What types of online Master’s degrees do Entrepreneurs hold?

types of Master of Entrepreneurship degrees

You need to earn an entrepreneurship degree if your career goal is to start your own business or to enter the world of business, but perhaps you’re wondering what type of degree you need that will be most beneficial to help your dream come to fruition.

A graduate degree program in entrepreneurship prepares the student for making those crucial first steps in contributing to the business world.

What careers and salary can I expect with an online Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship?

Learn about Business

Earning your Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship is the key to understanding every fundamental aspect of being a successful entrepreneur. Usually taking two years to complete, this degree in entrepreneurship is a specialization that will provide you with many career options, including developing your own ideas and becoming a:

types of Master of Entrepreneurship degrees

Career Options

Other career options for the Master’s degree holder may include a Business Consultant or Marketing Manager or, perhaps, a career in Travel and Hospitality Management.

The most popular choice for motivated students looking to begin their own business venture is the Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship.

Some of the coursework in this type of program may include accounting, human resources, management, product development, purchasing, and customer service after the sale.

Know about Marketing

In today’s world of commerce, marketing your product is the name of the game. Competition demands it; therefore, in the MBA program, courses in marketing analysis are essential for students in modern business.

Many graduate students with a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship pursue a career as Executive Market Analysts.

MS vs. MA in Entrepreneurship

Another possibility for you is the Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship. If you are interested in the field of science or technology, this is the preferred degree for you. This degree will include engineering, natural sciences, biological and life sciences, and all business aspects of entrepreneurship.

Students with this degree are normally required to do independent research and a thesis to fulfill graduation requirements.

The Master of Arts degree in Entrepreneurship offers specializations in social sciences, arts, humanities, business, and law. Additionally, to graduate from an MA program, you must complete research and a thesis paper.

types of Master of Entrepreneurship degrees

Concentrations in Entrepreneurship

The sky’s the limit when earning your Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. There are other concentrations to consider, for example, a Master’s degree in:

  • Entrepreneurial in Leadership,
  • Social Entrepreneurship,
  • Entrepreneurship in Family Business,
  • MBA in Sustainable Systems,
  • Master of Science in Innovation
  • and Entrepreneurship or a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Development and Leadership, just to name a few.

Online Learning

If an online course is what you are interested in, then please be advised that you should be sure to verify that the school you have selected is an accredited school. Although they are designed for convenience and flexibility, you may or may not be able to work at your own pace; it all depends on which school you are enrolled.

Coursework is generally the same online as within the traditional college or university; however, online courses are normally less expensive than on-campus options.

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