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The 27 Highest Paying Business Management Positions in 2022

You may have a hard time seeing the big picture, but you must start somewhere…and that somewhere is to achieve your degree in business management and have the drive to reach for the stars! Keeping your eye on the prize ensures a nice transition from struggling students to hitting the big time! Without a doubt, earning a lucrative business management salary will help you reach your goals!

These jobs listed and detailed below will not only make your time in front of an open textbook or a computer screen for hours worthwhile but will also place you in the top paying positions in business management. So, check out the business management salary that will fit your needs.

Not listed in any particular order, if you are considering a degree in business management, taking a look into each management field will help you make a decision to obtain the position that will work best for you.

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In gathering information regarding the pay scales of the management positions listed below, we used the guidance of, Bureau of Labor Statistics ( and


Computer and Information Systems Manager

Averages $115,780 annually

business management salary

If you have an interest in working with computers and technology on a regular basis, consider working full-time as a computer and information systems manager. A computer and information system manager earns about $55.67 hourly, or $115,780 annually, depending on your qualifications and the company you are working for. It is required to have more than 5 years of experience within the IT and computer management industry, in addition, to holding a Bachelor’s degree in a similar field.

Computer and information systems managers work to coordinate, plan and direct various activities that are computer-related for a specific company or organization. Most often, working in an office job or in a tech workspace is the most common environment for individuals who are professional computer and information systems managers.

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Administration Services Manager

Averages $94,020 annually

business management salary

Administrative services managers are responsible for making sure their clients’ businesses run as smoothly as possible. They tend to oversee facility management tasks, materials scheduling, and other areas of their employers’ organizations. Additionally, they often allocate office space. Other common duties found in this line of work include:

  • Update equipment
  • Oversee business-related operations
  • Create contracts and ensure they are followed through with
  • Prepare transportation services of both workers, goods, and clients
  • Examine personal property needs of the business
  • Initiate “green” business operations
  • Oversee support services
  • Plan workspaces
  • Plan grounds maintenance schedules
  • Implement security systems
  • Direct other staff members

The average income of an Administration Services Manager – $94,020 yearly, $45.20 per hour.


Averages $129,380 annually

business management salary

Working as advertising and marketing managers earn a professional individual approximately $129,380 annually or $62.20 per hour. To obtain a position as an advertising and marketing manager, a Bachelor’s degree in advertising or marketing is highly recommended, and often required for most workplaces today.

When working as a professional advertising and marketing manager, it is your responsibility to generate interest in a service or a product for a specific brand or company. Whether you are in charge of handling an entire campaign or simply the focus and objective of an upcoming marketing campaign, you will also work together with sales agents, art directors, and even financial professionals involved in the company throughout each task you are working on to compete professionally.

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Averages $106,130 annually

business management salary

Promotions managers spend their time carrying out a wide variety of tasks directly related to advertising. Their primary goal is to increase sales for the clients that hire them.

As part of the job, the managers design promotional materials as well as carry out advertising campaigns. These managers create discount and promotional programs to secure future sales. They use all types of media to employ promotional messages, meaning a person will need to be tech-savvy to succeed in this line of work. Another important part of promotions managers’ jobs is to analyze the results of advertising campaigns.

The average income of a Promotions Manager – $106,130 or $51.03 per hour.


Averages $137,720 annually

architectural manager

Working as architectural managers require a Bachelor’s degree and often at least 5 years of experience working in the field to obtain the position. A professional architectural manager earns about $66.21 an hour, or $137,720 annually, depending on where you are working and the experience you have in the industry.

Most of an architectural manager’s day is spent working inside of an office workspace, planning and overseeing projects that are being handled by various teams. Architectural managers are also known to work within laboratories, construction sites themselves, and industrial plants depending on the type of project that has been taken on. Working in engineering, architecture, and research and development are all sectors of the job when working professionally and full-time as an architectural manager.


Averages $133,520 annually

business management salary

Engineering managers spend their time supervising other engineers. For the most part, these engineers are responsible for developing, testing, modifying, and creating solutions to a wide range of technical issues. Common duties carried out by the engineering manager include:

  • Writing performance reviews
  • Supervising and leading lower-level engineers
  • Overseeing research projects
  • Directing and coordinating production
  • Creating goal achievement plans
  • Negotiating research contracts
  • Modify product designs
  • Hire and train other engineers
  • Approve expenditures
  • Develop new product concepts
  • Establish administrative standards

Those who choose to pursue a career as an engineering manager can expect to make anywhere between $119,290 and $147,751 a year. To enter into this line of work, a person will need a master’s degree in engineering.


Averages $99,169 annually

business management salary

Two career fields in finance are compensation and benefits managers. A compensation manager basically plans, directs, and coordinates how much money a company pays to each of its employees. A benefits manager does much the same tasks but deals with health insurance, retirement plans, and other types of benefits that a company gives to employees. Both professionals work in offices and tend to have long work hours. People looking to get into these fields need a Bachelor’s degree, and in some cases, a Master’s degree. The average salary made by a compensation manager is $89,000. A benefits manager typically makes around $99,169 on average.


Averages $52,500 annually

business management salary

A construction manager is many times referred to as a foreman. The overall responsibility of this type of manager is to ensure a construction project gets completed both according to the preferences of the project owner, as well as, on time. Additionally, the project manager must ensure the safety of his or her construction workers. Much of the time, no degree is needed to enter this line of work; however, to reach a management position, at least five to ten years of work-related experience will be needed.

Construction managers are very involved in the completion of a project, with many of them preferring to take part in the actual building of a structure. They also create employee work schedules, read blueprints, order materials, plan projects, and more. In this line of work, a person can expect to make anywhere from $30,000 to $75,000 a year or more.

The average income of a construction manager is approximately $89,300 annually.

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Averages $94,390 annually

business management salary

When it comes to the field of administration, elementary, middle, and high school principals take on the job of making things run smoothly in education. They are responsible for overseeing the student body, evaluating staff members, and maintaining campus safety. Principals are also responsible for being liaisons to the public, reaching out to the community, and working with parents.

Salary varies according to the applicant’s experience, degree, and location. The average pay scale for a school principal is approximately $94,390 per year. Small, rural districts and large districts within the city are often in the lower range, while wealthy, suburban regions pay more.


Average $69,300 annually

farmers ranchers manager

The average farmer, rancher, or other agricultural manager earns approximately $28.95 per hour or $69,300 annually. It is not necessary to have a degree to work as a farmer, rancher or agricultural manager, although a high school diploma is preferred depending on where you are seeking employment.

Working as a farmer, rancher, or agricultural manager requires you to properly manage and run businesses or establishments that produce dairy products, livestock, or even their own crops. Many farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers spend most of their workdays outdoors, although spending time within an office is possible if you are overseeing the work of multiple employees or farming operations. Working with machinery and understanding how to properly maintain a farm or a livestock herd is essential when working as a farmer, rancher, or agricultural manager.


Average $139,780 annually

business management salary

Financial managers spend their time providing a wide range of advice and support to their clients. In doing this, their clients are better able to make sound financial choices. Employment in this line of work can be found in both private and public sectors, with many financial managers working for the government. Common duties performed by financial managers include:

  • Developing long-term business plans
  • Interpreting financial information
  • Minimizing financial risks
  • Analyze market trends
  • Develop and manage budgets
  • Produce financial reports
  • Manage cash flow
  • Conduct audits

Financial managers will need either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance. With either type of these credentials, a person can expect to make about $139,780 a year on average.


Averages $69,654 annually

business management salary

Foodservice managers can find employment in a number of places, including hotels, restaurants, casinos, school cafeterias, and more. In this line of work, a person will both prepare food items as well as manage lower-level workers. It is the primary responsibility of a food service manager to ensure the operations within a dining facility are carried out in both effective and efficient manners. They will spend their time:

  • Taking and ordering inventory
  • Creating employee work schedules
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Monitoring kitchen and front-of-the-house workers
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Completing paperwork
  • Scheduling catering events
  • Filling empty job positions
  • Training new workers

In this line of work, a person can expect to make upwards of $69,654 a year on average. With more than 10 years of experience, a food service manager very well may make more than $75,000 a year.


Averages $101,596 annually

business management salary

Human resource managers spend their time performing many tasks. Their primary responsibility tends to be overseeing the administrative functions that take place within the organizations that they work for; this includes recruiting new workers, hiring them, and preparing them for their roles.

Many human resources managers also ensure that their employers stay in compliance with employee labor laws and regulations. Some of them even spend part of their time overseeing many bookkeeping tasks, including payroll and compensation duties.

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As a human resources manager, a person can expect to make anywhere between $89,118 to $114,074 a year. To earn this type of money, a bachelor’s or master’s degree will be needed. Generally, this degree would be in business administration with a concentration in human resources.

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Averages $69,159 annually

business management salary

Industrial production managers spend their time managing the production activities that take place within an industrial facility. Most times, such managers will work solely for one employer; however, it is not uncommon for them to be in charge of more than one facility. From ensuring machines are in safe operating status to managing workers on production lines, the duties of industrial production managers are large in number.

  • Maximizing production levels
  • Testing machines for malfunctions
  • Scheduling machine repair services
  • Ordering appropriate materials
  • Reducing production expenses
  • Hiring, training and supervising workers

The average salary for someone working as an industrial production manager tends to be about $69,159 a year. To become this type of manager, a person will need to earn at least a bachelor-level degree.


Averages $107,241 annually

business management salary

Legislators spend their time developing policies that help protect the communities for which they represent. Many of these policies usually directly relate to the environment or education. Legislators come in many forms, including:

  • City council members
  • County council members
  • State representatives
  • Senators
  • U.S. Congress

Their primary duties are to:

  • Seek funding for the districts that they represent
  • Create programs and budgets
  • Make public appearances
  • Negotiate with lawmakers

The average salary for legislators is $107,241 per year. The higher up a legislator ranks, the more his or her salary will be.


Averages $49,720 annually

business management salary

Lodging managers spend their time making sure the lodging establishments for which they work are operated in a safe and profitable manner. They make sure guests receive the amenities that they pay for as well as carry out advertising strategies. Most times, the managers are also responsible for hiring and firing workers. In some instances, they may also work as interior and exterior designers, developing new ideas for the decor that is to be used. Many of the budgeting decisions that are carried out within the lodging establishments are approved by lodging managers.

To become a lodging manager, a person will need either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in hospitality or business administration. The average pay for someone employed in this line of work tends to be about $49,720 a year or $23.91 per hour.


Averages $112,600 annually

business management salary

The primary responsibility of a health services manager is to ensure the facilities he or she works for are providing effective patient care. There are many places of employment for those wishing to establish a career in this line of work, including substance abuse rehabs, hospitals, urgent care clinics, and more. Sometimes, a health services manager may be in charge of an entire facility, whereas, other times, he or she will only supervise a particular department within the health care facility.

Becoming a health services manager will require a person to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in health services administration; however, most employers will prefer a master’s degree. Average salaries for those who choose to become health services manager tends to be between $99,481 a year and $125,720.


Averages $130,400 annually

business management salary

Working as a natural sciences manager will net you approximately $130,400 annually, or more than $62 hourly. Many natural sciences managers oversee and supervise the work of researchers and other scientists working in the same company, depending on where you are employed. As a natural sciences manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the work by biologists, physicists, chemists, and other scientists is being completed thoroughly and properly.

Directing research and development projects in addition to coordinating events and activities such as testing, production, and overseeing quality control are also responsibilities of professionals working as natural sciences managers. Most natural sciences managers work extensively as researchers or independent scientists before being hired full-time for the position. It is also required to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Science or another related field before you are qualified to work as a natural sciences manager.

The average yearly pay is $120,160 for a Natural Resources Manager.

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Averages $92,360 annually

business management salary

Post-secondary education administrators spend their time overseeing the academic and pupil activities that take place on college and university campuses. Sometimes, these administrators can find employment at trade schools, which are also considered to be post-secondary education facilities.

The exact duties carried out by such administrators vary from campus to campus; however, for the most part, they are actively involved in student admission processes and the development of safety procedures.

A master’s degree in education will be needed to become a postsecondary education administrator. In addition, experience as a teacher, principal, or in some other education-related position will be required. Many times, as much as 10 years of experience will be needed.

The average salary for those working as post-secondary education administrators is about $92,360 a year.


Averages $446,890 annually

business management salary

Preschool and childcare directors have the important role of ensuring children within their facilities are safe and well-cared for on a daily basis. Directors must take care of hiring, evaluating staff, and ensuring that the needs of their clients are met in an adequate manner. They must also take care of ordering resources for their facility and make sure that all regulations are met. Preschool and childcare directors are also involved in vital connections with parents and the community. The average annual salary is $46,890 for a childcare director. There is the potential to earn $100,000 when working at large universities or professional schools. Location is key as well, with better pay in wealthy suburbs.


Averages $163,600 annually

business management salary

Property, real estate, and community association managers direct the operations of residential and commercial properties. This individual’s responsibilities can include purchasing, selling, or renting the property as well as other various administrative duties associated with the position. Frequently this job also requires coordinating property maintenance and upkeep which usually includes hiring and supervising maintenance and grounds staff.

The median annual salary for this position is $163,600. Employment opportunities are expected to grow. In order to successfully fill an opening in this field the applicant usually requires a high school diploma and one to five years of experience. Certification and licensing are a plus. Examples of job titles related to this particular position are Property or Apartment Manager, Homeowners or Condominium Association Manager, Leasing Manager, and Resident Manager.


Averages $56,770 annually

business management salary

Public relations managers are in charge of the image that their employers uphold. Some of these managers work for only one client, while others work for two or more. Common duties that public relations managers are in charge of include:

  • Create motivational videos
  • Create press releases
  • Manage company sponsorships
  • Hire and train PR specialists
  • Improve employee relations
  • Manage communication budgets
  • Develop policies related to public information programs
  • Develop company websites

The average salary for those employed in this line of work is about $56,770 a year.

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Averages $113,860 annually

business management salary

Sales managers tend to spend most of their time supervising sales teams. They provide motivation, training, counseling, and much more to ensure their sales teams reach organizational goals. They must carry out operational performance reviews, maximize their employers’ business relationships as well as ensure customer satisfaction stays at an optimized level.

Many times, it is the duty of sales managers to meet with investors and discuss product development. They also ensure that the activities of sales representatives are in compliance with legal regulations and stipulations. Some sales managers are solely responsible for the hiring of lower-level sales representatives.

To become a sales manager, a bachelor’s degree will be needed. With one to five years of experience, an annual salary of $113,860 can be expected.


Averages $125,000 annually

marketing manager

Marketing managers spend their time carrying out a wide variety of tasks directly related to the advertising and promotion of their clients. Some marketing managers work solely for one client, while others have several. From planning marketing campaigns to developing promotional activities to increase brand awareness, marketing managers will need lots of experience and training in marketing-related studies to be good at what they do.

To become a marketing manager, a person will benefit the most from earning a bachelor’s degree. With this type of credential, as well as one to five years of experience, marketing managers can expect to make upwards of $125,000 a year. In addition, they can expect a job growth rate of 14 percent through the year 2020.


Averages $77,500 annually

community service manager

Social services managers spend their time helping the communities they work in by making sure community resources are readily available. Whether it be addiction treatment services, parenting classes, heating assistance, etc., it is the responsibility of a social services manager to make sure those in need of help get the assistance they need. Some social services managers work for private organizations; however, most of them are employed through the government. Common duties of this type of manager include:

  • Planning budgets
  • Hiring and training new workers and volunteers
  • Creating policies and procedures
  • Evaluate community-based programs
  • Prepare reports

Social services managers tend to make great-paying salaries. Most of them make somewhere between $58,000 and $97,000 a year.


Averages $196,912 annually

business management salary

When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, the highest position is that of a CEO. In this line of work, a person will be completely responsible for ensuring his or her company stays afloat. Most times, his or her duties will be comprised of:

  • Developing annual operating strategies
  • Submitting business operation plans to board members
  • Collaborating with business personnel to ensure company goals are achieved
  • In some instances, hiring and firing workers
  • Developing budgets
  • Setting a good example for lower-level workers to follow
  • Making sure compliance with legal requirements is maintained
  • Taking part in promotional activities
  • Carrying out employee performance reviews
  • Enhancing employee relations

The average salary of a CEO is between $168,667 to upwards of $225,158 a year, but, CEOs at major firms can make well into the millions annually.


Average $66,000 annually

business management salary

Training and development managers are usually required to report to human resources supervisors. The managers are responsible for implementing training programs as well as achieving organizational goals. Other common duties include:

  • Teaching managers how to properly address performance issues
  • Working with organizational management tools
  • Managing important worker relations projects
  • Conducting training assessments
  • Creating employee recognition programs
  • Creating interview processes
  • Teaching trainers how to properly train new and current workers
  • Developing new ways to better carry out training processes
  • Addressing training issues

Training managers need a degree from an accredited college in human resources. With an associate’s degree, an average salary of $66,000 can be expected. With a higher-level degree, however, a significant increase in pay can usually be obtained.

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