What is the potential for finding a managerial position once I graduate?

The potential for finding a management position in this versatile field is great! Whether you are looking to climb the ladder of success at a Fortune 500 company or learning the skills needed to become your own entrepreneur, it’s imperative to create the building blocks to success by getting the most of your business management degree.

It’s scary business once you graduate…fears of not landing a job are every graduates’ nightmare but, having said that, being assertive and learning that trait while you are still in school will better prepare you for the job hunting you will inevitably be partaking in once you graduate. Having this skill will ensure you the position you want versus settling for a position that lacks what you’re seeking.  Feeling confident in a job interview will give your potential employers a glimpse into your managerial style and a confident, assertive, not aggressive, candidate is just what they are looking for to move their company forward.

It really depends on the degree you seek…the following will guide you through the potential position outcomes for each degree level:

  • An associate’s degree may qualify you for a labor relations specialist, office manager, or administrative specialist jobs.
  • Positions such as account executive, business analyst, HR manager, and management consultant typically require a four-year degree, such as a BA in Business Management.
  • You could qualify for senior-level positions, such as CEO, senior management consultant, or director of operations, with an advanced degree, such as an MBA in management or an MBA in marketing.

Business management majors can look forward to strong employment opportunities in the upcoming years. As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019, job growth for advertising, promotions and marketing managers is projected to reach 7% through 2029; medical and health services manager employment is projected to expand by 32% through 2029; and computer and information systems manager jobs are projected to grow by 10% through 2029.

Of course, there is no substitute for conducting your own research, as factors such as education, location and experience vary greatly, and can help you make your decision as to which field you’d like to pursue once you graduate.  Projecting these in advance will help you to determine which path to take as far as choosing a minor to accompany your major.

Rowan Jones
Chief Editor