What career and salary can I expect with my online Master’s of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics?

online Master's of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Earning your online Master’s of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics is a great decision; however, perhaps you’re wondering what positions are available at this degree level. We will look at a few options to help you along your journey.

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Business Intelligence Administrators

Business Intelligence Administrators primarily work within the world of software. They typically own a bachelor’s or preferably a master’s degree for advanced positions in programs related to computer or information science.

They oversee the functionality of databases and digital reporting systems to assess the efficiency of a business’s effectiveness and profits. With projected job growth of 10% between now and 2032, BI Administrators are in high demand and can expect to earn an average of $99,623 to $110,210 annually, depending on education, experience, and location.

If you wish to obtain a management position, an additional degree, such as a Master’s in Business Administration, is usually required and very helpful.

Database Architect

If a six-figure salary of approximately $153,870 annually interests you, check out the career description of a Database Architect. With an online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, your skills will include database design, data maintenance, security, data and project management, training, and the use of operating systems.

As a Database Architect, you will be responsible for evaluating database structure and developing, maintaining, and installing solutions, as required. Also included are duties dealing with security, backup, and recovery specifications, coordinating installations and new releases, answering user questions, and conducting training sessions on new systems, just to name a few.

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online Master's of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Database Engineer

The Database Engineer manages a company’s information by maintaining its database with viable and relevant data. The information is provided to businesses, for example, healthcare or financial institutions, to ensure security and availability to other employees or management.

They create software and programs to run databases, and they also oversee that all new product applications are completed smoothly and securely.

The average salary for a Database Engineer ranges from $99,890 to $153,870 per year, with a faster-than-usual job growth rate of 8%. This career option is an integral part of the success of a business, whatever the industry may be.

Business Systems Analyst Manager

Business Systems Analyst Managers are responsible for the efficiency of a company’s computer system. They often hold a bachelor’s degree; however, with an online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, you will qualify for a management job in this field.

Business Systems Analysts work hard to coordinate a company’s use of technology with the business strategies and goals of the industry.

They test software and work with project managers to assess problems and implement solutions. The median salary for a Business Systems Analyst in a management position is $138,683 per year, ranging between $105,673 to $157,665, depending on experience, education, and job location.

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