Should I pursue certification after earning my online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence/Data Analytics?

While earning an online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics may take up to two years of your time, additional certification programs typically take a few months up to one year to complete.

As the field of Business Intelligence (BI) expands, more and more employers appreciate the value of complimentary education whenever possible, such as a Business Intelligence/Data Analytics certification.

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Certifications Available Online

If you aspire to advance in your career, certification classes are available in online programs if flexibility and convenience are important to you. They allow you to further your education while maintaining a full-time job if needed. 

Purpose of Certifications

Obtaining your BI certificate will keep you up-to-date on new technology and programs that assist the BI administrator in everyday business functions. Professional certification in this field will showcase your talents and increase credibility.

Business Intelligence/Data Analytics certification

What You’ll Learn

In addition to your online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics, certification status attests to your dedication, integrity, and knowledge when tasked with any assignment.

Anyone involved in making daily business decisions by analyzing data will benefit from a BI certification program, whether you are an IT professional, market researcher, business analyst, or project manager.

It will instruct you on the importance of data security, leveraging productive analytical techniques and management skills, sharpening your capabilities for everyday strategic decision-making, and how to decrease risks and maximize profits.

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Career Advancement

Prospective employers will take your dedication to your craft very seriously. Certification in a BI career is respected and does not go unnoticed. By gaining certification status, you will have proven that you are the best in your field. Individuals with certifications have an increased chance for advancement opportunities and lucrative pay raises.

Business Intelligence/Data Analytics certification

In Conclusion

  • Your initial certification is valid for a limited number of years, and then, at that point, you must renew periodically.
  • As the world of technology changes daily, you will be required to show proof of continuing education between each renewal.
  • Recertification and additional training will ensure your employer that you have the skills to keep up with the ever-changing world of Business Intelligence and Analytics.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor