The Top 20 Schools for Bachelor’s in Engineering Management Degrees

engineering management

Engineering Management is a program that combines engineering courses with business management principles. Students obtain a comprehensive engineering education consisting of planning, scheduling, monitoring, and control of engineering projects while developing business expertise, social awareness, and organizational communication skills.

On the bachelor’s level, Engineering Management is a four-year degree that immerses students in a multidisciplinary field that deals with the technical, financial, strategic, and human resources components of the program.

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Graduates of this degree apply their experiential knowledge and skill set necessary for practical problem-solving to address the complexities of the discipline.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Engineer Managers’ median annual wage can go as high as $159,920 in the fields of:

  • scientific research and development services,
  • management of companies and enterprises,
  • manufacturing,
  • architecture,
  • engineering,
  • and government.

Moreover, Engineering Managers receive more benefits than employees of a lower designation. Future students should look for schools with Engineering Management degree programs that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.(ABET).


We researched the colleges and universities in America that offer Bachelor’s in Engineering Management programs. The profiled list consists of our top picks based on their curriculum and coursework, internship and immersion programs, if any, as well as the program duration, tuition, and accreditation. Our list mentions whether the schools, which are listed in random order, offer their Bachelor’s in Engineering Management program online or on-campus.


Stevens Institute of Technology

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

The Stevens Institute of Technology is a private university named after the “First Family in American Railroad” who influenced American engineering by building steam-powered railroads, yachts, and vessels that set the groundwork for some warships in the 1800s.

Today, Stevens continues to lead in the engineering field with its Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering & Science which offers 50 academic programs, Its topnotch Engineering Management (EM) is a nine-time winner of the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) award for its leadership in management technologies and the highest faculty achievement.

Its EM accelerated program allows students to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years with a low price per credit. The institution proudly underscores that 100% of its EM graduates are employed by the top-recruiting companies.

Their engineering management bachelor’s degree program offers an integrated curriculum taught by award-winning faculty that includes engineering core courses alongside courses in:

  • data analysis,
  • modeling and visualization,
  • project management,
  • engineering design,
  • and system integration.

Students in this program develop skills in the interplay between technology, data, organizations, and economics. In this course, students become capable decision-makers who can develop solutions for complex management problems.

Through the cooperative education program and the senior design project, students will gain practical experience working on ‘real-world’ assignments.


Stevens researchers tackle difficult questions, experiment with novel approaches, go the extra mile, and develop applications that save lives, protect privacy, help people make better decisions, and improve public health, safety, and security.

Learn more about a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Missouri University of Science and Technology

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

A member of the University of Missouri System, Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) was founded as the first technological institution in the west of Mississippi. For almost 150 years, this institution has provided 18 undergraduate programs for the College of Engineering and Computing, 16 of which are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET).

These specialized ABET-accredited programs include the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management. This program is highly regarded as one of the only six ABET-accredited degrees in the country. To acquire technical and managerial skills under this program, the student must complete a minimum of 128 hours.

The school also helps students communicate, integrate, and connect with fellow learners through their Student Design and Experiential Learning Center. It presents an excellent opportunity for learners to participate in industry-sponsored competitions and network with industry professionals. This program features:

  • core chemistry,
  • physics,
  • mathematics,
  • and engineering sciences courses required by all engineering disciplines at Missouri S&T.

After completing these courses, students take 18 hours of focused coursework in additional emphasis areas. During your senior year, you will take a capstone design course that combines your technical and managerial skills. The Fundamentals of Engineering exam and Experiential Learning are required for the Bachelor of Science degree.


Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Nuclear Reactor was built in 1961 and started operating in 1961. It is a swimming pool reactor, named after the concrete pool in which it is located at the bottom.

To know more about their programs, visit Missouri University of Science and Technology.

The University of Illinois at Chicago

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is a top public research university in one of the most visited cities in the nation. With more than 30,000 enrollees in 15 colleges, UIC is the largest university in Chicago. It is also considered one of the “most ethnically and culturally diverse universities” in the U.S., acknowledging and welcoming the underrepresented group of students. 

Since the 19th century, the University of Illinois at Chicago has been providing programs in its long-running Medical school, College of Engineering, College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts, College of Education, and more.

Its College of Engineering offers 28 programs that include a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Management which takes 128 credit hours to finish. Research funding for the said college is at $83.9 million. It is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.

In UIC’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management, engineering principles are applied to business practices. Students can study business administration and engineering together in the joint program offered by the College of Engineering and College of Business Administration.

Graduates of this program can pursue administrative, technical, and managerial jobs in small technological engineering or manufacturing companies, or as production supervisors, administrative staff, and department managers in large technological companies.

Program graduates are also prepared for careers in large non-technical organizations, such as banking, that may require both engineering and management expertise.


US News & World Report ranked UIC 46th among public national universities in its 2022 ranking of colleges and universities. The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education rank UIC as one of the nation’s 10 best valued colleges.

Visit the University of Illinois at Chicago to learn more about their Engineering Management courses.

University of The Pacific

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

The University of the Pacific has 11 schools that cater to students in undergraduate, post-graduate, accelerated programs, and professional certifications. Being the oldest chartered university in the State of California, the school was founded in 1851.

It serves nearly 5,000 students in its Stockton campus which displays a beautiful tower, a rose garden, and beautiful architectural structures that have been featured in some Hollywood movies.

Its Engineering Management program has specialized accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. Students in the junior and senior years have to complete a seven-month CO-OP Education experience to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Management. This is to immerse them into the real corporate environment from office work, and from lab work to fieldwork.

Engineering management students can take courses in project and systems engineering as well as courses within one’s concentration area; for example, civil or mechanical engineering. According to their goals, students develop a study plan with their faculty advisor. This major provides many career paths and opportunities with 30% of its curriculum being electives. 


Among those who responded to a survey six months after graduation, 91% were able to get a job, proceed to graduate school or complete an internship. And 93% of the graduates in 2019 were able to achieve their career goals.

Get more information about this program at the University of the Pacific.

The College of New Jersey

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Nestled on a 289-acre, tree-lined campus in suburban Ewing Township, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) prides itself as a top comprehensive college in the Northern U.S. famous for its programs in engineering, business, humanities, science, and education.

It is a highly selective institution that values the most talented and excellent students in the state and offers “Leadership Programming” to be invested in the undergraduate students’ development.

TCNJ is organized into seven schools providing 50 academic programs to its 7,400 students. Its Engineering Science program has three preferences for Engineering Management specialization, namely:

  • Computer,
  • Electrical,
  • and Mechanical.

TCNJ’s School of Engineering is duly accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. The College of New Jersey’s Engineering Science program prepares its graduates to contribute to the development of New Jersey and the nation in technical, societal, and/or economic fields.

This program will be used as a pathway for graduates to practice engineering or any related disciplines. They can also be leaders in their respective industries as well as take part in public service. 


Money ranked it as one of the top 15 public colleges with the best financial return on investment. Among Northeastern regional universities, it is ranked as the top public institution by U.S. News & World Report.

Learn more about the Bachelor’s in Engineering Management program at The College of New Jersey.

The University of Arizona

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Considered a leader in public research, the University of Arizona lays claim that 89% of employers say UA graduates rise above their colleagues. Students have real connections to their peers and professors and use the 100% engagement program as an approach to the learning experience. Participation in these activities is accounted for in their official transcripts.

The university offers a handful of undergraduate majors with 6,884 graduates in 2018. There are three Bachelor of Science degrees offered in their Systems and Industrial Engineering Department, namely:

  • systems engineering,
  • industrial engineering
  • and engineering management.

To earn a BS in Engineering Management, students have to complete a four-year degree plan that incorporates engineering courses with business and management.

An engineering management degree combines knowledge from a range of disciplines and prepares graduates to become industry leaders and entrepreneurs. The engineering management major develops skills in identifying and improving manufacturing processes and in understanding the customer demand for new products and technology.

While focusing on one of the University of Arizona’s specific engineering majors, they build a skillset steeped in the business management side of engineering. By participating in design, entrepreneurship, internship, and club activities, undergraduates gain real-world experience. Those who major in this major are prepared to launch their own businesses or to work for global corporations.


  • Nobel Prizes have been awarded to three University of Arizona faculty members.
  • The University of Arizona is one of the top 25 producers of Fulbright awards in the United States, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Learn more about Engineering Management at the University of Arizona.

United States Military Academy

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Known as West Point, Army, Army West Point, The Academy, or The Point, United States Military Academy (USMA) was established by President Thomas Jefferson in 1801 as a school for the US Corps of Engineers. Currently, students, also referred to as “cadets” who are admitted to this service academy can choose from a wide variety of programs offered from engineering to social sciences, literature, and business.

Tuition is fully paid in return for an active duty service obligation after graduation. To earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Management, cadets must not only learn courses highlighting management and technical functions but also adhere to and embody a strict honor code, and possess military leadership and characteristics.

The Philosophy of Engineering Program teaches the concepts and principles of engineering to manage the fundamental elements of organizational leadership, personnel management, fiscal management, and systems understanding. EM is a highly relevant program that emphasizes management functions in a technical environment, building on the traditional roles of systems analysis and basic and applied sciences.


West Point was first occupied by American soldiers on January 27, 1778. A Connecticut militia unit set up camp at West Point after the Hudson River froze in late 1777 and early 1778.

For more information, visit the United States Military Academy.

Clarkson University

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Based in Potsdam, New York, Clarkson University prides itself as an achiever in the areas of STEM and entrepreneurial education, data analytics, and global solutions.

Although the institution is known for its science and engineering main concepts, about 4,300 students enroll at Clarkson University and choose from 95 programs in engineering, business, sciences, humanities and arts, education, and health profession granting degrees in bachelors, master’s, certificate and doctorate.

The Engineering & Management program has 120 credit hours that take four years for graduation. The undergraduate placement rate is consistently at 95%. The E&M program is recognized by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET and the  Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

In the engineering and management program, students take 32 credits in engineering and management, 31 credits in mathematics and science, 18 credits in electrical science, and 18 credits in other courses. There are three elective credits available. Internships, directed research, and co-op are all part of the requirements for students to reach their professional goals. Some of the courses they learn in this program are:

  • Project Management,
  • Organizational Policy and Strategy,
  • Elements of Operations Research,
  • and Operations and Supply Chain Management.


  • In 1983, Zenith Z-100 desktop computers were provided to all incoming first-year students.
  • A beloved Potsdam businessman named Clarkson who died in a quarry accident is the inspiration behind Clarkson University’s name.

Get more information on the Engineering Management program at Clarkson University.

New York Institute of Technology

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

With more than 7,000 enrollees and 90 academic programs, the New York Institute of Technology is a non-profit university established in 1955. It has two main campuses located in New York (Long Island and Manhattan) and international campuses in Vancouver, Canada, and China.

The College of Engineering and Computing Sciences caters to the high demand for STEM graduates with locations in Long Island, New York City, Abu Dhabi, Nanjing in China, and Vancouver in Canada. Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management students get the chance to access the institution’s leading-edge labs like:

  • aerodynamics,
  • thermo-fluids,
  • rapid prototyping,
  • and fabrication.

Plus, they can gain hands-on experience through the engineering facilities used by industry professionals.

A core liberal arts curriculum complements the curriculum, which emphasizes critical thinking, communication, and other skills necessary in today’s global market. You’ll graduate with key skills in rapid prototyping and fabrication, system simulation, thermo-fluids, and 3-D scanning and printing.


The internship program has helped thousands of students gain real-world work experience. Many of New York Tech’s graduates are employed by major corporations and organizations such as Boeing, Broadridge Financial Services, HBO, Google, IBM, Leviton, LiveNation, Motorola, Viacom/MTV Networks, National Grid, and Verizon.

Learn more about engineering programs at the New York Institute of Technology.

Arizona State University

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Arizona State University is one of the biggest universities based on enrollment with over 98,000 enrollees and has received some awards for its performance, research development, output, and innovation. This public metropolitan research university is composed of 17 colleges which include Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering located in Tempe campus, plus an online program.

The engineering school was founded 60 years ago and now consists of 22% of ASU’s student body. Complete only 120 hours to earn your BSE in Engineering Management. The program is also offered as a Concurrent Degree with a BS in Economics. ASU also offers this program as an Accelerated Degree with MS Industrial Engineering, both earned and completed in as little as five years.

You can complete engineering techniques courses to earn your BSE in engineering management. Project management and business-oriented courses are also available. Some sample courses include:

  • System Dynamics and Thinking,
  • Risk Management,
  • Project Management,
  • and Engineering Administration.

WP Carey School of Business classes are also available. Capstone projects are completed over two semesters. 


  • Bert Anthony, a former Disney Studios employee who created Sparky, has been the university’s mascot since 1946.
  • In Washington Monthly’s ranking of “colleges that deliver the best value”, ASU ranks #7.

Learn more about the Arizona State University Engineering Management program here.

The University of Vermont

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Officially named The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, UVM was founded as the only land-grant university in Vermont. It was founded by Ira Allen who donated a 50-acre parcel of land for the university and was established in the same year Vermont became the 14th state. Its academic department consists of 12 colleges that offer more than 100 majors for bachelor’s and 100 more for master’s and doctoral programs.

One of its four interdisciplinary programs of study in Engineering is BS in Engineering Management. Learners are involved in active participation and score practical experience by working with an Engineering Management faculty member.

Students need 122 credit hours is required to fulfill courses for this program. The university is proud to have its Dudley H. Davis Center receive the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification in the country.

In cooperation with the Grossman School of Business, the Engineering Management program offers a Bachelor of Science degree. The objective of engineering management is to plan, organize, direct, and control activities with technical components. Managing technical projects and people is integral to designing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing products in the marketplace.

This program combines engineering discipline studies with courses in:

  • economics,
  • accounting,
  • finance,
  • and operations.


  • About 92% of UVM seniors were involved in research, internships, or other experiences-based learning/high-impact practices during their time at UVM.
  • Seniors report being involved in faculty-mentored research at UVM in 40% of cases.
  • More than 500 study-abroad options in over 70 countries; 24% of undergraduates will study abroad in 2019-20.

To learn more about the school’s Engineering Management program, visit The University of Vermont.

Miami University

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Home to just about all freshmen and sophomores, Miami University’s campus is one of the schools that attract students the most with its higher education standards. It was chartered in the 1800s in a college township called Oxford. Miami University, also referred to as “Yale of the West,” has continued to build a community with a “vibrant social atmosphere” for students’ personal and professional development.

Its academic division is comprised of:

  • College of Arts and Science,
  • Farmer School of Business,
  • College of Creative Arts,
  • College of Education, Health and Society,
  • College of Engineering and Computing (CEC),
  • College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science,
  • Graduate School,
  • and a Miami University Dolibois European Center located in Luxembourg.

Engineering Management (EGM) is offered with four concentrations to choose from. Demand for EGM graduates has increased in the last few years, and the CEC department reports that the placement rate for such graduates is nearing 100 percent.

In the engineering management curriculum, technical engineering topics are studied in-depth in conjunction with a business focus. There are 21 credit hours in the business core that cover various aspects of the business world. There are four engineering concentrations that students can select and complete:

  • Electronics and Computing,
  • Environmental Engineering,
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • and Paper Science & Engineering.

Students in the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) are able to use the top-notch lab facilities that are available to all students.  Hands-on and experiential learning is the key to the lab experience, which enables students to apply math, science, and engineering to real-life projects.


  • The University of Miami has its own cemetery, making it one of the few in the nation.
  • Ten Union generals and three Confederate generals were born in Miami during the Civil War.

Learn more about the Engineering Management program at Miami University.

Illinois Institute of Technology

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Recognized by the Higher Learning Commission, Illinois Institute of Technology is a space-grant, private institution admitting more than 7,000 students in 8 schools with programs focusing on engineering, architecture, business, science, psychology, design, technology, and law. The institute came to be as a result of a merger between Armour Institute and Lewis Institute which were formed in 1890 and 1895, respectively.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management is a program under the Armour College of Engineering (ACE). The university has contributed to research in some of the great innovations like:

  • cell phones,
  • barcodes,
  • and magnetic tape recording.

The courses are completed depending on the specialization the student chooses, the minimum of which is 127 credit hours. This course focuses on the development of critical thinking skills aimed at solving practical problems and making informed decisions by teaching fundamentals of science, engineering, management, and business administration.

The engineering management curriculum at Illinois Tech provides students with the opportunity to develop highly relevant skills and competencies. At the intersection of engineering invention and business administration, this program is driven by the rapid development of new technologies in the global economy.


US News & World Report ranks Illinois Tech among the top National Universities for its undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering, science, architecture, business, design, humanities, and applied technology. The unique hands-on nature of their academic programs makes Illinois Tech an ideal learning environment for our students.

To get more information on the school’s Engineering Management program, visit the Illinois Institute of Technology.


Wilkes University

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

A private, non-denominational university in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Wilkes University began as a satellite campus of Bucknell University in 1933 and later gained independence in 1947. Although the school has a relatively small campus and most of its buildings are located in the same block with approximately 2,500 students, it boasts of solidarity among students and faculty.

It consists of seven colleges and among them is the College of Science & Engineering which offers a baccalaureate degree in Engineering Management. The EGM degree is awarded after completing 130 credit hours. Wilkes University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

EGM graduates have traditionally pursued projects in:

  • project management,
  • project engineering,
  • process management,
  • new product development,
  • manufacturing management,
  • new product design processes,
  • quality control,
  • and reliability analysis.

Electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines are integrated into the EGM program. Students may choose concentrations in Information Systems or Entrepreneurship, for example. Graduates of this program will be well-versed in engineering fundamentals, but also interested in technology, business development, and competitive markets. 


The Wilkes Colonels baseball team used this field for decades, where Babe Ruth hit his longest home run, estimated at 650 feet.

To learn more about the institution’s Engineering programs, go to Wilkes University.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

A recipient of the prestigious Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education from the National Academy of Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) was one of the first universities in the United States to exercise project-based education so students can gain experiential learning.

Today, it continues to provide training that balances theory and practice inspired by its two founders through its 50 academic programs in science, engineering, technology, management, humanities and arts, and social sciences. These programs include a BS in Management Engineering (MGE) that requires all first-year students to attend the Great Problems Seminar, a two-term course that engages them in university-level research.

A degree in management engineering allows you to create a curriculum tailored to your interests and career goals. As well as:

  • math,
  • calculus,
  • statistics,
  • science,
  • and computer science.

You’ll complete six technical courses and management core courses. Students who begin their studies in one field, such as engineering or science, can apply a portion of their previous studies to their new field if they choose to change to MGE. Students will be expected to apply their knowledge to real-world problems in an innovative manner over the course of four years.

As a management engineering major, your senior capstone project is typically designed for a company that sponsors your project. The topics can range from a situational and cost analysis of aggregate and asphalt plants to an analysis of change management practices.


Global Scholarships are awarded to 100% of students who complete life-changing projects.

Learn more about Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s engineering programs here.

University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

An urban university that began in 1886 and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) is home to the Mocs (short for its Moccasins athletic team). It is a school that awards bachelor’s, master’s, specialist’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as graduate certificates.

UTC claims to be one of the fastest-growing universities in Tennessee with a student population of 11,587. Among its 140 undergraduate programs is the ABET-accredited Engineering Technology Management, Engineering Management, B.S. under the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The program requires 127 hours for graduation and a ClearPath for Advising guide is provided to help students develop plans for specific goals per semester.

UTC’s Engineering Technology Management (ETM) undergraduate program offers a concentration in Engineering Management. In order to prepare students for managing engineers and technical professionals, the concentration offers a comprehensive and quality learning environment coupled with scholarly and service activities.

Managing engineering projects from conception to completion combines the technical problem-solving abilities of engineers with the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of managers. This includes overseeing product development, manufacturing, construction, etc.


The UTC Rollins College of Business is offering 500 internship programs to its business students. 

To know more about the Engineering Management program, visit the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Gonzaga University

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

One of the prominent Jesuit schools in Spokane, Washington, Gonzaga University continues to provide humanistic education for 131 years. With a 93% retention rate, students pursue degrees from seven colleges such as:

  • School of Engineering & Applied Science,
  • School of Business Administration,
  • School of Education,
  • School of Law,
  • School of Nursing and Human Physiology,
  • School of Professional Studies
  • and College of Arts and Sciences.

For 80 years, the College of Engineering & Applied Science has produced educated and competent graduates. Its Engineering Management integrates engineering and business management skills for future employment. This 133-credit program can be completed in four years.

A combination of engineering and business courses from Gonzaga’s School of Business Administration is provided in their engineering management program. In this engineering program, you’ll develop leadership, project management, and basic business skills so that you can meet deadlines, manage budgets, and resolve problems. Through this course, you’ll gain technical knowledge and improve your communication skills with both technical and non-technical teammates.


The Gonzaga community permeates every aspect of the school. Every student knows each other and greets them in the halls. In other cities, you will be stopped by alumni wearing Gonzaga gear and greeted with enthusiasm and comradery.

Learn more about the Engineering Management program at Gonzaga University.

The University of Portland

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Located on a high cliff in a residential campus with a view of the Willamette River and the vibrant city of Portland, The University of Portland (UP) is a private university associated with the Congregation of Holy Cross. Its community holds 4,000 students enrolled in more than 40 undergraduate and 30 graduate programs.

Offered under the Shiley School of Engineering are four-year bachelor’s degrees in:

  • civil engineering,
  • computer science,
  • electrical engineering,
  • engineering management,
  • and mechanical engineering.

Students attend on a semester-based calendar and enjoy focused instruction and learning with a 12:1 student-faculty ratio. UP has a Shepard Freshman Resource Center that was created to aid first-year students in the transition and learning process.

Graduating students typically work in manufacturing and production, scheduling, quality control, technical marketing, sales engineering, fieldwork, project management, and construction management. Entrepreneurship may be an option for some.

The degree of a bachelor’s in a specific engineering field is recommended for students who wish to lead research and design projects. Courses in mathematics, science, basic engineering, and liberal arts are the same as those in other engineering disciplines.

In the upper divisions of engineering, economics, accounting, management, and marketing courses are substituted for some of the engineering courses. There are many elective options available to the student. The choices include civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, management, accounting, and finance.


Excluding student loans, first-year students were awarded an average of $27,456 in 2019. Most full-time undergraduate students receive some type of financial aid.

Get more information on the Engineering Management degree at The University of Portland.

Bucknell University

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Bucknell University was established in 1846 as a private, coeducational, and residential institution in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The school reports positive student outcomes including a 94% retention rate.

The school also reveals that 97% of its graduates either land employment or pursue a graduate degree. Regarding program duration, 86% of Bucknell University students graduate within four years, and 97% of its faculty are either doctorate or terminal degree holders.

The school’s top-ranked College of Engineering offers five-year dual programs accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. The programs are Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Bachelor of Management for Engineers. First-year students may pick a specific major in Engineering or choose to on special projects or independent study.

Students who complete the Engineering & Management Program in five years are prepared for leadership roles in technology companies by combining the technical skills of engineering with the business acumen of management. A bachelor’s degree in engineering and a bachelor’s degree in engineering management are awarded to graduates.


In the nine months following graduation, 94% of the Class of 2020 reported successful outcomes.

Learn more about Engineering Management degree program at Bucknell University.

Western New England University

bachelor's in engineering management

Prominent Program Features:

Initially established in Springfield, Massachusetts to provide programs for students studying law part-time, business, and accounting, Western New England University began its expansion in 1959 to award baccalaureate degrees in business administration, science, engineering, education, and law. Now, the university is organized into six colleges.

Students who want to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degree in a short period can enroll in their BS Engineering Management/MS Engineering Management. The College of Engineering welcomes all of its freshmen with a task in the Engineering Fundamentals course requiring them to participate in designing and building of a robot prototype.

With this combined degree program, engineering majors can earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree with just one additional year of study, saving both time and money. You will be able to maximize the efficiency of your organization’s resources through a Master of Science in Engineering Management. The goal is to increase efficiency, improve flexibility, and improve customer satisfaction with proven strategies.


More than 8,000 of the university’s 48,000 alumni are graduates of the School of Law. Their alumni hail from all 50 states and live in 48 countries around the world, but they maintain strong bonds with their institution, contributing to their Annual Fund, mentoring current students, and hiring their graduates.

Learn more about the Bachelor’s in Engineering Management degree at Western New England University.


What are the courses for a Bachelor’s in Engineering Management degree?

bachelor's in engineering management

Colleges and universities that offer the B.S. Engineering Management degree have curricula that generally require completion of 120 credit hours or more. Most schools typically need a minimum of 70 credit hours for Non-engineering and General Education, 50 credit hours for Engineering courses, and three hours of Electives.

Some schools offer this program with a specific concentration that requires more credit hours for their Core Curriculum and remaining Business Core Courses. Some of the sample coursework you’ll undertake in this bachelor’s program are:

  • Project Management,
  • Statistics,
  • Physics,
  • Electrical Science,
  • Fluid Mechanics,
  • Calculus,
  • Thermodynamics,
  • and Organizational Behavior.

Is the Engineering Management degree a part of the STEM program?

bachelor's in engineering management

Engineering Management Degree Programs are designed with engineering, science, technology, and mathematics courses, which are incorporated with managerial or leadership principles; thus, making it a part of The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education.

bachelor's in engineering management

Bachelor’s in Engineering Management degree holders find rewarding jobs. They also gain opportunities for career advancement as Engineer Managers, a position that fills a unique spot in the industry.

There is an expected growth of 4% until 2032 for engineering managers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Engineering management degree graduates are also qualified for various types of jobs such as Project Manager, Senior Lead Analyst, and Cost Systems Analyst.

How is management incorporated into an Engineering Management degree program?

Management is incorporated into an Engineering Management degree program through courses that teach students about standard managerial practices and concepts, such as project management, risk management, budgeting, and decision-making.

Additionally, students may be required to complete a project that requires them to apply their knowledge of management in an engineering context. Depending on the program, students may also have the opportunity to take courses in topics like human resources management, leadership, and organizational behavior.

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