What kind of online degree do I need to work in Public Relations and Communications?

Every workplace requires someone who specializes in Public Relations and Communications. With your online bachelor’s degree in this field, a rewarding and exciting career will await you.

Your knowledge of communications and how people relate to one another will give you the principles you need to succeed in a lucrative career as a Public Relations and Communications specialist.

Getting Started

Perhaps you are wondering how to get started in the field. The preferred degree, a bachelor’s degree, will qualify you for an entry-level position upon graduation.

With an online Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications, you will learn how to be a liaison between the public and your client and how to handle bad publicity as well as good.

You will learn how to use media outlets to promote your client’s products or services. In addition to promoting sales and marketing, you will learn how to conduct grand openings, exhibitions, and other media-related events through many outlets, such as the Internet, social media, and television.

Requirements to Enter the Program

Prior requirements before admission include a high school diploma or the equivalent, and a letter of recommendation may be required. The bachelor’s online degree program typically is a four-year program. Upon graduation, you will have many career options, such as a Public Relations Specialist, Representative, Campaign Manager, or Coordinator.

Job Growth Rate

With a job growth rate of 6% between now and 2032, your future is secure in this industry. Salaries can range from between $38,630 to upwards of $128,450 annually, depending on educational degree, experience, and job location.


Coursework within your bachelor’s program may include training in a variety of different types of communication classes, including:

  • mass, organizational, and business communications,
  • drafting press releases
  • conducting conferences and planning campaigns,
  • strategic promotional tactics,
  • advanced copywriting
  • and how to take advantage of developing digital capabilities.

Other classes may include business and media writing, crisis management, public speaking, and business and ethics law, in addition to foundations of marketing and advertising.

Online Programs

If you are interested in convenience and flexibility along your educational journey, you may want to consider an online program to earn your Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications.

These programs are readily available and are wonderful for the individual who is already maintaining a job and has a busy home life. Some programs will let you work at your own pace, while others may require a more structured regime.

You’ll need a computer with an internet connection and specific software, depending on your program’s requirements. Please make sure your choice of program is accredited before signing on.


In the event that you may have the opportunity to work within an internship program, then please take advantage of it. In some cases, it may be required for graduation. An internship will help you gain valuable experience and allow you to forge relationships that will last a lifetime.

If you are interested in furthering your career, you may wish to obtain your master’s degree, as well as obtain certification. These additional accolades will qualify you for senior Public Relations positions and self-employment.

We have compiled a list of the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Public Relations and Communications for your convenience.

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