Can I earn a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management through an online program?

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Have you ever thought about going back to school to earn your master’s degree, but it was just too overwhelming to think about? For example, perhaps you already have a full-time job. Do you have kids that you must get to school and soccer games to attend in the evenings?

Or, perhaps, you’re a single mom looking to improve your income while still running a household and spending quality time with your kids. An online program can be customized to fit your needs and goals.

If any of the before-mentioned scenarios describe your situation, rest assured that a program featuring a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management through an online program is the answer to your concerns.

In fact, the master’s program in this field was typically designed for the working professional who already has knowledge and experience in the career of natural resources.

Although online programs pertaining to the Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management are not widely available, they are out there. Fortunately, Master’s degree programs in natural resources are more readily available than those earning bachelor’s degrees.

You may need to do intensive research yourself to locate a program that is right for you as most master’s degree programs prefer that you choose an area of concentration such as in the field of:

  • wildlife,
  • nuclear energy,
  • urban forestry
  • or within the study of endangered species.

These programs prepare the student for a leadership and management role within the field of natural resources. Key areas of study may include ecology and management, natural resource technology, communication, human dimensions, law and the environment, and planning policies.

As an online student, you will be taught through video lectures and written materials. Of course, you will need the proper computer with high-speed internet, including CD/DVD capabilities, as well as Adobe Reader.

Also, students are able to participate in video chats and discussions with instructors and classmates. Internships may also be available.

Although some programs are self-paced, some are offered in real-time, requiring you to attend classes online and meet deadlines just as you would with a traditional university. Some program requirements may include the use of a local laboratory to complete your course, in addition to visiting the campus for your final exam.

Prerequisites for entering an online Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management include a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on coursework topics related to biology, communications, environmental science and engineering, forestry, chemistry, and math.

So, no more excuses. What are you waiting for? Follow your dream and take advantage of an online program that fits your desires. When you get that promotion to management, you will be happy you did!

If you are interested in a career related to natural resources, feel free to check out our Best Master’s Programs for Natural Resources Management to help you in your endeavors.

Rowan Jones
Chief Editor