What does a career in Human Resources consist of and what kind of degree do I need?

The field of Human Resources involves a business focus on managing the benefits and compensation aspects of a company’s employees. Earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources allows you the opportunity to enter an entry-level job within this field as a:

  • Human Resources Clerk,
  • Recruiter,
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • or Payroll Generalist.  

Completion of a bachelor’s program is the desired degree level generally required for employment in these positions.

Typically, there are many online opportunities for earning your bachelor’s degree in this field. Convenience and flexibility are of utmost importance for most people; however, first, be sure to verify that your choice of online school is an accredited establishment. Coursework included may be in areas of:

  • behavioral science,
  • organizational theory and design,
  • compensation and benefits,
  • employee training,
  • legal and ethical policies and regulations,
  • accounting,
  • information technology
  • and marketing.

The Human Resources Clerk should be a good communicator with excellent people skills, in addition to being detail-oriented and a good decision-maker. Interacting and helping people is a major part of this job, all while learning to resolve and mediate conflicts. You must be a person of integrity and uphold all confidentiality rules.

The Human Resources employee must have a thorough understanding of their employer’s vision and goals in order to be an integral part of the team. Other employees will look to you for encouragement and support when dealing with sensitive issues such as harassment or discrimination.

What will your responsibilities entail as a Human Resources Clerk? Well, of course, it will depend on the company you work for because some duties in the Human Resources realm may be divided up between several categories in a large corporation, or if you are employed by a smaller company, you may be hired to do it all.

Nevertheless, earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources will prepare you for a variety of duties. Responsibilities may include handling the hiring and termination of employees, distribution of employee new hire packages including health, life, accident, and dental insurance information, retirement plans, and any other employee-related pertinent information, such as worker’s compensation and OSHA regulations. 

They also must be familiar with all state and federal laws regarding payroll and taxes, in addition to issues regarding overtime and holiday pay requirements.

Creating a good employer/employee relationship will be crucial to your success as a Human Resource Specialist and to the success of the business.

If your corporation is large enough that you have been hired to perform in a specialized area, you may be asked to join a team of recruiters, payroll specialists, employee and labor relations clerks, compensation and benefits analysts, or, perhaps, in training and development.

The job outlook for a career in human resources looks promising, with a growth rate of 5% between now and 2033, which is average with other comparable careers in human resources.

By earning your Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, you will be prepared to further your education, if desired, to obtain your Master’s degree in Human Resources.

A master’s degree will qualify you for a job in management and increase your bank account.

If you are interested in the field of Human Resources, then feel free to research our picks for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s of Human Resources degrees.

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