retirement, and the day-to-day budget.

Human Resource Manager

Human resource management personnel often have earned an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree, too. This career choice will secure you approximately $130,000 annually, according to the BLS as of 2022.

Human resource managers are integral in hiring capable people to fill positions. They recruit prospective employees and conduct the interview process.

They strive to promote a cohesive work atmosphere and deal with workplace injuries, harassment issues, and employee benefit packages. They are often considered a liaison between the employer and employee.

online bachelor of Business administration


How motivated are you? Are you a good salesperson? Another advantage of earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree is perhaps a career you have not yet considered. Are you interested in real estate? The average annual salary for a real estate broker/agent can range from $36,360 to $62,190, according to the BLS, as of 2022.

Agents help their clients to buy and sell homes, as well as commercial properties. Commissions are often involved in real estate sales; therefore, the sky’s the limit when it comes to potential annual earnings.

In Conclusion

  • In what other career options can you utilize your degree? Anything you choose. That’s why a business administration degree is versatile, beneficial, and just a good idea, without a doubt.
  • Other careers to consider include a chief financial officer, advertising and promotions manager, cost estimator, comptroller, budget analyst, market research analyst, or general operations manager, among many others.

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