Should I focus on a certain concentration of Marketing with my online Bachelor’s degree?

Without a doubt, there are many diverse career opportunities available that can appreciate the skills and knowledge gained through an online Bachelor of Marketing degree program.

As you learn the fundamentals of marketing, sales, promotions, and communications, your program may also allow you to choose a concentration to focus on with coursework tailored to your genuine interest.

The following topics outline a few concentrations to consider:

Marketing Analysis and Research

If you have a love for numbers and enjoy the use of modern technology, the field of Marketing Analysis and Research is for you. Through marketing software, you can collect, record, and analyze data to help other marketers sell products.

Typically, market analysis and research employees know the right questions to ask, know how to get consumers to respond to surveys, and use that information to form focus groups related to the product.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the newest form of marketing that takes advantage of the World Wide Web; therefore, advertising through this venue reaches a plethora of individuals, both locally and globally.

While funneling online traffic to a company’s website, social media gives them the opportunity to communicate with consumers through Facebook, Snapchat, and other online social media outlets.

Strategic Marketer

Perhaps before the marketing agreement is signed between the client and advertising agency, a Strategic Marketer has been involved. Through this concentration, you can look forward to using your creative abilities.

Your job will be to generate a marketing plan to build upon, one that helps sell a product, in addition to one that keeps the product’s information, reputation, and integrity positive in the public eye. Within your online Bachelor of Marketing program, you should attempt to excel in communications and critical-thinking skills for this concentration.

Search Engine Marketing

Again, if you enjoy Internet work, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an interesting way to advertise products. Have you ever searched for a product on Google? Of course, you have. Most definitely, several paid advertisements popped up…a search engine marketer made that happen!

A search engine marketer places advertisements in the buyer’s view, hoping to entice them into checking it out. Your negotiating skills come in handy in this specialization, for you will need to bid for your ad space and the keywords associated with your product.

Direct Marketer

How do you feel about junk mail? Some people enjoy it, and some throw it in the trash bin before it even gets viewed. However you feel about it, most likely, it was sent to you through a Direct Marketer. Before the Internet was popular, this was the primary way to get the word out about a specific product or service.

Tried and true, direct marketing works, especially when the advertisements include coupons or other incentives.

Guerrilla Marketing

Are you looking for something less traditional? Are you bored by the usual marketing strategies, like newspaper and television promotions? Why not consider Guerrilla Marketing? This type of marketing technique focuses on unique and surprising elements to get your buyer’s attention.

Often, guerrilla marketing is done on busy city streets, in shopping malls, or in other well-populated public places, like beaches, parks, and tourist destinations. 

They specialize in campaigns that take the consumer by surprise or offer a fun experience, such as a flash mob performance or unusual promotional displays and giveaways. Creating a buzz or catchy tagline about a product will help buyers remember the product and tell their friends about their experience.

As you can see, there are many aspects to consider. Don’t worry; you’ll find your niche in the world of marketing! If you would like to learn more about your choices, please see our list of the Best Online Schools for Bachelor of Marketing programs.

Rowan Jones
Chief Editor