What types of management degrees are available?

There are many types of degrees to consider in your pursuit of a career in business. Exceptional management of the daily activities is often the backbone of any company and can lead to its success or its demise.  In this position, business managers oversee all aspects of business operations, such as tax preparation and human resources, as well as, account management, financial stability and everything in between.  With an online Bachelor of Business Management degree, you will be prepared to handle any business application within any type of industry.

Listed here in alphabetical order are the many ways you may choose to get into the business field and earn a degree! Listed as well are the median annual salaries associated with each degree. Please remember that many factors can affect salary amounts, such as the job location, your educational experience, and previous work experience. According to various salary comparing websites, such as Salary.com, Payscale.com, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the numbers for the national average.

      • Accounting – $69,350 (2017)
      • Advertising Manager – $106,130 (2017)
      • Business Administration – $94,202 (2017)
      • Business Management – $102,590 (2017)
      • Business Information Technology – $139,220 (2017)
      • Communications Manager- $111,280 (2017)
      • Economics – $102,490 (2017)
      • Entrepreneurship – $102,590 (2017)
      • Financial Managers – $125,080 (2017)
      • Healthcare Management
        – Healthcare Administrator: $98,350 (2017)
        – Physician’s Office Manager: $48,278 (2019)
      • Hospitality Management – $28,000 to $52,000 annually based on factors such as industry, education, experience, city, and specific job title
        – Lodging Managers – $51,800 (2017)
        – Food Service Managers – $52,030 (2017)
      • Human Resources Manager- $110,120 (2017)
      • International Finance Management – $125,080 (2017)
      • Marketing Manager – $106,030 (2017)
      • Project Management – $67,280 (2017)
      • Public Relations Manager – $111,280 (2017)
      • Statistician – $103,010 (2017)

Choosing a degree program can be a hard process. You will want to choose one that fits your interests, along with, your personality. We’ve made it easy for you, especially if you are looking for an online program in business administration. Check out our Top 20 Online Bachelor’s of Business Administration Degree Programs.

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