In the field of Business Intelligence, what are three popular areas of specialization in which my online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics would be most useful?

Earning your online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics helps you to expand on your current knowledge of assessing performance statistics for all types of industries. However, there are three main areas of specialization within this field that you may wish to concentrate on while searching for a permanent career position. The three main areas of interest you may want to consider are in the fields of education, law enforcement and, of course, in business and industry.

In the area of education, business intelligence is used abundantly through the college admissions process. Colleges and universities want to enroll students who will succeed. Through the gathered data, they can analyze applicants who are a good fit for their campus and who academically will excel. BI is an important part of managing enrollment, as well. This process ensures that tuition goals are met, that they maintain a proper count of qualified students and that marketing, recruiting, financial aid and admission goals are met. With your online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, you will be well trained in the different types of data analysis and how to use the proper software and tools to obtain integral, strategic information. The evaluation of scholastic grades offers some students additional academic tutoring while others are offered information about honor societies and possible job leads.

Are you interested in Law Enforcement? If you would like to combine your passion for law with an online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, you can be an integral part of fighting crime in your community. The police get valuable information from past data to predict future crime areas by identifying suspicious activity and behavior. This enables them to increase patrol in troubled areas in an effort to prevent crimes and send real-time information on a suspect to an officer at the scene. It also helps in dispatching and tracking officers. The BI information is also used in tracking pedophiles and others on sex offender registries, gang activities and forensic findings. Also, elaborate data analytics systems are often used to detect financial fraud by determining insider trading, insurance and fraudulent healthcare claims, money laundering, as well as, the transgressions of organized crime groups. The information systems maintained by Business Intelligence personnel have many tools at their disposal such as records of mobile phones, prior police reports and security camera footage. Today’s law enforcement personnel, in conjunction with BI employees, have many ways of catching the bad guy.

In addition to large corporations, small businesses need Business Intelligence and Data Analytic personnel to sort through the everyday process of obtaining pertinent numbers for examination. The BI Specialist helps organizations make better, more effective business decisions. They too, use software and data to help in the tracking, processing and storing of valuable information. Such data can identify cost effectiveness, profit statistics plus indicate what improvements needs to be done. Through centralized computer systems, BI employees can relay to other team members, investors or stock holders the necessary numbers to help in the process of making sound business decisions.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor