Can I utilize an Internship program while earning my online Bachelor of Marketing degree?

Internships are an essential part of the learning experience. While most online Bachelor of Marketing degree programs will require an internship, some undergraduate programs do not require them at all. If this choice is important to you, you should most definitely inquire about the opportunity before signing on to a program.

Is an Internship beneficial?

There is no question about it. If given the opportunity, you should take advantage of the real-world job experience and make it count. Yes, having the internship experience on your resumé is impressive; however, if you make a significant contribution to the agency, they may hire you after graduation.

If not, your networking contacts and invaluable work experience will lead you to another employment opportunity that is right for you. Also, schools often have already established working relationships with employers throughout the country who will allow them to place interns within their company.

What can you expect to learn in a Marketing-based Internship?

Perhaps one of the most critical points to consider is if marketing is really for you. Through an internship, you should get enough exposure to the business to know if you would like to make it your career.

In addition, you can experience the different aspects of marketing and find your “niche” in the business. Find out what best fits your talents, personality, and career goals by working an internship.

Are you the curious type?

Working in an internship will give you the platform to be inquisitive, apply your talents, make mistakes, and learn from them. You will learn how to communicate effectively and be a team player.

Always remember that everyone in marketing must start somewhere; therefore, being a “beginner” is just part of the process. Employers who hire interns understand the concept and are interested in helping you begin your career. Even if you feel inadequate at first, you must put forth the effort to do the best job you can.

If allowed to work an internship, you should do more than fetch the coffee and pick up lunch orders. Work diligently to showcase what you have learned through your online Bachelor of Marketing degree program.

Offer your help to your co-workers, ask what you can do for them, and if the restrooms need a touch-up or the trash bins need emptying, do it without being asked to do so.

Can you show initiative?

Showing initiative goes a long way when attempting to impress. And, always be on time. Often, students find that having an internship experience is the best part of their educational journey. Without a doubt, you will learn things on the job that you can’t learn in the classroom.

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Rowan Jones
Chief Editor