Online vs. Brick and Mortar?

There are MANY opportunities available to the business management degree seeker whether you choose taking your courses online or in a classroom. Most schools are now offering the online equivalents so that the student can have the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Self-discipline is key to succeeding in the world of online education…you are your own worst enemy… In becoming a business management major, there is zero room for NOT being able to manage YOURSELF!

Probably one of the most asked questions is whether or not my online degree is as effective as being on campus…and the answer is, yes!  Fitting your education with your lifestyle is priceless, whether you are a stay at home mom or working your way through school, the online option gives everybody an opportunity to advance themselves. Even students with disabilities now have an option that fits their needs.

Some students, though, thrive in a classroom environment and learn more effectively via direct contact with their professors.  The entire college “experience” is a draw for many, from attending student activities to the whole social aspect of it all, but the options are vast and open to your specific needs. Of course, if you are living on campus, it only makes sense to attend classes on campus.

Online versions of classes generally include an assigned online adviser to help guide you and answer your questions. Live classes may also be attended at some universities via a high speed Internet connection and participation in in-class courses is an option as well. Not to mention, you may live in Virginia and take classes in Alabama or even in other countries!

Most of the time, there is no need to travel to testing locations via the online versions and enrollment times are scattered throughout the year to accommodate your needs.

In regards to a business management degree, the only real advantage to the traditional option is the ability to interact with other students in face-to-face debates and job-preparing managerial situations.

Rowan Jones
Chief Editor